Vancouver Business Coach | Great Business Growth Strategies

Vancouver Business Coach | Great Business Growth Strategies

It is incredibly important for an entrepreneur to have figured out there growth strategies says Vancouver business coach. Because although they might have great intentions. Their business might not last that long, without a plan in place.

Vancouver Business Coach

In fact, industry Canada wanted to find out how high failure rate for small businesses in Canada was. And conducted a survey, with some truly shocking results.

They discovered that 15% of small business owners failed within their first year of business ownership. And 30% of small business owners failed by their second year in business.

However, the most shocking was the fact that they found. 50% of small business owners failed. Within five years of owning their business. Therefore, if they do not have a plan ready to go.

They may not be around long enough to create one. However what is most shocking. Is the fact that industry Canada found that the number one reason why business is failed.

Is because they were unable to find enough customers to sell their products and services to. Which is very terrible, not least of all because it is very avoidable, which is why business owners should hire Vancouver business coach.

They will be able to come up with business growth strategies. Such as defining who their ideal and likely buyers are. Because while many business owners saying that anyone can buy their products or services.

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Vancouver business coach will educate them on a why this is not true. Because while they can try to appeal to every customer. They are going to stand out to nobody at all.

And being invisible, is just like not existing. And will ensure that business owners are not going to be able to succeed in their business. Therefore, figuring out who their ideal and likely buyers are is of paramount importance.

They can do this couple of different ways. But ideally, thinking about if they could pick who they would want to do business with. Most out of any other customer. Will help entrepreneurs identify their ideal and likely buyer.

Then, all they have to do is research those customers. And find out what is most important to them. So that entrepreneurs will be able to figure out how to sell products and services to them.

For example, if their ideal and likely buyer. The values social causes, and helping the world. They might want to attach a cause to their business, and to their marketing.

Just like this you company, toms it did. Building a shoe empire. On the premise that for every pair of shoes they sold. They would give one pair away to someone in need.

This attracted all kinds of customers. Some who did not even like the shoes. But wanted to be a part of this amazing cause. It does not have to be huge. And it can be local or global.

But when companies have customers that value helping the world. They can use that to create a differentiation factor. That will help them get noticed, and get customers.

Vancouver Business Coach | Great Business Growth Strategies

Some of the most important things that entrepreneurs need to keep in mind says Vancouver business coach. That if they do not have a plan for growth in place. They may not grow at all.

A quote by famous marketer, Seth Godin says: in a crowded marketplace fitting in is failing. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. Boring is invisible. Remarkable people and products get talked about.

And while it might be very overwhelming to try to tell a business owner. That they need to find a differentiation factor immediately. This is also why entrepreneurs should hire Vancouver business coach.

Not only did they have tested and proven business growth strategies. But they will help entrepreneurs figure out who their ideal and likely buyers are. And what their differentiation factors are that are meaningful to those customers.

So that they have a consistent marketing message. And know who they are marketing to. In order to help them find the customers they need. To succeed in business.

And one way that business owners can make themselves unique. Is by having an amazing customer service experience. Because chances are quite high.

That once entrepreneurs create an amazing experience for their customers. Not only are they willing to pay a little bit more money to experience that again.

But they are also going to be willing to come back over and over. For that amazing experience. If entrepreneurs are sceptical about this. Business owners should think about their own consumer experiences.

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From the car they drive, to the shoes they wear. And even the restaurants they eat in. Are all geared towards a certain experience that they are looking for.

For example, they might order food to be delivered. From the fastest company. Or choose to dine in at a high-end restaurant, when celebrating an anniversary for example.

And chances are quite high, that a business owner is not driving the cheapest car they could find. But are driving one that have features that they love. Or they get an amazing experience at their dealership such as free oil changes.

When they consider what is often most important to the customer. And realize that it is not price, and price alone. They can figure out with the help of Vancouver business coach.

What their unique strategies are going to be. And what sets them apart from their competition. When they know this information. Then it is going to be far easier to have a consistent marketing message.

However, once they have done all of this work. Vancouver business coach says they need to ensure that the customer experience is amazing every single time. Especially because customers no longer value great customer service.

Great customer service is expected. And businesses truly need to go above and beyond. To give that wow factor. That can impress customers, and keep them coming back for more and to tell their friends and family.