Vancouver Business Coach | Get Seen on Google

Vancouver Business Coach | Get Seen on Google

If entrepreneurs want to know how to find more customers, Vancouver business coach recommends. Learning how to utilize search engine optimization, so that they can rank higher in Google search results.

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In fact, this is so vital to businesses. That if they do not work on search engine optimization. And ranking higher on Google search results. Their business might not find enough customers. To remain viable in business.

For example, 15% of entrepreneurs fail in their first year of business. While 30% of small businesses across Canada fail by their second year of doing business. With an alarming 50% of small businesses.

End up going out of business within five years of opening the doors. The reasons why businesses are failing. Are preventable, as well as predictable. The number one reason why entrepreneurs across Canada are failing.

Is that they are not finding enough customers. To sell their products and services to. Causing 42% of those failed entrepreneurs to go out of business. Therefore, ranking higher in Google searches is vital to a business.

How this will work to help businesses find more customers. Is knowing that the majority of customers do a web search. Before they purchase anything from a business.

And when customers are doing a search, the majority use Google. In fact, 96% of mobile searches are done on Google. While 94% of desktop searches use Google as well.

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Therefore, if a business can appear on the first page of Google search engine results. They are going to be found by the majority of people that are doing Google searches before buying the product or service.

So just by doing search engine optimization. Businesses can start finding customers that they never would have been able to before. However, it might be very overwhelming for business owner to think about search engine optimization.

Which is why it is so beneficial to hire Vancouver business coach. They know exactly what entrepreneurs should do. In order to work with the Google search algorithms. To help them appear on the first page.

And while many business owners understand that Google keeps changing their search algorithm. They wonder if it is worth a lot of their time and effort. To appear on the first page of Google search results.

If Google is going to change those algorithms anyway. However, a business coach says the reason why Google changes their algorithms. Is in order to keep those who are trying to cheat the system.

So that people who are cheating cannot cheat the system any longer. So that they do not appear on the first page of Google search results. Especially because they are typically not what customers are looking for in the first place.

Therefore, anyone who is doing search engine optimization. In order to organize their information to make Google happy. Do not need to worry that the changing search algorithms are going to affect their website.

If entrepreneurs want help doing search engine optimization. The first consultation with Vancouver business coach is absolutely free. And it will help them learn what they can do to help their business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Get Seen on Google

Marketing a business is incredibly important says Vancouver business coach. But many entrepreneurs think that that something that they can focus on several weeks, months or years after they open their business.

Unfortunately, they will not have the time they think they will have. In order to focus on marketing later on in their business. Because the failure rate for small businesses in Canada is quite high.

15% of entrepreneurs are failing within the first year of their operations. And 30% of entrepreneurs fail by their second year of being open. That seems extremely high, but the largest failure rate in business.

Happens by year five, where 50% of all entrepreneurs. Are not going to be around, because they will have failed by then. And the number one reason why entrepreneurs are failing in business.

Is because they are not finding enough customers. To buy their products and services, which causes them to have to close the doors to their business. This is why marketing, and search engine optimization early on in business is vital.

The best way to start, is to create a Google my business page. Not only is this very easy to do. But it is also free, so it fits with all business owners budgets. Another benefit of setting up this page.

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Is the fact that entrepreneurs are going to be able to start ranking. In the map listings, on the first page of Google. So that it is not like an ad, that they have to pay for. And then appear in the ad listings on the top of the page.

It will appear on the map listings, above the organic search results. And this is where many customers go, to see if there is a business in their area. That sells the product or offers the service that they are looking for.

Another benefit of getting a Google my business page according to Vancouver business coach. Is the fact that entrepreneurs are going to be able to start getting Google reviews. That will also help them with their organic search engine results.

Since the majority of businesses have thirty-nine Google reviews or less. The moment an entrepreneur has forty reviews in their business, they are seen as above average.

When Google sees a business is above average in Google reviews. They will start ranking that business higher in search engine results. Not only are the Google reviews great for search engine results.

But also, when customers who Google businesses before they buy from them. See the large number of Google reviews on a businesses listing. They will also have confidence to buy products and services from that business.

For this, and other marketing strategies. Business owners should set up an appointment with Vancouver business coach. The first consultation is absolutely free. And can help teach entrepreneurs what they need to know. About finding customers in their business.