Vancouver Business Coach | Get Found on Google

Vancouver Business Coach | Get Found on Google

It is very important for entrepreneurs to hire Vancouver business coach. So that they know what they need to do, to be found in Google search engine results. This is a lot more important than many people may initially think.

Vancouver Business Coach

Not only do the majority of customers. Google businesses before they purchase from them. But the majority of customers utilize Google as the search engine that they use.

And when customers do that Google search. They only look as far as the first page. So that if a business is not on the first page, most customers will not find them at all.

However, many business owners think that marketing is going to be something that they have to worry about. After they have opened their business, and learned other important things.

Unfortunately, this strategy is not a good one. Because the majority of business owners are not going to be able to last long enough. To worry about marketing in their business later.

The failure rate of small businesses in Canada is an extremely high one. With 15% of entrepreneurs failing within their first year of owning their business. And 30% failing in year two.

By the time a business has been around for five years, only half of the people that started businesses at the same time. Are still in operation. Which means entrepreneurs do not have time to market their business later on.

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As well, Vancouver business coach says entrepreneurs should consider the most common reasons why businesses in Canada fail. And the number one reason, that causes almost half of all entrepreneurs to fail.

Is not being able to find enough customers to buy their products and services. When that is combined with the large failure rate for small businesses in Canada. It illustrates to other entrepreneurs.

How important marketing, and finding those customers truly is. To the longevity of their business. Therefore, search engine optimization is incredibly important. To rank higher on Google search results.

That will help them be found by more customers who are doing those searches. Before they purchase the products and services from a business. However, many entrepreneurs do not know how to do search engine optimization.

This is why they should hire a business coach. Because they know how to do search engine optimization the correct way. So that entrepreneurs are not using gimmicks that stop working after a few weeks.

This is going to be building their website in such a way. That Google likes how the information is organized. So that they can index the site easier. And find the information on that site faster.

As well as helping business owners get enough content within their website. That Google considers them to be subject matter experts. So that they will be able to start ranking higher on Google search results.

When entrepreneurs are ready to find out what it takes. To have more customers find them, they should set up a free consultation with Vancouver business coach. And find out how they can benefit.

Vancouver Business Coach | Get Found on Google

Even when businesses are new, they should hear what Vancouver business coach has to say. About getting found on the first page of Google. It is so important, that businesses might be at risk if they cannot appear here organically.

Not only is Google the largest search engine in the world. But 96% of all mobile searches happen on Google. With the remaining 4% being spread across all other search engines such as bing and Yahoo.

Therefore it is very important to understand how to get found by Google’s search engines. So that they can appear in the first page of search results organically.

Some business owners often ask a business coach why they cannot just by ads. In order to appear on the first page of Google’s search engine results.

And ultimately, it comes down to the importance of organic search results. Many customers bypass the ads that are at the very top of the page. To look at the map listings, and organic search listings.

Even when business owners can find customers. By paying for their ads. This method only works, as long as the entrepreneur is paying for ads. And once they stop, this method will be ineffective.

Therefore, when they are able to find out what they can do. In order to rank higher organically in the search engine results. That work that they put in to accomplish that, will continue to pay off every month.

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And not only does this not cost any money to do. They return on investment is huge. As it will allow them to rank higher in search engine results, and continue to rank several months after the work is finished.

One of the ways that a business coach teaches entrepreneurs how to do this. Is by helping them organize the information on their website. In such a way that Google can find them easier.

But it is also about creating content. That Google will consider them to be subject matters on. Which is why the video method is so effective. Because by shooting a quick, ten minute video.

Entrepreneurs can add content to their website quickly. That can help go towards ranking them higher on their search engine. In fact, at ten minute video is going to be faster to make.

Then trying to write an article, or a blog. Which is why this is the method that Vancouver business coach teaches their customers. Ideally, people will release one video of week. To add the content that Google wants to see.

They also recommend entrepreneurs create a Google my business listing as quickly as possible. And this listing will help entrepreneurs be found in the map listings on the first page of Google immediately.

But it will also help them get Google reviews, that can help them also rank higher in Google search engine results. This is a important thing to do. And entrepreneurs who meet with Vancouver business coach early on in their business. Will do a great favour to their business being able to find customers.