Vancouver Business Coach | Finding High Quality Staff

Vancouver Business Coach | Finding High Quality Staff

Business owners often struggle at finding the right staff for their business says Vancouver business coach. Even though the way that most business owners know how to hire people is ineffective and inefficient.

This is why Vancouver business coach is so excited to teach business owners the group interview method. Because not only is it more effective at finding a great quality staff to hire in a business.

But it is also more efficient, taking only one hour in a week. Instead of the typical twenty-three days it takes an entire one-on-one interview process. From the advertising the position to hiring the employee.

However, many business owners have not heard about group interviews, nor have they experienced one. Which is why they do not know about this method.

But once they learn what to do from Vancouver business coach, can start hiring a higher quality staff member. That will typically last longer than any other candidate that they might hire for the position.

One of the first things that business owners need to do, is set aside time in their calendar every single week. To conduct these group interviews whether they are hiring in their business or not.

The reason why they need to be conducting group interviews even when they are not hiring. Is because studies have shown that business owners need to meet hundred people.

In order for one of those people to be a good fit in their business. Therefore, if his owners going to meet enough people to hire one good person. They need to constantly be meeting people in their business.

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The next reason why Vancouver business coach recommends entrepreneurs conduct group interviews on an ongoing basis. Is because they never know when an employee is going to give notice.

While studies show that employees are leaving businesses twice as fast as they ever used to. Which means business owners are experiencing a higher turnover rate than they ever did.

Even when the relationship between the business owner and the employees is very good. Business owners may not be able to anticipate if and when an employee is going to give notice.

Employees give notice for a variety of different reasons. Including weaving to start a family, or go back to school or even to retire. Or, their spouse could get a promotion and they could be moving away.

If a business owner waited until they had a job opening to start the interview process. They might need to look longer than they can afford. In order to find the right person for their business.

And during that time, their business might stall, or they might struggle because they are not fully staffed.

Therefore, business owners need to ensure that they are conducting group interviews regularly. So that they can increase their chances of having met the right person, at the right time.

While conducting group interviews might require a bit of a learning curve. Business owners that adopt this method, find that not only are they able to find better people to hire. But that there turnover rate drops.

Vancouver Business Coach | Finding High Quality Staff

Many business owners may not realize how common struggle is to find people says Vancouver business coach. And although it is one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs in Canada fail.

Most business owners who struggle at finding or keeping staff. Tend to think that they are the only people that are struggling with this. Even though it is extremely common.

And while most business owners hire people utilizing a one interview method. That style is really only effective in large corporations. Where they have the time and the resources.

To be able to conduct as many one-on-one interviews as they want. In order to find the most talented candidate for the business. And since small business owners do not have this time.

Utilizing a one interview method is not efficient any longer. And because of their lack of time, does not result in the most talented people being identified.

In order to conduct an effective group interview. Vancouver business coach recommends business owners setting aside time every week whether they are hiring or not.

Then, they must advertise the position permanently, so that they can start bringing resumes into their business. From people who are interested in interviewing for the position.

And during the one on one interview process. Business owners will be expected to read every single resume. So that they can identify the best people to interview.

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In the group interview process, business owners no longer read every resume. Which is beneficial anyway, seeing as how 85% of all people lie on their resume to begin with.

Therefore, before the interview even starts, business owners can save dozens of hours of time. And will have the opportunity to meet as many candidates who show up to the interview.

During the one on one interview process. Business owners would have to contact each candidate individually. In order to schedule them in for an interview. And even then, not everybody would show up.

And while that would waste a business owner’s time. During the group interview process says Vancouver business coach. If people do not show up, it is no big deal.

Since business owner will already be meeting other people at the interview. And even the people who might come in late, will already be needed out of the process.

Ensuring that all of the people who show up for the group interview. Will already be higher quality than the people who might show up for one-on-one interview process.

Also, it will set in the important precedent for the candidates. Even before they start their employment. That promptness and punctuality is important. And that the business owner will not be flexible in other areas.

Learning how to utilize a group interview process can be challenging. But for business owners who do this, they can be reported with finding better quality employees.

And when they have employees who are higher quality, who believe in what they are doing with the business. They will also stay longer, which will help a business owner not have to replace people as often.