Vancouver Business Coach | Eliminate Distractions In Business

Vancouver Business Coach | Eliminate Distractions In Business

Distractions can be terrible for business owners says Vancouver business coach. Causing them to be pulled in many different directions. While not focusing on their strategic priorities.

Vancouver Business Coach

It can be even more difficult. When the business is new. And they think that they are required. To answer the phone every time it rings. Or respond to every email. As it comes into their business.

However, the more seasoned business owner. Will realize, that it is perfectly acceptable. To let things like the phone go to voicemail. So that they can focus on the important task at hand.

As long as they set aside time later in the day. To listen to and respond to voicemails and emails. However, a great way to avoid many distractions. Especially when the business is new.

Is to start work early in the day. Such as 6 o’clock in the morning. In fact, Vancouver business coach says most successful entrepreneurs. Will work twelve hour day. Starting at six in the morning.

Because first of all, there are so many tasks that need to get done. That they will not be able to get all of them accomplished. By working eight hours in a day. They are more than happy to work more hours.

If it means growing a business that can help them grow their wealth. Or have more time freedom in the future. But by starting at six in the morning. Means that entrepreneurs can get a lot of things done.

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Before their phone even starts ringing. However, throughout the day. There may be other things. That require entrepreneurs dedicated attention. And they should not feel bad. About putting their phone on silent.

In fact, scientific studies have shown. That every time people are interrupted. They need to work twenty-three minutes, and interrupted. To regain the productivity that they lost.

Therefore, if the phone is even ringing twice an hour. That can cost the business owner their entire productivity. When they learn how important it is to have uninterrupted time.

When they grow large enough. To start hiring their first staff. The staff can help mitigate any interruptions says Vancouver business coach. But also, they will need to learn.

How important it is to avoid interrupting the business owner as well. One way that entrepreneurs can build this culture in their business. Is to start each day with a quick staff meeting.

Where staff are able to ask the business owner all of the questions. That they had in their previous day. So that they do not feel that they have to interrupt the business owner. Every time they have a question.

It can be very important. To create a culture. That avoids interruptions. Because that will also help the staff work efficiently and uninterrupted as well. So that everyone can get a lot accomplished.

And help grow the business. Business owners are ready to start learning how they can help their business. They can reach out to their business coach at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching for free consultation.

Vancouver Business Coach | Eliminate Distractions In Business

Many people think of a busy entrepreneurs says Vancouver business coach. And think of someone who has many projects on the go, and is being pulled in many different directions.

However, even though this is the vision that people get. When they think of entrepreneurs. Successful entrepreneurs are nothing like this image. In fact, the most successful entrepreneurs.

Are working uninterrupted, on one project at a time. Until that task is done. And then they focus on the next thing. They typically will not allow themselves to be interrupted by emails and phone calls.

Which is how they can get more accomplished in their day. However, many people are very reluctant to give up multitasking. Even if they can admit, that they see how it does not benefit other people.

They tend to think that they are exceptions to the rule. And that it makes them feel busy. Which translates into thinking that they are being productive. However, the science behind multitasking.

Proves that it is ineffective. Because it requires twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. For each person to reach their peak level of productivity. And because multitasking ensures that this is never achieved.

Not only is it not effective at helping people get more done. Actually ensures people get less done in their day then if they were focused on one task at a time. But also, when people multitask.

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What happens, is they get a poor quality of work done. Because they are not working in their peak productivity level. And they are not focused. Therefore, when people multitask.

They are working slower, and getting worse work done. When entrepreneurs start their business. They can avoid multitasking. By creating a time block to schedule. And something that Vancouver business coach helps many of their clients do.

This will ensure that business owners have enough time in their day, in order to accomplish all of their tasks. And that nothing, no matter how small it is gets forgotten about, overlooked or left undone.

However, when business owners are going through this task. Of creating a time block schedule. They will often realize, that there is no way. That there going to be able to get everything done that they need.

While working an eight hour day. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs do work twelve hour day, and work six days a week. Because they are aware, of how necessary it is to put these long hours in.

In order to get everything accomplished that they need. Most business owners overestimate what they are going to really get accomplished in their first year of business says Vancouver business coach.

So this task, can help entrepreneurs understand what is more realistic. For them to be able to get within their first year of business. So that they will work hard, in order to get it all done and grow their business successfully.