Vancouver Business Coach | Effective Social Media Strategies

Vancouver Business Coach | Effective Social Media Strategies

When business owners hear about how many Canadian businesses fail says Vancouver business coach. That often encourages them to want to start being active on social media. However, the right social media strategy takes careful planning.

While some business owners think all they have to do. Is create their social media site. and then start putting out content, such as their products and services. Is not an effective strategy at all.

As the name, social media implies. People are on this website in order to be social. And wants to interact with other people. And not faceless corporations.

Interestingly enough, customers also want to buy from businesses that they know, like and trust. And not purchase products and services from a faceless corporation either.

Therefore, when businesses use social media. As a way of humanizing their business and brand. They can show their ideal and likely customers, who they are. To encourage them to become buyers of their products and services.

How they can do this, is through showing their pictures, their story. As well as their staffs photos and biographies. Not just on their website. On social media channels.

So people can feel like they are getting to know the people behind the business. Another strategy says Vancouver business coach. Is to share their core values, as well as their mission, vision and purpose.

The reason why this is so important. Is because the people who identify with those values, and their vision. Will naturally be drawn to the business, to become customers, and in fact raving fans.

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However, one of the most effective ways to humanize the business, while getting the message out about their values and purpose. Is through the use of videos. And while many business owners are camera shy.

When they utilize this tool. They can very quickly show who they are, their passion, and their values. That will get their ideal and likely buyers knowing the people behind the business, and what is most important to them.

They also can use videos in a variety of different ways. Cutting them up into smaller bits. Putting them on YouTube, their website. And a number of social media channels.

So there is a very high return on investment for the time invested into videos. And they do not even need to be high production value. Because often, the more rough the videos are.

The more it appeals to people, because they are really being done by people, and not being produced by a corporation. Therefore, business owners should learn more about creating videos.

If they would like help creating an effective and cohesive advertising and marketing plan. They can always set up a consultation with Vancouver business coach.

And find out all of the different ways that they can find their ideal likely customers. So that their entire approach can be cohesive, and find their customers easily.

While 42% of all failed entrepreneurs in Canada. Fail because they are unable to find customers. Knowing who to talk to help create an effective marketing strategy. Can help them overcome those odds.

Vancouver Business Coach | Effective Social Media Strategies

Often, businesses feel that they must be on social media says Vancouver business coach. And while it is not necessary in order to attract their ideal and likely customers. It can be a great marketing opportunity. As long as it is used properly.

The reason why it is important that business owners learn not only what to do on social media. But learn what not to do on social media. Is because while it can be an effective way to find ideal and likely buyers.

It also can be a way for customers to become turned off of the brand. For a number of different reasons. And entrepreneurs need to know how to avoid creating problems like this when they are on social media.

One of the first things that big business coach recommends. For any business owner creates an account on a social media platform . Is to ensure that they have the means to respond to inquiries on social media quickly enough.

Studies have shown that 32% of customers expect a response. From an inquiry they send on social media, within thirty minutes. While studies have also shown, that businesses have one hour.

To respond to people who are sending messages on social media. For they get frustrated and leave. Going to a competitor, but then also having misgivings about the business.

Therefore, when businesses respond within that hour, or even within half an hour. They make those customers happy. They increase the closing rate, which will increase their sales and revenue in turn.

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As well, that will increase the trust that customers have with the business. And ultimately, they will generate more sales when customers know, like and trust the business.

Therefore, by using social media correctly. They can get customers to know, like and trust them. But making missteps, can drive customers away. And while responding quickly to inquiries is important.

Responding quickly to negative feedback is just as important. The reason why, is because when customers are unhappy with the business. Studies have shown that 70% Of customers use social media.

To send that message out to their network of people. Therefore, knowing how and when to respond to those negative messages. Our very important to being successful on social media.

Vancouver business coach recommends that entrepreneurs respond as quickly as they can. And to do so on that social media site. So that others can see how the resolution happens.

And ultimately, by fixing the problem quickly. And to the satisfaction of the customer. Not only can turn that negative experience into a positive one. They will also be more likely to share that resolution with all of their contacts.

Therefore, before an entrepreneur even starts putting content on social media sites. They need to know that they have to be very dedicated to responding to messages quickly.

Whether they are inquiries for products and services. Or if they are negative comments, about an experience they had. To learn more information, business owners can contact Vancouver business coach for more help on their sales and marketing strategies.