Vancouver Business Coach | Does Search Engine Optimization Work

Vancouver Business Coach | Does Search Engine Optimization Work

When entrepreneurs first open the doors to their business, Vancouver business coach says it is important. For them to understand how important marketing their business is.

Vancouver Business Coach

However, the most effective ways to market a business. May not be things that an entrepreneur is thinking about doing. Which is why it is so important to meet with a marketing expert early on in the business.

One of the first things that Vancouver business coach will talk to business about. Is how to do search engine optimization for their website. The reason why this is so important.

Is because how important search engines are to businesses. Studies have shown that customers will Google a business before they purchase products or services from them.

But also, studies have shown that customers will Google products and services that they are ready to buy. In order to find they businesses to purchase them from.

It is not just that customers will do this sometimes. The majority of customers will do this most of the time. In fact, 80% of customers will Google a business before buying from them.

This means that if entrepreneurs want to capture as many ideal and likely buyers as possible. They need to appear on the first page of search results. So that they can find those customers looking for them.

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The reason why they need to be on the first page of search results. Is because when customers are searching. If a business is not on the first page. Or if they do not find what they are looking for on the first page.

Rather than go to the second page of the search engine results. Do another search, in order to find different results. Or go with the company they found that was listed on the first page of their results.

This is why it is so important to appear on the first page. Because if businesses are not on the first page, they may as well not show up in the search engine results at all.

However, it is also very important for entrepreneurs to show up on Google. Because Google is used more often than any other search engine in the world. According to a study, 96% of searches done on mobile devices.

Our done on Google, while 94% of all searches done on a desktop, are done on Google. Which means if entrepreneurs are going to spend the time utilizing search engine optimization.

They should search engine optimize for Google. Because that is where most of the search is going to take place. However, by optimizing for this search engine.

Business owners are likely going to be optimized for all of the other search engines that are out there as well. In order to find out how to utilize search engine optimization for their own business.

Entrepreneurs should call Vancouver business coach in order to set up a free consultation. So that they can find out everything that they can do. To help them find the customers they need.

Vancouver Business Coach | Does Search Engine Optimization Work

If entrepreneurs do not focus on finding customers, Vancouver business coach says they will not find them. In fact, many businesses fail every single year. Without finding the customers that they need to stay in business.

Whether entrepreneurs think that it is going to be easier to find the customers they need. Or if entrepreneurs think that they will be able to focus on marketing once they open the doors to their business. And got the hang of things.

Such as running a business, doing bookkeeping and hiring staff. However, if they wait for later to do their marketing. Later typically will not happen. And entrepreneurs will not have a business.

Industry Canada did a survey. In order to find out what the failure rate for entrepreneurs was in Canada. And they discovered a very frightening statistic. About how many businesses in Canada failed.

15% of all small businesses that open their doors in Canada. And up closing their doors within a year of doing business. And 30% of small businesses will fail by their second year of business.

50% of small businesses will no longer be around. Within five years of doing business. Which is an extremely high percentage rate. Half the businesses that starts, will not be successful.

Industry Canada then wanted to do a survive. In order to find out why businesses were not successful. The results of their survey showed there were only three reasons why most businesses were not successful.

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From running out of money, and not being able to find enough people. In order to sell their products and services to. The number one reason why entrepreneurs were not successful in their business.

Causing 42% of them to go out of business. Is because they cannot find enough customers to sell their products and services to. Whether this is because they were not marketing their business.

Or their marketing efforts were not successful is unknown. But this is why Vancouver business coach is so passionate. What helping entrepreneurs learn what they need to do.

To find more customers to sell products and services to an their business. Which is why they teach search engine optimization. Because this will help entrepreneurs appear on the first page of Google and other search engines.

So that ideal and likely customers that are looking to buy the products and services that a business sells. Can have those customers find them. By doing search engine optimization alone.

Business owners will be far more likely to find those customers. Then doing absolutely nothing at all. However, that is not the only thing that Vancouver business coach does to help their entrepreneurs.

They also help entrepreneurs utilize things like how to sign up for Google my business page. In order to give them a free place online. That will help them not only get found on Google searches immediately.

But it can help entrepreneurs start getting the Google reviews they need. To attract customers. As well as appear higher up on their search engine results.