Vancouver Business Coach | Developing a Great Marketing Plan

Vancouver Business Coach | Developing a Great Marketing Plan

Marketing a business is incredibly important says Vancouver business coach. However, it is something that entrepreneurs often struggle with. And without a great business plan, businesses are at risk.

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In fact, industry Canada did a survey. In order to find out not only what the failure rate for small businesses in Canada is. But they also wanted to find out why these businesses were failing.

So that businesses could be aware. Of all of the obstacles that entrepreneurs face. And be more likely to be able to avoid them. When they know in advance of what they are.

Went industry Canada found out. Was that there were three main reasons why businesses were failing. And the single most common reason. Is that entrepreneurs in Canada are not able to find enough customers.

This could be due to a number of factors. From entrepreneurs thinking it is going to be much easier to stand out in the marketplace than it is. And are not marketing their business at all.

But that is not the only reason. Another reason, is that business owners have an effective marketing strategies. Either not targeting their ideal and likely buyers.

Or not having a good marketing message, or consistent marketing message. Or potentially, they are doing all of the right things. But they do not have enough Google reviews, or are on the first page of Google.

Therefore, there customers cannot find them. Even if they want to. So it is very important that entrepreneurs hire professional like Vancouver business coach. That can help them figure out their best marketing plan.

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From identifying their ideal and likely buyers. And knowing what is important to those customers. So that they can find the right marketing message. To attract them to the business.

And helping an entrepreneur provide not only excellent customer service. But an amazing customer experience. That will keep them coming back. And be happy to pay a little bit extra. For the great service that they get.

Two marketing help such as how to get on the first page of Google. And how to get as many Google reviews as possible. So that they can impress customers, who are searching for them online.

One common mistake that entrepreneurs often make without help says a business coach. Is thinking that they can compete solely on price in the marketplace.

And this is a very poor idea for many reasons. Starting with very few customers actually make their purchasing decision. Solely on price alone. Therefore, when they try to compete on this aspect.

Not only are they only attracting the people who are therefore price. And not who are there for great customer experience. As soon as they find a cheaper price elsewhere, those customers will go away.

But because most customers make their purchasing decisions. On other aspects including experience, features of the product or service. Convenience, speed, and quality.

Therefore it is very important for entrepreneurs to figure out what their differentiation factors are. That they should focus on. Which they can do very easily with help from Vancouver business coach.

Vancouver Business Coach | Developing a Great Marketing Plan

It is very important for entrepreneurs to develop a marketing plan, before they open the doors to their business according to Vancouver business coach. This is important, so that they know what they are going to do to market their business. Before they even open their business is doors.

One of the first things that their Vancouver business coach will go over with them. Is what their differentiation factors are. That is, why they are unique. And how they can stand out from their competition.

Standing out is very important. Because if they do not stand out from their competition. And if they do not stand out to their customers. They will not generate the sales they need to stay in business.

Seth Godin, famous marketer has said: in a crowded marketplace, fitting in his failing. Not standing out is the same as being invisible. Boring is invisible, remarkable people and products get talked about.

Without standing out, they will not generate the sales they need to stay in business. And with 42% of businesses that fail, say the reason why they failed. Was because they could not find enough customers.

This is one of the most important things that an entrepreneur can figure out. Their business coach can help them define their differentiation factors. Based on what is important to their ideal and likely buyers.

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And while some business owners think that they need to compete on price. It is not as important as business owners assume. Customers typically take into consideration other factors more.

Such as speed, convenience, experience, customer service and even quality for example. If business owners are not convinced of this, they should think of their own experience as a consumer.

And think of how many times they have made a purchasing decision. On price alone. Chances are quite low that they would have made that decision often. Because if they did use price as their defining reason to purchase a product or service.

They would be driving the least expensive vehicle, wearing the least expensive shoes and clothes. As well as eating at the most inexpensive restaurants all the time. But chances are they are not doing that.

Therefore, they need to identify their ideal and likely buyer. And then research those customers. To find it what is most important to them. And then do what the customers are looking for, better than anyone else.

Whether this is experience, convenience, or speed for example. There are many different things that can be very important to their ideal customers. And as long as they are delivering that, they have a chance at success.

To find out more effective marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs should hire Vancouver business coach. And ideally, before they even open the doors to their business. But it is never a bad time to get the marketing help that entrepreneurs need. To be successful in the marketplace, and beat the odds.