Vancouver Business Coach | Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Vancouver Business Coach | Delivering a Great Customer Experience

When entrepreneurs sit down with Vancouver business coach to help them grow their business. Something that they talk about is a differentiation factor in their business.

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This serves many different purposes. From giving a business their focus, and what they are going to concentrate on doing well. But the reason why they need to focus on this.

Is because this is going to be not only what attracts their ideal and likely buyers to their business. But will also help them stand out from their competition in a crowded marketplace.

They work on figuring out who the businesses ideal and likely customers are. Because often, business owners start their business, thinking that their ideal customers are everyone.

But that does not give them the focus the needs. To understand who is most likely going to buy their products and services. And how they are going to be able to attract those people to their business.

Therefore, Vancouver business coach will work closely with them. In order to help them figure out who they want to sell their products and services to most.

And once they have figured out who they want to sell their products and services to most. They are going to work in order to figure out what is the most important to those clients.

When they know what is most important to their ideal and likely buyers. They will be able to figure out how to deliver that. And to deliver it to an extremely high level of excellence.

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So that they will be able to attract those customers. And have them be impressed by the products and services from the business. And will be happy to return, time and time again.

The reason why this is so important to work on. Is because when entrepreneurs do not focus on this. They often simply do not stand out in a crowded marketplace. And are not able to sell enough products and services to remain viable.

Or, they do not consider their ideal and likely buyers. And end up trying to compete on things like the least expensive price. Which is a losing scenario for the business owner.

Not only is that not going to inspire brand loyalty in the customers that they attract. Because when they attract customers based on lowest price alone. Once those customers can save a dollar or two somewhere else.

They will leave the business as quickly as they arrived. And if a business owner thinks that they are going to find enough customers to remain viable. By selling on lowest price alone.

They may not realize that there are more expenses in their business then they initially thought. And by consistently selling on lowest price. They do not have enough money to stay in business.

Or, they know that they can stay in business. But it is not scalable. And they are unable to grow. Because they do not have enough money, due to selling the lowest price.

When they work with Vancouver business coach to figure out who their ideal and likely clients are. And what is most important to them. They can be farther ahead of finding those customers. And giving them what they want. So that they can be successful in business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Delivering a Great Customer Experience

When entrepreneurs are able to deliver a great customer experience, Vancouver business coach says they can stand out from their competition. And especially in a very crowded marketplace. This is extremely important to the success of the business.

In fact, it is so important to stand out and marketplace. That businesses who are not able to figure this out quickly. Often fail in their business. And fail sooner than they realize they will.

According to industry Canada survey. Found out that not only were 50% of Canadian small businesses out of business within five years. But the reasons why they were out of business, or completely avoidable.

The number one reason why Canadian entrepreneurs were not successful in their business. Causing 42% of all business owners to fail. Was the fact that they could not find enough customers to remain viable in business.

This could be due to a number of different factors. From making the assumption that it would be easier to find customers then ended up being.

To simply not standing out in the marketplace. Or not knowing who their ideal and likely customers are, so that they can attract those customers to their business and sell more products and services.

In fact, Vancouver business coach says that many entrepreneurs. Simply tried to compete on price alone. However, this is a terrible idea for many reasons.

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Not only will selling on price alone. Not help a business owner develop relationships with their customers. They will also likely not make enough money to be successful.

And instead, think of their own experiences as a consumer. And why they made the purchases that they did. And while many entrepreneurs assume that price is most important for them.

Looking at their own history of purchases would probably show them a different story. Vancouver business coach says whether it is getting a massage or spa treatments, purchasing clothing or shoes.

Or if they were buying a car, or eating out in a restaurant. None of those circumstances. Likely to involve the lowest price. And instead, they would find that they were more likely. To choose the products and services that they purchased.

Based on experience they wanted, or outstanding quality. And even great service. Therefore, by understanding that they themselves. Are not buying on price alone.

Can help them identify who their ideal and likely customers are. And what is most pertinent to them. So that they can deliver great products and services consistently to them.

When entrepreneurs work with Vancouver business coach. Not only can they find out who their ideal and likely customers are. And figure out what their differentiation factors are. But help them in many different areas of their business. To find the customers that they need. To be able to grow a successful business.