Vancouver Business Coach | Being Productive Is a Learned Skill

Vancouver Business Coach | Being Productive Is a Learned Skill

It is very important that entrepreneurs learn quickly how to be productive says Vancouver business coach. So that they can get all of their strategic priorities accomplished.

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It is common for almost all business owners, to have lots to do. And very little time to do it. Because they do not have the funds available. To hire staff to help them at this point.

And while business owners are often looking for ways. In order to work more efficiently. Multitasking is not the answer that they are looking for. It often feels like people are being very productive.

Because they seem very busy. And can point to all of the things that they are working on. As proof of their productivity. However, this does not actually work when it comes to getting more done.

The reason why, is because scientific studies have shown. That it takes the average person, working for twenty-three minutes on one task. Completely uninterrupted. In order to reach their peak level of productivity.

When people multitask, their jumping from one task to the next. Which means they are not working productively. And instead of getting more done. They are getting less done. Then if they were simply focusing on one activity.

But at the same time, because they are not focused on one task at a time. The quality of their work suffers. Which means when people multitask. They get less work done. And poor quality work done.

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However, it can be very difficult to convince a busy entrepreneurs. That they need to avoid multitasking. Because even while many people can agree that multitasking is bad. They often think that they are exceptions to the rule.

However, studies have also shown. That the people who think that they are good at multitasking. Are often the people who are worst at it. This just shows that everybody should always be avoiding this activity.

However, Vancouver business coach says they hear from many business owners. Who might realize that multitasking is bad. But they still do not know how to get more done in their day.

The first step, is to realize. That as an entrepreneurs who is building a business. They will have to put more work into it. Then they put as an employee.

Which means their eight hour days, five days a week are over. Instead, most successful entrepreneurs. Work twelve hour days, six days a week. Because that is the amount of time needed.

To accomplish all of the tasks that they need to in their business. However, it is not just enough. To tell an entrepreneur that they need to work these hours. They also need to create a time block to schedule.

That their Vancouver business coach will be able to help them with. Figuring out a time in their schedule. For every single task that needs to get accomplished in their business. So that nothing is missed.

Only then, we will business owners be able to get what they need done. Without multitasking. So that they can grow a successful business.

Vancouver Business Coach | Being Productive Is a Learned Skill

Even though multitasking is a skill that many people are still putting on their resumes according to Vancouver business coach. It actually is not effective. And should be avoided by everyone.

The reason why, is because multitasking causes people to not be focused on anyone task. And the quality of their work will suffer because of that. But more importantly, multitasking requires people.

To jump from one task to the next, before accomplishing it. Which means they are not reaching their brains peak productivity. Studies have shown that it takes twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work.

In order to reach the brains peak level of productivity. Multitasking ensures this level is never reached. Which means when people multitask, they are actually getting less accomplished.

Since business owners need to work more efficiently and effectively. This just proves that multitasking is something that they should avoid. However, helping entrepreneurs learn what to do instead.

Is a bit of a struggle, because it seems very opposite. Of what they have been told to do their entire life. This is why one of the first things that Vancouver business coach will share with the clients they work with.

Is that it is important to create a time block schedule. Which means there is a time set aside for every single task. That needs to get done in the business. Creating this schedule is one challenge.

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But adhering to it is another. It is very easy for business owners to get interrupted. Or to be pulled off the task they are working on. By things like a ringing phone, and email notification.

And even their smart phone, with several different messages. It is extremely important. For business owners to actually turn all of notifications on their phone silent. And even put their phone in a drawer.

So that they are not tempted, to look at their phone. Or are not distracted. By different notifications that they might get. Smart phones are not tools of productivity, like some people think.

And are simply designed to help people stay addicted to them. Therefore, business owners that are trying to get more done. Should avoid them. The always have time to look at their phone when the workday is over.

But this does not help business owners learn. How to avoid the phone calls or emails that they get in their business. While it is very tempting to answer the phone whenever rings. Because it could be an important call.

If a business owner does not get out of the habit of answering the phone every time it rings. They may not get their strategic priorities done. And may not have a phone to ring in the future.

By setting aside time in their calendar, to check messages and return calls. Can help business owners get out of the habit of being distracted by the phone. So that they can get more done in their day.

For this, and other help on growing their business. Entrepreneurs can contact Vancouver business coach for free consultation.