Vancouver Business Coach | Being Efficient in Business

Vancouver Business Coach | Being Efficient in Business

When entrepreneurs start their business for the first time, Vancouver business coach says they may not realize. Exactly how many things they will need to get done every single day. It can be very easy to be overwhelmed.

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And not knowing how they are going to get everything accomplished, is a common problem for new business owners. They turned to Vancouver business coach, to help them with their business.

Only to learn that everything that they had been doing, is what they should be avoiding. If there trying to get more done in their business. One of the first things that they will learn.

Is that multitasking is actually a myth. People have been taught from early on, that multitasking is the key. To unlocking super productivity. And is a skill that many people brag about on their resumes.

Unfortunately, science has proven that multitasking is completely ineffective. And actually should be avoided by everyone. Studies have shown, that it takes the average person twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work.

To reach their peak level of productivity. If they are interrupted, or when they start a brand-new task. They need to work again for twenty-three minutes. To reach that productivity level once more.

Since multitasking is nothing more than a series of starting new tasks over, and over, and over. It means that people who are multitasking, never actually reach their peak level of productivity.

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This means that multitasking ensures that people are getting less done. Then if they had simply worked on one task at a time until it is completed. And then moved on to the next task.

But also, since people are not focusing on one task. The quality of work that they are doing with that task. Suffers, and they do it poorly. Then if they were focusing on it one at a time.

Therefore, when business owners multitask. Vancouver business coach says they get less done, and a poor quality of work accomplished. This is why they should avoid multitasking as an entrepreneur.

However, business owners may be very perplexed. About what they need to do in order to stop multitasking. Especially since there are so many tasks that need to get done in their business.

The key for many people, is called time blocking. This is what coaches will teach their businesses. Not only what time blocking is, but how to do this effectively. Time blocking essentially, is creating blocks of time in the future.

Devoted to tasks that must get accomplished. When business owners time block, they are ensuring that they have time in their schedule.

To accomplish all of the tasks that need to get done. However, it is common that entrepreneurs realize. That they are not going to be able to get everything done. Working eight hour days, or five days a week.

The most successful entrepreneurs. Work twelve hour day, six days a week. So that they can get everything done that they need. And if entrepreneurs want to be successful, they will follow suit.

Vancouver Business Coach | Being Efficient in Business

When entrepreneurs are struggling to get things accomplished, Vancouver business coach recommends they stop multitasking. And instead, create a time block schedule. It can be very different for business owners.

Because they often have been told that multitasking is a skilled to be celebrated. And it makes people feel busy. And busy is often equated to productive. However, this is not actually true.

People would be horrified to find out, that the surgeon that is performing life-saving surgery on a loved one. Was watching a movie, or answering emails while performing surgery.

Or that the pilot that is flying them across the ocean. Is texting, and reading a book. People inherently know that multitasking is bad. And yet, they somehow think that they are exceptions to the rule.

If the most knowledgeable professionals. Should not be multitasking. And devote all of their attention to the task at hand. This just proves that entrepreneurs should do the same says Vancouver business coach.

However, understanding that they need to avoid multitasking. And figuring out how to do this are two entirely different things. One way that business owners can stop multitasking.

Is by realizing that it is perfectly okay. To let their phone go to voicemail. As long as they listen to the messages and respond. Later on in their day. Ideally, during that time on their schedule devoted to it.

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They can turn their phone ringer to off. And not get distracted. By something that is urgent, while they ignore the important. While it might be hard to get used to. Business owners will find that there able to get more accomplished.

When they stop answering phone calls, any time the phone rings. The next step in helping people avoid multitasking. And learn how to be more efficient, is turning off email notifications as well.

It is very easy for business owners to get caught in the loop. Of answering emails. And as soon as they are done, there is a new batch waiting for answers. Business owners can get stuck by answering emails all day.

Which is why it is far more efficient. To not look at the emails. Until there is time in their schedule to read and respond to the messages they have received. However, when they are answering emails.

It may seem very easy for business owners. To simply send another email back. But why email, when it can be a phone call? Phone calls are more efficient and effective. And are less likely to result in a large chain of emails.

Where nothing is getting resolved. And a business owner is continuing to waste their time. Therefore, learning how to eliminate distractions. And be more efficient with their communication. Such as emails and phone calls.

Business owners can get more done in their day. So that they can grow a successful business. When they are ready to start working with Vancouver business coach, all they have to do is call or email in order to get a consultation. That can help them find out the next steps.