Vancouver Business Coach | Be The Face Of Your Business

Vancouver Business Coach | Be The Face Of Your Business

Entrepreneurs have a difficult job admits Vancouver business coach. Building a company from scratch. Putting in their own blood, sweat, tears and money. Into a business, that will not generate revenue for years.
Vancouver Business Coach

And if they do not market adequately. As well as if they make mistakes early on. That can jeopardize the entire plan. And cause them to fail. In a very short amount of time.

Business is not forgiving. As thousands of entrepreneurs in Canada find out. Each and every year, when they shut their business down. According to industry Canada, failure rates for entrepreneurs is high.

15% of entrepreneurs will fail. Within the first year of owning a business. And the failure rate doubles when looking at a two-year period. That failure rate jumps to 50% over five years.

And looking at businesses after ten years. And only 4% are still around says industry Canada. The reason why these businesses fail. Is not for a multitude of complex reasons. But rather, only a handful.

Of obstacles that are actually easily avoided. With a bit of planning says Vancouver business coach. The first reason why entrepreneurs fail in Canada. Affecting 42% of them is they cannot find enough customers.

Which makes creating an adequate marketing plan. Extremely important to their survival. The second reason why Canadian entrepreneurs fail. Affecting 29% of them, is they run out of money.

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Whether they are spending money. Faster than they make it. They have their pricing structure improperly set. Or they are not paying attention to the financials consistently.

Not being careful with money. And running out of it, causes almost a third of all entrepreneurs in Canada to fail. And finally, the third reason. That causes Canadian entrepreneurs to fail.

Is that 23% are unable. To either find staff, or keep staff in their business. While national rates show that the average employee. Stays with their employer for two point three years. This can be very frustrating for companies.

Who cannot afford a full-time HR department. Such as the small businesses says Vancouver business coach. They try to find staff. By advertising the position. Reviewing resumes, and interviewing candidates.

On a one on one basis, without much success. Often, by the time an entrepreneur has started interviewing. They wasted dozens of hours. That is often better spent advertising.

Or going over their financials. Because essentially, a one on one interview is ineffective. Instead, entrepreneurs need to meet more candidates. More quickly, in order to find the right one.

This is why hiring Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching is so beneficial. Not only will they have someone. Holding them accountable to all of their tasks and goals. But they will have someone who will help them.

Create a plan so that they can avoid. Each of the most common obstacles. That entrepreneurs face, and succumb to their business. When they overcome common obstacles. More entrepreneurs can succeed.

When they are more likely to succeed, not only will they make more money. They will stay in business longer, and be able to grow their business as well.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be The Face Of Your Company

It is important says Vancouver business coach. For entrepreneurs to be the face of their business. Many business owners think that it is conceded. Or say that they are too shy to be the face of their business.

But the reason why Vancouver business coach recommends this. Is quite simply, to build trust. With their ideal and likely buyers. All things being equal, customers want to purchase. Products and services from a company they trust.

And they will not easily build trust. With a faceless corporation. And who better to be the face of the company. Then the entrepreneur who started it in the first place? While they might be uncomfortable.

This will give customers a person to relate to. Especially as the entrepreneur shares. Their origins story, or why they wanted. To open up a business in the first place. Since most Canadians have admitted in a recent poll.

To want to own a business. People who actually go out and try. Our fulfilling a dream shared by the majority of us. When people see a story they can relate to. Or qualities that they share with a business owner.

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Trust can be established a lot more quickly. Then if they did not put their face on the business at all. However, just by showing their face and story. Is not enough says Vancouver business coach. This is why they also recommends.

Setting up a Google places page. This can be done for free on Google. Where they can set up a business profile. Setting their business’s name, address, phone number and email. As well as their services and products.

The hours of operation, pictures of their facility. As well as of their products and staff. And while this can actually function. As an entrepreneur’s webpage, for the first several months. The real reason why this is so important.

Is because it will allow entrepreneurs. To start getting Google reviews. And getting ranked in Google search results immediately. That way, they are more likely to be found. By potential customers who are searching.

But also, when they start getting Google reviews. They will be more likely. To start attracting more clients. The reason why says Vancouver business coach, is because. 88% of customers Google a business.

To look at their Google reviews before making a decision. Of whether or not to buy products and services from them. This means that for the vast majority of people. They will consider how many Google reviews a business has.

And if there is a lot, they will be more likely. To purchase the product or service from the company. And if there are only a few, they will be less likely. To learn how to implement this strategy.

Entrepreneurs can contact inspired method marketing and coaching in Vancouver. And learn more about their process, and how their coaching works as well.