Vancouver Business Coach | Be Seen on Google

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Seen on Google

When people meet with Vancouver business coach the first time. They often talk about how to get their business on the first page of Google. There are many reasons why this should be one of the first things that entrepreneurs do.

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First of all, the number one reason why small businesses fail in Canada. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to keep their business viable. Therefore, they need to focus on finding customers early on in their business.

And while many entrepreneurs wonder why it is important to be found on Google. Vancouver business coach offers them a simple answer. Because it is the largest, and most popular search engine in the world.

In fact, more people use Google. In order to find things that they are looking for. Then all other search engines in the world combined. 96% of all mobile searches happen on Google.

While 94% of all desktop and mobile searches. Have been on Google. With the remaining 6% happening on all other search engines. Such as Yahoo, Bing, and all other websites devoted to searches.

The reason why Google is the best search engine. And is so popular, is because it is a very clean site. That is easy to read, and very easy to use. It has their logo in the middle of the page, and below that a search bar.

Other search engines are very busy, with newsfeeds, pop-up ads, and other things that are very distracting. Therefore, it is hard to use a lot of the other sites. And very easy to use Google.

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However, because Google uses unique algorithms. They are able to find extremely good results for people. Very quickly, which is why they continue to be more popular than any other search engine.

When Google was starting out, they decided to index every single webpage on the Internet. Which means they are going to be able to find those websites very fast when people are searching.

Therefore, if people want to be found by Google. It is very beneficial says Vancouver business coach. That they organize the information on their website. In a way that Google prefers, to make it easy for them to index.

For example, the entire Wikipedia website. Is organize the way that Google likes to have their information. In order to index them quickly, and find them for search results.

If anyone does a search, they are likely going to see that Wikipedia results. Our high up on the search engine results. At least on the very first page of the search results.

This is because they have organized the information that they have in a way that is preferable for Google. Business owners can do this themselves, as long as they know how to organize that.

This is why they can work with a business coach, because they know all the ways to organize the information on their website properly. To make it easier for Google to find them.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Seen on Google

When entrepreneurs want more customers to find them, Vancouver business coach says. They simply need to get on the first page of Google. And while this does not seem like it would be very important to do.

Not finding customers is the number one reason why small businesses across Canada. Close their doors to their business after only a few years. Which is why businesses should stop marketing early in their business.

And never stop looking for those customers. That will buy their products and services. However, many business owners do not know exactly where to start. In order to market their business effectively.

This is why it is beneficial to work with a business coach. Not only did they have great marketing methods and techniques. But they can help entrepreneurs get on the first page of Google.

Without using tricks that will stop working after a while. And without having to get them to continue to buy advertisements endlessly. And once they stop buying ads, they no longer rank.

Vancouver business coach will help entrepreneurs get organic search results. And appear on the first page of Google search results. Using search engine optimization tactics that work.

They know the way that Google wants the information organized. In order to get found by their search engines. Such as how to name pages properly, having the right headers, the right keywords on the page.

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So that when people are searching for a product or service. That a business can offer, their website will show up organically. The first place to start when doing this.

Is by business owners setting up a Google my business page. One of the benefits to this strategy, is that it is absolutely free. And once entrepreneurs set this up in their business.

They will immediately start ranking on the map listings. On the Google search results. The map listings appear directly below the ads, and above the organic search results.

Therefore, it can help business owners start finding customers without any other work. However, it is very important that business owners do put more work into this. So that they can get more benefit out of it.

The next thing that having a Google my business listing will do. Is allow entrepreneurs to start to getting Google reviews. And the more Google reviews a business has, the higher they will rank on Google search results.

The average number of Google reviews a business will have on their Google my business page is thirty-nine. Which means once they get to forty, they are above average.

Therefore, Vancouver business coach helps entrepreneurs understand how important it is. To get to at least forty Google reviews. So that not only will they be able to start ranking higher on Google search results.

But when customers see that their business has over forty Google reviews. They will be more inclined to use that business, and purchase those products and services. Because they have more Google reviews than most other businesses that they find.