Vancouver Business Coach | Be Seen on Google Search Results

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Seen on Google Search Results

Entrepreneurs should not overlook how important it is to be found on Google search results says Vancouver business coach. In fact, it can make all of the difference between them succeeding in business. And not being able to find enough customers to remain viable in business.

Vancouver Business Coach

The reason why, is because studies have shown. That the overwhelming majority of customers. Look up a business online before they buy products and services from them by doing a web search.

When customers are doing a search for a business. The website that they use more than any other website. Is the Google search engine website. In fact, whether people are on mobile devices, or a desktop computer.

The majority of searches are done on Google. 96% of all mobile searches happen on Google. While 94% of desktop searches happen on Google. The other 4% of searches that happen.

Happen on all of the other search engines in the world combined. This means that when people want to utilize search engine optimization. They should focus on optimizing their website for Google first.

Many business owners may wonder why they should not focus on the other websites as well. But simply because so many searches happen on Google to begin with. And so if you happen on other search engines.

Business owners should focus on Google first. Knowing that if they are optimized for Google. They are generally optimized for other search engines as well.

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And while it might be very overwhelming for business owner to try to remember. All of the different things that they can do. To optimize their website for Google. This is why it is so important to hire Vancouver business coach.

They know exactly how to optimize sites for Google. And can help the entrepreneur do that. For example, the way they have the information on their website organized.

Is incredibly important, from naming the pages properly, to having the right headers. As well as things like naming pictures properly, and having the right keywords the correct number of times on the website.

All work towards organizing the information. The way that Google prefers having that information. So that they can index the site easier, and find the information faster.

So that Google can include that website easily. When people do a Google search, that is applicable to that business. However, this is just one tactic that business owners can use.

Another tactic that they will learn about from their business coach. Is how to create a lot of content. Quickly, and easily. So that business owners websites will appear to be subject matter experts for Google.

If entrepreneurs want to get started, all they have to do is contact Vancouver business coach for a consultation. Where they can find out all of the strategies that they have to help business owners.

Since it is so important for entrepreneurs to be able to find customers right away. It is never too early to meet with the right professional. And learn what businesses should be doing. To help them find the customers they need.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Seen on Google Search Results

There are many things that business owners need to learn early on in business says Vancouver business coach. However, that does not mean that they should put marketing on the back burner for later.

There may not be a leader for their business. If business owners do not start focusing on marketing and finding customers now. The statistics for failure rates of small businesses in Canada are quite grim.

With 15% of businesses failing within the first year of opening the doors to their business. While 30% of small businesses in Canada fail within their second year of starting their business.

Half of all small businesses that started up in Canada will fail by their fifty year. And the number one reason why these businesses are failing. Is because they are unable to find enough customers.

This is why it is very important to focus on search engine optimization. So that entrepreneurs can find the customers they need. To sell their products and services, to avoid this failure rate.

The reason why business owners need to worry about search engine optimization. Is because most customers do a search online for business. Before they purchase products or services from them.

Therefore, if they are not found on page 1 during this critical search. Not only will their ideal and likely buyers not find them. Those potential customers will not go looking elsewhere to find that business.

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They will either utilize the businesses they found on the first page of their search. Or figure something else out. This is why it is so important to get that search engine optimization early on in the business.

When business owners are finding out about search engine optimization. They often want to simply bypass all of the work that they need to put in. In favour of just purchasing ads for the Google website.

And while this is a strategy they can use says Vancouver business coach. It is not recommended as their first strategy. First of all, because many customers bypass the ads on Google.

In favour of the map listings, or the organic search results below the map listings. Ads really only work well. When a business has already optimized their organic search results.

However, another reason why ads are not the first place for business to start. Is because it is only a strategy that works, as long as the business owner has money.

If they optimize search engine results. Not only will that be long-lasting. But it has a huge return on investment, because an entrepreneur does not have to continue to put money in, in order to generate results.

The way that they would have to for advertisements. The find out the best ways to do search engine optimization. As well as other techniques, such as using content to get higher ranking.

Entrepreneurs should set up an initial consultation with Vancouver business coach. Find out more and get information about how this can benefit your business, and how to get started today.