Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found on Google

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found on Google

It is very important for entrepreneurs to be found on page 1 of Google search engine results says Vancouver business coach. Not just because the overwhelming majority of customers Google a business before buying products and services from them.

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But also, because when customers do a Google search. They will only look at the first page of search results. Therefore, if a business owner is not ranking on the first page. They might as well not exist at all.

And the reason why businesses should pay attention to Google. More than they pay attention to any other search engine in the world. Is because most of the searches that are done in the world.

Happen on the Google website. In fact, Google drives 96% of all mobile search traffic. And when it comes to desktop searches, 94% of searches happen on Google.

The second largest search engine in the world. Is YouTube, and that is owned by Google. So the 6% of the remaining searches that are not happening on Google. Happen on YouTube, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines out there.

As well, Vancouver business coach says once they do search engine optimization. In order to appear on the first page of Google. Chances are they are optimizing for all other sites as well.

Therefore, by focusing on Google. Businesses can appear higher up in all other search engines. Which is why it is very important to do search engine optimization properly at all times.

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There are many other marketing companies, that promise businesses. Can get on the first page of Google very quickly for the right price. And these gimmick marketers are not doing search engine optimization well.

They are using tricks that they know. To get around the Google algorithm. So that businesses can rank high on search engines for a short period of time. In order to combat this, Google changes their search algorithm frequently.

This is going to make it more difficult for businesses who are using tricks. To rank on Google. It will not affect people who are using search engine optimization the proper way to rank on their website.

This is white so important to hire Vancouver business coach from the beginning. Instead of a lot of the other gimmick marketers, that will only deliver results for short period of time.

Good search engine optimization tactics. Include organizing the information on their websites. The way that Google wants information organized. So that their search engine can find information easily.

Take Wikipedia for example. This is an example of a website. That has information organized the way Google likes. They always rank high in peoples searches and this is why.

It can be very difficult to remember exactly what business owners need to do. In order to rank higher on Google search results. Which is why it is very beneficial to hire a business coach. Is that people do not have to remember, and they have an expert that will help them accomplish their goal.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found on Google

If entrepreneurs do not focus on marketing in their business right away says Vancouver business coach. They typically will not last long enough in business. To worry about marketing their business later on.

In fact, many entrepreneurs find out the hard way. That it is not as easy as they thought. To find the customers they need to purchase the products and services that they sell.

While 15% of entrepreneurs fail within the first year of opening their business. And 30% of all business owners fail within their second year of business. An overwhelming 50% of small businesses in Canada.

End up closing their business within five years. And the reason why is truly shocking. Industry Canada survey to find out why small businesses were failing across Canada.

The third most common reason, which affected 23% of all failed entrepreneurs. Is because they could not find enough staff to work in their business. The second most common reason that businesses in Canada failed.

Which caused 29% of failed entrepreneurs to close their business, is that they ran out of money. And the number one reason why entrepreneurs in Canada failed. Is because they could not find enough customers.

42% of all small businesses across Canada were not successful. Because they could not find the customers they needed. To buy their products and services. And this is not because their business had no customers.

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It just that they did not focus on finding them, and so they were unable to find them. This is why it is incredibly important to focus on marketing early on of the business.

And then continue to focus on finding customers, and continuing to market the business. One of the first things that people can do, to help their business found by customers.

Is search engine optimization, so that they can appear on the first page of Google search engine results. Most customers do a search before they buy from a company in the first place says Vancouver business coach.

And when customers are looking for something online, if they cannot find it on the first page of Google. They do not go to the second or third pages to try and find it. They will either use a company that is on the first page.

Or they will try a different search. Therefore, getting in the first page search results. Will ensure that the customers that are looking, can find the business. So that they will use the entrepreneurs business.

While it might be overwhelming for business to try and remember all of the search engine optimization tactics. Which is whites important to hire Vancouver business coach. Because they know what business owners need to do.

To rank on the first page of Google. Not just for short amount of time. But how to get there, and then what they need to do to stay there, in the organic search results.

It is about organizing the website in a specific way. As well as creating content. So that Google thinks the business is a subject matter expert. So to find out more, entrepreneurs should contact inspired method marketing right away.