Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found in Google Search Results

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found in Google Search Results

Many business owners might think that marketing should wait for later says Vancouver business coach. However, if they wait too long, they could end up going out of business. Before getting around to focusing on their marketing.

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In fact, this is a problem that many business owners have. Is not focusing on finding their customer base soon enough. Either because they think they will work on it once they feel comfortable with running their business.

Or because they think it is going to be much easier to find customers. Then it actually ends up being. Many business owners think that just by opening their business, and having a website.

There going to be found by their ideal and likely buyers. Therefore, marketing is not as important as it actually ends at being. The statistics supports this, with how many businesses fail every year.

Across Canada, small businesses are failing very quickly. With 15% of all entrepreneurs failing within the first year of opening the doors to their business. And 30% fail within their second year.

However, that number skyrockets to 50%. Of entrepreneurs that fail in business within five years of opening the door to their small business in Canada. When looking at all of the reasons why these businesses fail.

The very top of the list, causing 42% of the failed entrepreneurs to close their doors. Is not being able to find enough customers. To sell their products and services to. Illustrating how extremely vital.

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Finding the right customers will be for a business. This is one thing that people will get when they work with Vancouver business coach. Not only because they will help with the entrepreneurs search engine optimization.

Through proven methods, such as organizing their website. In a way that Google wants to see websites. In order to index, and find those websites faster. This is extremely helpful for many reasons.

Therefore, a business coach ensures that every business they work with. Has a WordPress website, because that is going to help them organize their website the way Google likes having them.

Including naming pages properly, having the right headers in the right places. Naming pictures correctly, and having the appropriate number of keywords. The appropriate number of times on their page.

Unlike the gimmicks that other marketing companies might use. To get people to rank high on the first page of Google for the first few weeks. These methods are proven and long-lasting.

Even after Google changes their algorithm. Which they are known to do quite often, to keep those companies. From trying to use shortcuts. To get there websites to rank.

Which is white so beneficial to work with Vancouver business coach. After they have their website optimized. The next thing that they can work on. Is creating content for their website.

The more content a website has. Google will see it as expert in that subject matter. And therefore, it will get higher rankings as well. To learn search engine optimization and other things that can help them rank their website. Entrepreneurs should set up a free consultation now.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found in Google Search Results

The reason why business owners should be concerned about being found on the first page of Google says Vancouver business coach. Is because most customers are going to use Google, to find companies they want to buy products and services from.

In fact, the majority of customers will search a company that they are looking to buy products and services from. Or, they will search the products and services that they want to buy.

In order to find a company they can buy from. Therefore, search engine optimization. Will help business owners get found when customers are doing those searches.

And when they do want to use search engine optimization. Vancouver business coach recommends that they optimize for Google, rather than any other search engine website.

The reason why they should optimize for Google rather than any other webpage. Is because Google is the largest, and most popular search engine in the world. It is so popular, that the majority of searches that are done.

Are done on this search engine. With 96% of mobile searches happening on Google. As well as 94% of all desktop searches have been on Google as well. That means the remaining 4% of searches.

Are done on all of the other search engines in the world, such as being and Yahoo. This is why optimizing for Google is so important. Another question that business owners have when they are learning this.

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Is why is it so important to get on the first page? They may be wondering this, because they are ranked very high on the second page. Ultimately, the reason is because customers will not look passed the first page.

When they are looking for something, they will either go with a business that they found on the first page. Or if they do not find what they are looking for. They will change their search terms.

But if a company is on the second page, they might as well not exist at all. Another question that business owners have for a business coach. Is why do they have to do this work for search engine optimization?

Could not they just purchase an ad, to get them on the first page of Google? And while this can be a strategy that businesses work. It is not a good idea to use this as the first strategy for new businesses for many reasons.

For starters, many business owners do not have a lot of money. And having to pay every single month. In order to stay on the first page of Google search results. Can be more expensive than many business owners can afford.

While search engine optimization. Is free to do If entrepreneurs do the work themselves. And the results are long-lasting. Generating results for months after the initial work.

This is why it should be the first strategy for entrepreneurs to use. However, they should talk directly to Vancouver business coach to find out more information. Especially because the very first consultation is absolutely free.