Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found By Customers

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found By Customers

The reason why entrepreneurs are not able to sell enough products when they open says Vancouver business coach. Is because they are not being found by their ideal and likely customers.

Vancouver Business Coach

Whether the marketing methods that they are utilizing. Are not effective at all. Or if an entrepreneur is not marketing their business. Because they think it is going to be easier to find customers then it is.

Or, a business owner is focused initially on a running their business. And think that they will have time later on. After they get the hang of doing things like sales, hiring staff. An as well as ordering product and running their business.

However, without focusing on marketing immediately. And continually throughout their business. Entrepreneurs run the risk of not finding enough customers. To generate enough revenue in their business.

In fact, according to a recent industry Canada survey. Not only do 50% of entrepreneurs fail in their small business within five years. But the most common reason why entrepreneurs fail.

Is because they cannot find enough customers in order to sell their products and services to. Causing 42% of failed entrepreneurs to close their business. The most heartbreaking thing about this statistic.

Is that it is completely avoidable, with the right knowledge. This is why Vancouver business coach teaches entrepreneurs how important it is to not only market their business.

But come up with an effective marketing strategy. Starting with search engine optimization. The reason why this is an important place to start. Is because it is all about appearing higher up in search engine results.

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This is so vital, because the majority of customers search that business on a search engine. Before buying a product or service from that company. Or, they search a particular product or service.

That they are ready to purchase. Therefore, if an entrepreneur is found on the first page of the search engine for either of these searches. They are going to be more likely to find more customers, more often.

Even appearing a very high up on the second page is not good enough. The reason why, is because customers will not look on the second page of any search engine.

They will either utilize the businesses that appear on the first page. Or, they will do their search terms over, in order to find what they are looking for on the first page.

When customers are learning how to do search engine optimization for their business. Vancouver business coach says they should optimize for the Google search engine.

Because it is far and away the most popular, and most used search engine in the world. With 96% of mobile searches utilizing Google.

But also, 94% of desktop searches, have been using Google. Therefore, when entrepreneurs optimize for this search engine. They are going to be able to capture most of the people looking for products and services to buy.

It is very important for entrepreneurs to learn how to do this early on In their business. So that they can find as many customers as they can. As early on in their business endeavour as possible.

Vancouver Business Coach | Be Found By Customers

The reason why entrepreneurs open a business, is to sell products and services to customers says Vancouver business coach. Which is why it is so important that they need to work hard at finding those customers.

Many business owners think that customers are going to find them, simply by existing. Or that a great location, or fantastic business idea. Will drive traffic to their door. But this is not the case.

If they do not actively work on finding customers. Chances are quite high that they will not find them at all. And end up having to close the doors to their business. Because they did not sell enough of their product or service.

Many entrepreneurs may think that this is just scare tactics. However, according to an industry Canada survey. 50% of small business owners in Canada will fail within five years of opening their business.

And the most common reason why this many business owners will fail. Is because they are unable to find enough customers. To sell their products and services to. Making this a common, but preventable reason for business failure.

By optimizing search engine results. And appearing on the first page, can help many entrepreneurs find more customers. Sell more products and services to. And potentially avoid this failure reason.

However, it is not just search engine optimization that they will get with Vancouver business coach. They will also learn many great strategies. Such as content creation. To help increase their ranking on search engines.

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The reason why content creation is so important. Is because the more pages that a website has. The more relevant it will be considered in the algorithms, when people are utilizing Google.

A quick way to add content. Is for entrepreneurs to make a quick, ten minute video. That they can upload to their website. And by uploading a video once a week. Can add a lot of content very quickly.

While some business owners think that there going to be able to write a blog. Or type out an article. The minimum number of words they need to have is a thousand. And it will take a lot more time.

To think of a topic to blog or write an article about. And then write that article. Then it will take to make a ten minute video. On a topic that they are already an expert in.

Because it is not enough to do a ten minute video once. But they need to do this once a week for the rest of the life of their business. It does not need to be professionally produced.

A quick video, by using their phone as a camera. Can be enough, to add the contents that will help them be found by Google search engines, and their customers.

For this and other marketing strategies. Entrepreneurs can have a free consultation with Vancouver business coach. That will help them learn many things that can help them succeed in business.