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Hey everyone, welcome back to Edmonton Business Coach, this is my wife, Karen says, and today we’re going to talk about the 10,000 foot view.

It’s all about, so here’s Melanie Enola. She gave us one of quarter, I’m just going to read it off for you. One of the great things about Linkedin is it isn’t the same kind of networking that happens at conventions where you’re wearing a name tag trying to meet strangers and awkwardly attempting to make small talk. Linkedin is networking without the pressure.

So what’s a cool stat about linkedin? Well, there’s lots but one for sure is that 40% of monthly active users are actually signing into linkedin daily. Wow. So there’s an active audience over there.

Really good, really good way to build your professional network. So tell us a little bit more about Edmonton Business Coach and linkedin.

So link taking, users are scrolling through, actively looking for valuable content to read the okay. And the barrier is different than what you’d find on other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Users aren’t there to find buzzfeed quizzes or what should we eat for supper or wedding photos and or means that’s not what they’re there for. They’re there looking for content. I can change the way they do business, which is most definitely music to the ears of B to B marketers. So awesome for Edmonton Business Coach.

Yeah. Cool. So how is linkedin different from let’s say Facebook or Instagram or snapchat or any of those?

What Makes it Different?

Yeah, I kind of already described it in the content that’s shared. Their linkedin is actually a great place to share your professional articles, topics, whatever’s going on in your industry because it is very much, it’s very heavy in the business to business marketing side of things and connections. I mean what people do go there looking for jobs and posting jobs, but really the bub is really hopping over there and it um, it’s just different than Facebook words, very consumer based. Uh, it’s more of an industry expert based in lots of CEOs. So

Facebook would be more a community network. So hanging out with your neighbors and Edmonton Business Coach and linkedin would be more like hanging out with your peers at a convention kind of thing. Yeah, everyone at the office. Yeah. So you’re, you’re really attracting a different audience and as your updating your linkedin profile and adding more content on there, um, it really sets you apart and it can open up job opportunities or opportunities for you to become a speaker or presenter or something else. Linkedin’s really cool.

Why should I have a linkedin account? Well, even if you’re an employee or business owner, it’s great to show that professional side of her life. For me, we all have careers we have to, so we can show that we’re passionate about and become industry experts. You know, if the more we talk about whatever our industry is or whatever niche we work in, whether you’re the boss or even an employee, uh, it’s a great way to showcase what you know, your expertise and then people come to you for advice.

Or they, they pay attention more to what you have to say and you become maybe if you want it to be a leader, you can become a leader or you can also be on the other side of that and find information about your industry or in the use of the different things inside of Linkedin.

What Can you Do on it?

So what kinds of things can I do on Linkedin? Like how do I use it? Well, you can post, uh, obviously first of all, you’re going to set up your own profile and you’re going to showcase yourself through that profile. You’re not necessarily going to want to showcase your Edmonton Business Coach business on your own profile is more of you in that business. So whatever skill set that you bring to the business is what you want to showcase.

And that just like it says showcases to other people visiting your site or visiting you on Linkedin and kind of get to know who you are professionally to see if you maybe fit in with their this is, or maybe they’re attracted to what you have in your industry and come to you for advice and connection. Um, you can obviously post articles, you can, you can actually create and publish your own articles there, but you can just even share other people’s articles.

Maybe share your thoughts on anything that’s more of on the professional side and just elicit a response from other people who want to know more about it. So very cool question. How hard is it to set up a linkedin account? It’s obviously not very hard at all. All those social media platforms are quite easy to get going. You just need a, usually a website or a, sorry an email address, some personal information and get started.

The biggest part of Linkedin is really setting up your profile to be optimized for viewing so that people know who you are without you even having to physically talk to them. They can see by your experience what skillsets you have. So it is good to take time to do that, to set up all of that before you start getting too active because you might not want to switch gears too much weight.

You want to be ready to go once you start talking on linkedin. Okay. That’s, that’s good to know. Um, so optimizing your profile is a big thing and so put some time and some effort into that. Hey, your question for you, how often should you be, you know, adding to that profile or changing it up? Is that important to you? Whenever you need to. Obviously it doesn’t have to be that often, but you should stay with the trends. But really as long as there hasn’t been any changes, there’s not really a lot to update.

But if you have some major changes that affect who you are and professional manner, it’s time to update. Cool. So if you get a certification or become an Edmonton Business Coach, I mean, um, get a new skill, you want to showcase that and just tell people about it. Okay. Now how about setting up a linkedin profile for business?

LinkedIn – How to set up a business profile

Yeah. So that’s actually a little different. You need to have a personal set up first because that personal allows you to set up an additional profile for a company profile. Okay. So that’s very important. If you do work for business, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, well it has to be for your own and you’re setting up the business profile has to be your own business. It’s important that you set that up because you want people to believe that that’s a real business.

When you’re on Linkedin, then you don’t want to just say you work for such and such a place when that place may not even exist. Or people may not believe it exists because not even listed anywhere on linkedin. It just gives that credibility and it becomes very verifiable. And actually linkedin has third party watchdogs that come in and check your information.

So you say that you’ve done these things and you have this company, you should have it set up and they will check that out. And if it’s not true, the challenge on it. So cool. So what kind of content she would be putting on Linkedin? Um, well, anything based on your industry. So if you are, we’ve talked about this before, but if you’re a plumber, you’re probably not going to be talking about donuts unless it’s donut day and you want to get in with the trends. That’s, you know, you can marry the two worlds that way, but you really want to stick to what you’re an expert at shared that.

And you can do that just even through a simple post and you only get so many characters. So you have to really choose choosy with your words is better than Twitter, but it’s not as good as Facebook. It’s, it is kind of a between that and share what, you know, what people want to know about maybe something they don’t know about the industry or your expertise that could help them solve the problem, but also just realize, hey, this person knows what they’re talking about.

It’s a look. You know, they gave me some useful information that I didn’t know that I’m going to try it. So it gives them some practical advice. That’s what I be. Cool.

And, um, other things you can do is you can publish articles on Linkedin and you can also start publishing videos. Yeah. Which is amazing. So how would somebody really use videos on linkedin? Well, right now in Canada anyway, we can’t use live videos, but they had rolled out live linkedin live videos that we’ve, I seen a couple of people using, not too many. So they’re rolling out slowly across probably the states first.

And so you can really connect with your audience and show that you’re a real person when you have those line it like any other platform. But even if you don’t have live yet and you can take another video you’ve already made and just upload it, as long as it’s less than 10 minutes, you can upload it onto Linkedin, won’t work. It’s over 10 and just show who you are behind the scenes as a person and your professional life and even into business part of your life.

Yeah. And you could use that for doing business tips or anything that’s, you know, relating to your industry. Um, for one of two things. Either looking for potential customers or looking for other businesses to do collaboration’s with. So in a B, two B sense, you could be it really highlighting what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and how you stand apart in your industry so that if other businesses are looking for someone like you to do business with, then it’s a lot easier to consume a video than it is to consume an article.

In mine, in my opinion anyways, most people are lazy, no one rather just hearing the information as opposed to reading it. Um, so are there any organic weeks to get activity, uh, on your profile?

Just Better for Businesses

Uh, well the actually organic reach is great on Linkedin compared to Facebook business, Facebook, personal, yes, you can go a lot of outreach work organically, non personal. Obviously you can’t really boost any posts that way. I’m on Linkedin. You can get a lot of organic reach just by posting consistently, you know, um, and valuable content so that people actually start liking and commenting on it.

And then that reached, just explodes past that when you, you know, get good content that people want to consume. And as long as you’re doing it consistently, you’re going to get that reach much easier than on Facebook business to be honest.

So a lot of opportunity for linkedin and that’s all we have for today. Thank you so much Karen for sharing. It was really valuable and I look forward to hearing more about linkedin in the future and if you guys liked this, give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Maybe leave a comment or two down below. We really appreciate to hear what you have to say. Thanks and we’ll see you next time.

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