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Hi! Welcome back to the Edmonton business coach YouTube channel. I’m Karen and this is my husband Trevor, and today we’re going to be talking about a topic is email dead? Very good topic, Atul Guwande, author of the checklist manifesto says, just ticking boxes is not the ultimate goal here.

Embracing a culture of teamwork and discipline is. That’s an interesting quote. Very good. So in 2017, global email users amounted to 3.7 billion users. That’s coming from Statista 2019. That’s a very recent quote or statistic. This figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2022. So it’s going to go for 3.7 to 4.3.

So is email dead? No, interesting. Okay. I’ve heard stories from different marketers out there. People who say that, oh, email is dead. People won’t answer emails. That’s just not true. I’ve heard stories on the other side of the table where people who are doing email, right, email is making them tons and tons of money. So let’s see what’s the truth Edmonton business coach.

Is Email Dead?

What is email marketing and why email marketing is not dead?

Email marketing is when you are sending regular emails to a list of people who are interested in your products. In order for them to either buy your product through the email or engage you in your services. Yeah. So that’s not too difficult to understand. Why do so many marketers say that email is dead Edmonton business coach? It’s because the open rates are very, very low for cold email, right?

So you get a unsolicited email and you’re in your inbox and typically people ignore it or it goes straight into the junk folder where it’s never seen anyways. So on that side of things, that’s why a lot of marketers say that email is dead and we focus on doing campaigns like chatbot campaigns or you know, Facebook ads or other types of online advertising in order to get leads in sales when really, um, you know, the opposite is true if you do it right.

What’s the difference between a cold email list and a warm email list?

Well, a cold email list is just that it’s people who’ve never really heard of you or solicited, uh, your or visited your website or anything of that nature. And a warm email list is people who have opted in to receive more information from you. It could be for a newsletter or eBook or a podcast or something like that and they know that they’re going to be receiving regular emails from the Edmonton business coach. Then when you have new offerings, you have a sale and you have a, let’s say a new information course or something like that.

You send it to your warm list. It doesn’t go into the junk mail folder. It doesn’t need to be ignored. But people are typically opening it because there’s usually something interesting in there that they get to read and share it and uh, learn from then they take action on any, right.

So what’s the value of building an email list?

What’s very self explanatory. If you are in business, you should be building an email list. Even if you have a brick and mortar store, you need to gather emails of your clients and in hopes that you can reach out to them at a later time and let them know when there’s a seasonal sale. Let them know when there is a a discount or you’re a, at the end of, uh, end of a run of a certain product and you want to just get those out the door.

Is Email Dead?

You can email your clients and ask them to buy them, giving them the first design, or if you, you can ask them for referrals, right? There’s a lot of different things that you can do with any email list. If you’re not dating, they manage it. You need to.

So why is it a bad idea to rely solely on social media for your livelihood?

Well, we know what happened just a few weeks ago when Facebook and Instagram, we’re down for 18 hours. Yeah. It wasn’t great. It wasn’t even a day. Yeah. They were done for a long time. And for certain people whose sole business relied on Facebook advertising or relying on, uh, contacts through Facebook and Instagram, then they had a, they had a problem. So is email dead? No.

They weren’t generating any revenue during that period of time. So that’s a big problem. And even people who are running ads for customers during that time, they’re not gathering any data. Their ads aren’t running, things aren’t working. Yeah. It’s not going properly. So unless you, you can’t just have all your eggs in one basket, you got to have your own stuff that you own, your own assets that you, you all right.

You’ve got control, you own an email list, you own your website. So you have to have these things. Yeah. And then now with the changes coming to Instagram where we’re not even going to see who is liking what the influencers are going to, it’s not going to matter as much. So really you want to be building something outside of the social media channels that you don’t own, Edmonton business coach, so you have control over.

And how can you use social media to build an email list?

Well, using social media to build an email list goes into having a, your page set up, creating groups of people who are interested in the information that you’re providing and providing something like a eBook or a newsletter or a private group for people. Then you can gather those emails and that information so that you can continue to remarket to them, uh, over time. So there’s different ways and tactics that you can do, but really we just provide value to people online and in exchange for their information, for their email address, you give them something of value and always provide something valuable to them.

Is Email Dead?

Yeah. If you haven’t emailed list, do you still need a website? Yeah you do. Because you can use that website to gather more people for your list. And then there’s also, uh, the cold traffic that comes to your website because you’ve invested the time into doing a good job of search engine optimization. So you get that organic traffic from Google and from your pay-per-click ads and things like that and you’d get more people onto your Edmonton business coach list.

So you definitely should have a web, a website as well. Okay. What types of companies can do well with email lists? Companies that can do really well with email list? I would say retail can do really, really well with an email list. People like that, companies that sell physical products can do really well. And just about any company out there, if you’re providing information or you’re providing physical products, that’s just about anything you can do.

Well it’s an email list and really you’re, you’re not just selling stuff, you’re also communicating to your audience. So even, you know, a plumber or electrician or a real estate agent, you could be giving tips to your target audience so that they always keep touch with you and you’re helping them out with something that they maybe didn’t know about it. Yeah. So when people ask is email dead? You can say No.

You don’t want to send an email without anything of value

And so, hey, just saying hi, do you want me to reach out? Oh, you want to provide the list, give them an interesting article, something funny or have a link to a video that you may, something like that, that you know, draws their attention and keeps them interested in wanting to stay on your list. Yeah. And if maybe you’re a food, a caterer or so, some sort of food product, you can actually give ideas, come use your food product differently or maybe user generated content to, you know, how other people have used it.

And you can do all that on social media, but that’s easily translatable over to email as well so that you’re always keeping in touch in getting, just keeping in touch with your target audience. 100% so what’s a good way to get started with an email list Edmonton business coach? Well, good way to get started is have something to offer, right? How something that you can offer other people will like uh, an eBook and article videos, downloads. Yeah.

A download that checklist, something that of interest to your, your ideal and likely customer and that’s a good place to start and have that on your website or have it also available on your social media channels and do, you can get started regular doing that. Great. Yeah.

Well thanks for joining us today here at Inspired Method Marketing and Coaching and we’re so glad that you have, you know, found another video ours and hopefully you got some good content out of it and that we were able to answer the question of ‘Is Email Dead?’. Keep it going, get that list, build your asset for your business. And so that if anything changes on social media, you have another way of keeping in contact with your clients and potential clients.

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