Edmonton Marketing | Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency


Edmonton Marketing | Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Hi, welcome to inspiring method marketing on YouTube. We are so glad you joined us today. We’re going to dive right into the next topic and that is the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency. So my name’s Karen, this is my husband, Trevor.

And we own a digital marketing agency inspired method marketing. So that’s what we’re going to talk about that today. We want to show you what the benefits of that is to actually have us helping you get your business, the leads it deserves and the success we want to see business to succeed.

We want to help you tell your story so that you can attract your customers.

Okay. So another quote from Gary Vaynerchuk, he turns up to be his, lots of great things. You said it kind of never stops a market like the year that you are in. Let that sink in. It is 2019 we don’t want to be marketing like it’s 1980. Wow. Were you in 1990? I mean seriously. I know, right? 2015 we were supposed to be in back to the future. Um, so 50% of B to B search. So business to business search queries today are made on smartphones and this percentage will grow by 70% by 2020. That’s only a year away. You guys, that’s from Blue Corona.

Digital Marketing Agency

That’s huge. So one of the biggest problems that we see if that small businesses don’t know how to navigate the digital landscape and because they don’t understand often they are led down the wrong path. And we’re here to discuss why a good digital marketing agency is so valuable. Yup, we sure are. So I’ll jump right in here.

How does hiring a digital marketing agency help you focus in your day to day operations?

Well, having a digital marketing agency on board really helps a small business to maintain focused on what’s important and that’s their customers. And you know, when it comes to a small business, they’ve gotten more than just sales and, and things to think about. They’ve got staff, HR, I’ve got, you know, employee issues. They’ve got, um, you know, they got to deal with their accounting and bookkeeping and you know, scheduling and all these different things that are so that it take their attention on a day to day basis.

A Good Agency Helps take the pressure off

Marketing is just another thing to add to the pile. So when you have a good digital marketing agency in your back pocket or in your corner, they’re really taking a lot of the workload off of you getting the leads in so that you can focus on selling and helping out your customers, really running your business. Yeah. So, okay.

How can using a digital marketing agency help reduce costs for your business?

if you have all of these marketing people in house, you think you have a, you’ve got someone who is a manager, then you’ve got a graphic designer, you’ve got someone who can, you know, program your website. You’ve got other people who are, you know, structuring your social media campaigns and all these other things that you, you don’t really think of when you think of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency

So we can help you reduce costs by having that one low monthly fee that you’re paying as opposed to paying salaries, benefits, dealing with sick days, dealing with HR issues and training and hiring, rehiring, firing and all the, the stuff that goes along. Um, you know, taxes. You’ve got to pay your payroll taxes and all that stuff when you’ve got employees. Um, and that’s how we help you reduce costs. Yeah. So, okay, well you maybe don’t bring in the experts.

Why can’t you just train someone in house to do that?

Why does the business want to use an expert anyway?

Well, experts have been there and done that. When you think about it, we’ll see. You needed some dental work, the non expert though, or do you really want to go with someone who, who says, oh yeah, Yo, I can do desert Sri. I, I read up on it. Um, you know, I, I learned how to do dentistry via youtube. Are you really gonna Trust that person to do your stuff?

No, of course not. Or think about your own business. I’m, let’s say you are a, I don’t know, electrician or a plumber, um, are you going to really trust somebody who says, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I, I know how to do that.

Get knowledgeable assistance

I used to help my friend Paul the time out on the farm and you know, I’m, I’m good enough. Right. And you can go ahead and, and trust me to do your work for you. No, you’re not going to do that. Right. You, you’re gonna want someone who knows what they’re talking about and has the experience to back it up. It just makes sense.

Yeah. That actually leads to the next part of the question that I have is:

Knowing and understanding your competition. Why is that important?

And I guess that’s where an expert wouldn’t really come in.

Yeah. Um, you know, that’s what, uh, an expert marketer does. They take a look at your competition. They do comparisons between your offerings in their offerings and what they’re doing online and what you’re doing online. And they really, you know, do a deep dive into understanding your market as well. And, um, you know, really picking your brain and getting into the psychology of who your ideal buyer is.

We know how the market works

So there’s some things that we do that, you know, takes things a step further than the average person would think about and possibly may not even have time for. So a lot of, lot of times small businesses are guessing. You know, we hear this all the time. Who is your ideal client? Who is the, who is your ideal and likely buyer? And they say everybody, the whole world has not true. That’s not true. It is not.

Digital Marketing Agency

It is so far from the truth. So it really helping you figure out what your ideal and likely buyer is and how we can dominate the marketplace based on your competition and um, you know, where you are. So that’s how we help you up. Excellent. How important is it to try new methods? Um, it’s really important, really important to try new things. You know, if you’ve always been someone who has relied on word of mouth referrals and relationships, nothing wrong with that.

Keep your Business successful with our help

Those are great ways to, to attract and keep, maintain business. But you know, things change the way people receive information, the way people hire, um, companies to do work for them, the way people are doing things has changed and it changes all the time. So being willing and able to adapt with the times and how information is being put out there.

Super important to, to try new things. So what happens if my need from marketing expense? Well that’s really cool. If, if the need expands and you need more marketing, you can lean on your digital marketing agency to help you. If you need more of something, then they usually have a team of people backing them up. So as you expand, they scale out as well. So you’re not having to hire more people or find new talent because the talent is already there.

We’ve got your back

It’s like having an extra gear in your vehicle, right? So if you needed to go that extra gear and pick up overdrive, the digital marketing agency already has that covered for you. That’s a good point. How do agencies track performance? Oh Man. Um, it’s really cool that in the digital age, information is king. We’ve got so much information now you might have heard or you may not have heard big data.

Digital Marketing Agency

Content is King, always

Well, when you look at Facebook and Google those two alone, they’ve got terabytes. Like I dunno, tons and tons of information about every individual who uses those platforms. It goes into demographics and psychographics, where they live, what they buy, what they like, what their interests, our hobbies, all these different things. We have information, um, on these platforms that really helps us to dial in our advertising.

And then you get data back, you know, who saw the ad, how many times was it seen, what are the impressions, what is the reach, what is your cost per thousand, what is your return on ad spend?

Keep track of your metrics to be successful

You know, all these different metrics you have available to you. Um, so I mean, there’s a lot more accountability with digital than there is with print advertising, radio advertising or television advertising where a lot of that is just, you know, spraying, pray. Um, you know, you put the information out there and hope to God you get a sale out of it.

Kind of reminds me, fill out one of the last videos we talked about doing the 40, 60,000 brochures with four contacts from it in zero sales. Zero sales. Yes. That’s an expense out in areas where his ideal and likely buyers were crazy straight in the garbage. Yeah.

Digital Marketing Agency

Technology is very useful

So are there a lot of software and apps that are required for online marketing? Um, yeah, yeah. There are a lot of software and a lot of you know, things that you, you need to be versed in in order to, to do what we do. Yeah. You need to spend time either on the platforms themselves or have people, on your team who have spent a lot of time on those platforms to educate themselves to, to learn these things.

And if you, you know, really want to invest in the thousands of dollars that is going to take for you to get started, by all means go ahead. But, um, I would, you know, most businesses aren’t set up to do that. They barely can. You know, pay for a, a Facebook, create a Facebook page, right.

Google and Facebook are priority

Or set up a Google my business account. So the simplest and freest of things. So yeah. Um, it, there, there is a low barrier to entry, but again, to do it right you, there is a lot of different pieces of software and you can really get confused with what you should have and what you should use. Um, and uh, you know, we’ve already gone through all of that stuff and we know what’s, what to use and what works really well.

Yeah. Yeah. Or we know someone who does. Yeah. So that actually leads to a very good next question about Facebook, maybe, um, maybe not just Facebook, but maybe Google ad words, Facebook and Google ad campaigns.

Digital Marketing Agency

How difficult is it to create an ad campaign?

Can I expect to be able to do that on my own or should I or should I hire a digital marketing agency to do that?

Yeah, that, that is a good question. I mean, it can be intimidating, uh, to do that. And there’s a lot of information out there so you can learn how to do those things on your own. That’s the beautiful thing about the digital age. You can learn how to do them, but it comes down to time and how well are you wanting to do and how well, right, yeah. Do you understand number one, who your audiences, if you don’t understand that, then you’re not going to win.

Do you understand how to use, you know, geo targeting for those different ads in order to, um, keep your ads in a certain spot on the map? Um, and once you get data back to, you know what to do and, and there’s, there’s a, a lot of ins and outs. You can take the time and learn how to do them. But for the average, um, person who is a small business operator, the, they just don’t have the time or the expertise to, to get started with.

Not saying that you can’t because you can, but would you rather be spending time, you know, making your business run well or are you wanting to learn how to create ads? Yeah. Right. So then once I do that, how the agency helps a business out our digital marketing agency for startups, how quickly can you expect to see results?

Results are not instantaneous

No, that’s a really good question because, um, a lot of people think that, you know, if I just put an ad out there, I’m going to get instant results back. And that’s simply not true. Um, with, with digital and with any thing that you, you, you were doing out there, there’s some testing that takes place. You got to get, make sure that you’re talking to the right people with the right offer, the right headline, the right copy, um, and you’re in the right places, right?

And until you have those things dialed in, there’s going to be some, some learning along the way, right? So to see the needle move, um, you’re looking at a three to six month timeline to start seeing some movement there. And then it’ll just get better and more refined as you move along. And if you don’t have a proper full service digital marketing agency engine in place, so I’m talking about your Google my business, your content strategy, your problem vision, mission, values, differentiation factors, your branding website that is, that has a no brainer offer on it.

Digital Marketing Agency

Setup Google correctly

And as Google friendly, unless you have all that stuff set up, it could take longer. And then sales training, so all of those things combined that you’re looking at between six to 12 month stretch and then you start working ads after that. So, um, it is, it is building for the long term. Um, you know, there’s a lot of people out there who say, oh, I’ll get you a thousand leads in a week and whatever.

And sure for some industries that might be possible, but are they good? Are they your ideal? Are they qualified, are they your ideal and likely buyer? And are they even in the same city? Right? So there’s, there’s a lot of factors at play here. So, um, yeah, that’s, that’s all I’ve got to say on that for now.

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