Edmonton Marketing | Why Use Live Video?

Edmonton Marketing | Why Use Live Video?

Hey everyone, welcome back to the inspired method. You can come on Trevor. This is, uh, we’re the CO founders of inspiring method marketing and today we’re going to be talking about

why use live video for content marketing. Um, so life is just like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world, and that’s coming from the one and only mark z from Facebook. So here’s a quick little back for you. And Facebook says, because initial data reveals that you are as comment more than 10 times on a Facebook live video, then a regular new recording video. So they’re getting a lot of interaction with those Facebook lives. Um, so true. So the average person doesn’t really like going on camera. I mean, I have to admit I struggled with, it’s still hitting record. We sometimes struggle getting our business clients as well to embrace this thought of using video for marketing. They’re like so scared to not have the perfect video, but getting uncomfortable, sorry, getting comfortable on camera, going from uncomfortable to comfortable.

It just takes time. Lots of practice experience and you actually quickly become a little bit addicted to it. I’ve actually heard that from friends who I just told him, hit record. Practicing your small community so you’re comfortable, as comfortable as you can be. And now they say they’re kind of addicted to it, like they want to do it. So it’s pretty cool. Perfect. So Karen, why do you recommend that businesses use live video for content? Well, it’s actually kind of faster and easier. I could, great way to just show your community, your raving fans, taking your potential clients and making them into raving fans by showing them behind the scenes look into your business, like who they’re really doing business with. So gives life and humanity to the brand. I think that’s probably the most important reason to be going live with your content. So when it comes to a Facebook live, where’s the best place to do that?

In a personal page, company page, or in a group? Well, there’s definitely different answers to that. First of all, it goes down, comes back to what is the purpose behind that content you’re putting out. So if you’re building a community that is a great place to do your live videos in your Facebook group. So if you’re building a community, you should have a Facebook group because you want to foster those questions and the engagement within a protected environment where you can just share a lot of knowledge and your other members can get comfortable with learning about you. And so that’s probably the best place to do your live videos. As you get bigger, you might want to push out and do it on company page. Um, if you’re going to do personal, I guess it’s kind of more personal topics. So I’d say start group, go page, and then maybe go back to personal, depending on the topic.

The business depends on what your aim is and the goal of those videos. So that makes a lot of sense. Um, so what is the most important thing to remember before creating any video content? You should always remember your users. So that target audience that you’re speaking to, like keep that in mind. You’re speaking to that one person or that one type of person that will potentially buy from you, that will become your raving fans. The there’ll be your customers. Do you want to speak to them? And like maybe why do they need to hear that? So for us with marketing, I do a lot of videos on how to create a Facebook page, how to use Instagram to grow your brand. Those are the things that are potential clients want to know. So that’s why I talk about those things and our on our business profiles. Awesome. So what’s the swing start? If you’re afraid of being on camera, we’re never going to get over that beginning fear. Just like anything new, unless you’re just that adventurous type. I mean you had to learn somewhere. So you just need to find a quiet place that you won’t be distracted. Figure out what you’re going to say. Like don’t go with an empty mind about what you want to talk about. Don’t just press record.

I didn’t know what it means. Like you need to have some direction. So once you have that, just find a good place to do it with some light to make sure you’re, you know, you feel good in your skin, you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and just hit record. That’s my best advice. Just do it. Just do it. So now that being said, how important is it to be perfect and polished and to, you know, have the perfect backdrop and everything? Uh, that’s not the most important thing for sure. Like you’re not going to be perfect and polished. It’s a live video. Just like if you did a live performance, probably going to make a few errors and you actually get better as you go as well. So you might start out one way, but you know, after quite a few videos later, you’ll be much more polished and you’ll think about as you watch back, like maybe what should I have behind me in the video?

Should I have my kids running through screaming? Like, you’re going to know all those things and you won’t know that until it happens to you in a lie. Videos. So don’t wait to be perfect. Just start the progress. And you’ll get better as they go. Awesome. All those things that happened to me during live videos. What types of content should a business owner would be making? Well, like we said before, always have a purpose with what live content you’re going to be putting out there. So teaching your ideal clients, customers, audience, all the information you want them to know about your brand, about your product, about your service. So anything that’s anything that’s going to educate them, maybe it’ll entertain them. All those behind the scenes tidbits that you might not share with the whole world. But it’s, it’s there for everybody to see, but it gives them a glimpse into the company, into the brand and who they’re partnering with when they buy from them, when they, you know, become a part of your community, you want to show them that kind of content.

Awesome. So Karen, how often should someone be making a live video?

This is kind of a s a tricky question and answer here, but um, the biggest thing is to have something to say. So when you actually have something that you want to share that you think is valuable, that’s the time to do a live video. But I would aim to do one once a week. Yeah. Find something that fits within your brand and your industry. Something that’ll be valuable that maybe you’re, some people don’t know about. Even if some people do, there’s always others who don’t. So find something at least once a week that you can share with your ideal clients and share that once a week.

Awesome. So Karen, what is in your opinion, the best time of day?

The whole life, that’s time of day. Well, there’s kind of a couple, but I would say you could hit that lunch hour of wherever your ideal audience lives. So they’re in Canada, like I think about the time zones. That is kind of something you need to think about when you’re on live video. If your clients are in Canada or in the United States, think about those western time zones and kind of hit them at the lunch hour. And of course after their nine to five, those are typical times where we were going to get more people on. You want love, you want people to be on there when you’re actually live because it gives us a great time, a great way to have a two way kind of conversation. They can have that give you that immediate feedback. So, which is great. There is this cool feature. I haven’t done it yet.

Well you can read prerecorded video and then publish it live at certain times a day. I’ve seen that done a couple of different times. So that is a new thing. You can prerecord content. So let’s say you’re a, well, it comes to mind is a plumber and you’re demonstrating how, you know, important it is to change all your water heater and the problems that go with it. And maybe you did it at seven in the morning. You can save that content and then publish it live, live, um, at lunch hour. So that you’re hitting more people. Hmm. That is a thing.

It is a thing. It’s not my favorite thing though, to be honest. We were just talking about this this morning. Like it’s not really like when it’s that way, you can’t really have that two way conversation. So I wouldn’t do that all the time. I would definitely say that for really important information. That’s my opinion. I you’re wrong. So she’s biased. So I also, another thing I wanted to mention was an ideal length of your video should actually for Facebook lives and you know, live, I guess you could do Instagram lives as well. Um, they’re not really my favorite to do over there, but uh, they should be five minutes or less. Lots of people go wait over. I’ve gone over way too many way too many times myself, but try to keep it shorter so that people want to come back to see your next segment. And you should be able to say what you need to say in five minutes or less. Break it up into more live videos. Three to make your content go further. Your canned videos or your prerecorded ones can be much longer, like 10 minutes for your Igd TV and for your Facebook, youtube, all those things. And linkedin you can go up, you know, 10 minutes is more ideal. So awesome.

So going live is a thing that you should have all been bracing and using on a regular basis for social media. Use It on Facebook, Instagram. You can also use live video on linkedin. It’s coming up, I mean very soon couldn’t be out in the states right now rolling over in the u s and a not so much in Canada where we are yet, but it will be everywhere. Sure. As sure can be. And more companies are going to be giving you the opportunity to go live. So embrace it. It used to it, this is, this is what our life is now. You made it.

Yeah. Actually there’s one little update with Instagram. Um, this is 2019 February. Yeah. Just this month. I noticed as I put out my IGT, the videos which are uploaded, they’re not live. I uploaded videos over there. They’re pushing them down into the post. So you actually get more views and hits on your Ige TV. You can actually take your Facebook live and upload it over there and you actually look at some more people looking at your stuff. So

there you go. Way To leverage all these different video medium. So that’s all we have for today. Thank you so much for tuning in again on Trevor. This is Karen inspired method, and if you like it, please subscribe to the channel and give us a thumbs up. Maybe write something down below. That’d be awesome. Thank you so much. See you next time.