Edmonton Marketing | Why Use Digital Advertising?

Edmonton Marketing | Why Use Digital Advertising?

Hi, welcome to the spiral method marketing channel here on Youtube. My name is Karen, our co owners. I was inspired method marketing and that’s where you found us today here on Youtube. So today we’re actually going to share with you a really important topic that is actually the heart of any business and especially ours. Uh, why do digital advertising,


fantastic. Mark Twain said many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising. Google and Facebook still hold the largest share of the total us digital ad spend with 38.6% and 19.9% respectively. It used to actually be Facebook and Google and Facebook and now it’s actually Google and youtube, just like you said. Hmm. Just like you’ve quoted there on that statistic I was just reading today online.

So do you want to tell us how to think about, absolutely. So a lot of people, they understand what traditional marketing is because you can see it, you can touch it, you can feel it when you have a print ad in your hand where you see a billboard on the side of the road where you get all those awesome flyers in the mail that you throw directly into the recycle bin when they come in. Um, it’s true. It’s when we look at them, oh, that’s pretty picture. Straighten the bash. So they have an understanding of it, how, how an ad is perceived and how would it have looked like. But digital, they don’t understand. They don’t understand placement if they don’t understand how it works and they don’t understand why it’s so much more powerful than traditional methods of advertising. And that’s why we exist.

That’s why we’re here, to help people guide them down that path and do effective digital advertising for them. So first question, what is digital advertising? Well, digital advertising is very much the same as traditional, but it’s more targeted. You can gather valuable customer data from it and it takes you someplace. So rather than just a static piece of paper with an advertisement on it, where you have to either go to a website or pick up the phone or go to the store and had it in, you can click on that ad and go directly to that offer. You can click on that ad directly to website or click on it and it’ll dial your phone for you. So it’s an interactive, more instantaneous type of advertising that is super powerful when done. Right.

So you’ve kind of already answered my next question. How is it different from traditional? Kind of, sounds like it’s more of a two way communication

hosted traditional, which is very one way. Very much so because you want to get that interaction from your clients, right? People are, are more, more instantaneous. They want information now and if they’re going to act on something, they’re going to act on it immediately. Right? Yeah. So having, having digital, um, working for you is only going to help your business. And the ones who don’t get a handle on digital advertising, I can’t believe I’m thought were still even talking about people not doing digital advertising. But, um, if you’re not doing it, then you’re, you’re going to go out of business. It’s just a fact.

Yeah. And you know, not only does the business win by communicating with the client, the clients or the customers, the customers went as well because they can communicate with the business. I love that about

digital versus traditional. So why is digital marketing better than traditional ads? Did you kind of already finished? Well, I can go in into it a little bit deeper. Um, with digital there is of course like the two way communication, the instantaneous answers and people can either buy or book immediately with, right? The other side of it is you’re gathering valuable customer information, right? You’re seeing who’s clicked on your head, who’s looking at your stuff, um, who bought from you, what Imsa bought together. Like, if you’re in an e commerce situation and what they bought with what items and you can kind of, you know, help guide people down a path of, um, you know, you’ve people bought this, also bought this, right? So you’re helping people to, to make better choices based on what they’ve already chosen. Right. So I’m like, just the ability to use the data. It’s available on Google and on Facebook, the, you know, terabytes and terabytes of data that’s out there on, on people, individuals by habits, trends where they are located and all that kind of stuff. Um, it just makes your advertising that much more effective. So that’s why that gives you a better, yeah.

When is the best time for us, a company or a small business to begin looking at digital advertising? When should they start thinking about it?

Yeah, that’s a good question. Um, you know, a lot of people like that’d be great, been approached in the last little bit here to try and get some kind of, you know, attraction moving forward with companies before they’re even really established and figured out, you know, what they’ve, what they’re doing, what their product offering and their service offering is. Um, I’m going to say, you got to understand what you’re, what you’re selling. You got to understand who you are, what your business is, all about, how you’re delivering that product. Um, you know, if you have that figured out, great. But a lot of companies just don’t quite get and they don’t really have any other digital assets to send people to. So you at bare minimum have to have some type of a, a landing page for someone to go to. Um, that people can get more information where you can at least capture their information so that you can provide them with more down the road. So you have to have, you know, good, great business idea, your problem, vision, mission, values, sorted out your branding. And, um, I would highly recommend people having a website, um, before anything but you know, in, in a pitch while you’re website is being developed. And I mean you can have a simple landing page to gather more customer data.

Actually there’s lots of free things you can do before you even get to that point of actually putting money into advertising. Um, like you said, the groundwork has to be done, but then you can start using Facebook business page. That’s a simple freeway to get some organic traffic and to get your message out and to just start getting your voice out there and your ground. Yeah,

of course. One that we didn’t talk about today when we talk about almost every time this Google my business listings.

Yes. That’s a good, yeah. Yeah. You do get views over there and if people clicking to your website. Yep, Yep. Absolutely. So what is the difference between advertising on

Google versus Facebook? Well, the biggest difference is when people are searching on Google, they are intending to look for your product or something similar to it. Right. And also Google is the largest search engine in the world. Um, people who are on Google may not have a Facebook page or Facebook. I’m not going to be on Facebook or Instagram or any of those. Sure. Yeah. So when, when you have advertising going on Google, and you’re reaching people that may not be on social, and maybe your business isn’t suited for social media, maybe it isn’t one of those ones that you can, you know, quickly and easily make a sale from those up there. Right. So when somebody is searching on Google, they’re what we call intending. They’re intentional about their search. So if they’re looking for a, you know, dermatologists, they’re looking for a plumber in and they’re looking for a marketing company in your local city.

They’re typing that in as a search on mobile usually or on desktop, but mostly mobile. So when those, when people are doing that, they’re intending to look for something that they’re, they want, right. And it’s typically a local search in Facebook, and your ads are just kind of showing up in their feed because Facebook, you know, they charge for atom scrolling. They’re looking at, you know, whatever cle videos, what’s happening at their neighbor’s house. Um, you know, whatever is on Facebook for them. And then, oh, there’s an ad that comes up in their feed and it’s just kind of an oh by the way, you kind of fit the profile of people who might, like this app is the advertisers thinking all, I think the, the person who would click on this ad would look like this. They like these things, they live in this place, so on and so forth. So it’s more of a an unintentional of view of your, yeah.

Hmm. Yeah. So what’s the benefit of on Google and display network?

Ah, Google and display network. So, um, just advertising on Google, you show up on the, on the search page, right when you get into the display network ads and you’re showing up inside of web pages that people are actually looking at. So, um, Google display network, um, covers like way, way, way more places than you can even think of. Let’s say you, you know, cause you don’t know where people are searching. You don’t know what websites they’re looking at or if they live in your local area and they look like a potential customer, then you’re going to have either a banner ad or a post ad someplace in, in there, a website, feet, and um, then you have a lot more opportunity to hit your ideal and likely buyer. Hmm. Very cool.

Nice. Sorry, I didn’t even know what those two things too much. So thank you for breaking that down. What are the benefits of Facebook advertising?

Benefits of Facebook advertising. You have a captive audience, people who use Facebook regularly, there’s tons and tons and tons, billions of them out there. Um, and you have the ability to target specific interests, likes different hobbies, activities and groups that people like. So you can really niche down and find your ideal target audience with Facebook. Um, and it’s, it’s inexpensive. I mean, you know, you don’t have to spend tens and tens of thousands of dollars. You don’t want to, um, you can get a lot of exposure and reach, um, for, you know, a few hundred dollars a month.

Yeah. Still cost effective. Why should companies consider using advertising on both Google and social networks?

Well, you know, you, you’re reaching more people, right? It’s not costing tons of money. Like you, you pay for a billboard minimum, you’re paying $2,500 on billboard plus expenses, whatever, right? Whereas you take $2,500 and put it into digital advertising, you’re getting targeted, relevant data of your ideal and likely customers and you’re really, really making a dent in leads coming in and it’s just, you know, cost per thousands. It goes way down and you’re actually reaching more of the right people. So it just expands your ability to reach people being more like omnipresent. So they see what Google also see you on Facebook, Instagram, they see your ad and there’s some symmetry in similarities there and it’ll just help you give you more mindshare. Hmm.

Yeah. What are some disadvantages of digital advertising? Hmm. Disadvantages of it?

Digital advertising? Well, really it comes down to pinpointing your headline, your message, the offering. Um, there’s, you know, same thing with, with traditional advertising, but it’s a little bit more touching because people are inundated with, with that. So finding creative and new ways to, to get their attention right. That’s one of the hardest things is really grabbing that intention. And then once you have that attention taking them somewhere.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So what is a good ad spend budget to get started? For a small business.

Yeah. To get started, I would say I’m a decent amount of ad spend to start off with $500 for a month. That is a good baseline that you can actually make some headway with and uh, do some experimenting and find out who that ideal target audience looks like. You can work on finding the right headline message and offering. Um, and once you, once you have that, then you can start increasing from there. Yeah. Because once you’re making money, like say for every dollar you put in, you get $2 back then it doesn’t really matter how much you spend. You’re spending $10,000, you get 20,000 back then you can just keep spending as much as you want.

Some people even say, um, and that’s not great to get a dollar for a dollar, but even when you get that, at least your getting exposure so you’re becoming more omnipresent. Yeah, exactly. You’re not making a lot in the beginning. Yep. And fine tune it from there. Yup.

Yeah. Ideal. Um, I think the average is a dollar to $2 out for every dollar, Maria. And that’s what he thought. That is a good return on ad spend. If you get any better than that, then you’re, you’re off to the races you doing.

Yeah. Awesome. Well, thanks so much for joining us today. We’re done or topic and don’t forget to hit, like if you liked this content and subscribe to our channel and we’ll see you on the next one.