Edmonton Marketing | Why Google Reviews Are So Important

Edmonton Marketing | Why Google Reviews Are So Important

Hi everyone. Welcome to inspiring method and marketing channel. We’re so glad you’ve joined us today. We have a great topic for you today that actually you can get started on today. So our topic is why our Google reviews so important for business. My name is Karen and this is my husband, Trevor and my co owners of inspired method marketing. And we are going to get right into this today. Awesome. So Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. And that was said by Wendy Piersall. Actually, that was kind of a good quote. Really good. Totally. A study found that 88% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase. And yet another study indicated that 63% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has customer reviews. So if you think that 88% and then another 63% that’s, that’s actually a very huge, huge, that alone should tell you why should get Google reviews. But we’re going to give you more info.

Yeah, no, really good. So many businesses ignore this very important and simple step in their digital marketing efforts. Having someone else say that, that you’re good at what you do, it goes a long way to producing great results for you.

Yeah. So why don’t you to business start looking for Google reviews

immediately. If you have not started getting Google reviews, then you need to start today. It’s really easy. Go to google.com forward slash business. It’s free to sign up and just fill out the information as it requests on the, on the page. And then you will be emailed a postcard for then later you enter that in and verify your account. And from then on you can begin collecting Google reviews.

Yeah, so you need that postcard first. So get started right now, tonight, wherever you are right now, sign up for Google my business. Get Your Business on there. Um, and then wait for that postcard. And then you can start asking your start with people that you know that you’ve served in some way or another or even helped in some way or another. Is it difficult then to get set up as a Google my business listing?

No. Super easy, super easy to do that. Um, it takes very little effort. You can do it in the hug, say 10, 15 minutes. It takes no time at all. As long as you know your information, your address, phone number, hours of operation. Um, if you have a website, you know, you can put your website address in there, you can put your phone number that they can reach you at, an email, address, law, all that information you can enter in. Very, very, it takes no time at all. All right, so who should I ask for a Google review from? Oh Man, you should ask your customers, of course, ask your customers for a Google review. So people that have gotten work done by you or bought a product or service from you, you just ask them, ask them as soon as you finished serving them. Hey, it would really help us out if you had left us a five star Google review.

Um, very, very simple. So as people that you, that have done work with you recently and then people who have done work for in the past. So you might have never thought of getting a Google review from your past clients or customers. So you should definitely reach out to them either with a simple email or a phone call by someone in your office or yourself in person and say, hey, you know what, we we really appreciate your business and we would really love it if you would. You’ll give us a five star review on Google. It really helps our business and um, we’d really appreciate it. It sounds pretty simple. How many Google reviews should I try to get right away? Well, he should get as many as you possibly can. We want to get to at least 40 to start with. That’s a magic number where then you can begin getting some traction on Google ad words.

Um, because then people see and you’ve got more credibility when you’ve got more reviews. There’s some companies out there that have thousands and thousands of reviews. Why? Because they know the value, the power of those reviews. If you only have a handful of reviews and um, they’re, they’re not very good, then you lose credibility. But if you’ve got a stack and stacks and stacks of positive reviews and you’ve got one bad one in there, it doesn’t really carry much weight. Yeah, exactly. So can I pay someone for, mm. No, that’s a bad idea. A very bad idea because you’ll get called out on it. And if Google ever finds out that you are trying to coerce people for reviews, you’re going to get penalized for that. And you don’t want that. Um, so no, don’t pay for reviews. Just do good work, do good work, provide good services and good products and a do your best to please every customer and give them an excellent, excellent experience with your company.

So how do Google reviews help? Oh Man. As you saw on the quotes earlier in the studies, people are looking first on Google before they go to a store and before they shop, whether online or in person, you know, when you’re, how many times does it happen for us, you know, we’re, we’re trying to think of a place to go for eating and we look, okay, so where’s a good place here? And we look on Google, we do a search, you know, best Mexican restaurant. Look there. Oh look, here’s, here’s the list of ones in the Ross or whatever. Right? Yeah. And a, you look at the reviews, you look what people saw, sad. And um, it makes an influence on where we go to eat or wherever we’re going to go shopping. Um, people really, really look at reviews nowadays. Yeah, they do. Yeah. It’s huge.

So do I need to have a website before I can get Google reviews?

No, you don’t. That’s the beautiful thing about it is if you don’t have a website yet, you’re just getting started, or your website’s being, you’ll revised, updated, or you just never thought you needed one before. Um, I find this a lot in the trades is that people don’t put a lot of weight on their website and they think, well, it’s not that important. Whatever we put up a page or not, it doesn’t matter, but it matters a lot. But if you haven’t got one set up yet, get started with Google my business, and at least you have some kind of a digital presence out there so that when people are searching for places near me, restaurants near me, plumbers near me or local, you know, electrician or Edmonton, electrician or whatever city you’re in, then you can be found, right. You have the opportunity to be found and if you’ve got more reviews than the guy that’s been in business for 10 years and has a great website, boom, you have a little bit of an advantage over them.

Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. So does that mean I don’t have to have a website? No, of course not. You have to have a website. Why? Because people expect it. Yeah. Bottom line, people expect a reputable companies to have a website. And the beautiful thing about having a great website that’s done as you can look bigger than you actually are. You might be a three person team working out of a shop, but if you provide amazing service, you look well and your website looks larger than a life looks, clean, reputable, great images, loads fast, has great information on it, you’re going to look huge, you’re going to look way bigger than you really are. And um, you know, that’s, that’s the beautiful thing about it. So then you got to follow it up with great service. You can’t just fake it. Ha ha ha, we have a great website, but we totally suck. You can’t do that. But yeah.

So should I respond to positive reviews that come in?

Yeah. Yeah. It’s very good because then people see that you are interacting with them. It gives you social proof, that new social proof thing that people are talking about. It’s, it just shows that you care, you care about people giving you reviews and you thank them for that review. It’s very important. Um, I know that when I look at a company and I see that they’re responding back and forth with, with the people that give them reviews, it just elevates them in my mind. Yeah. It shows that they’re around from one thing because if you don’t respond, people

probably, I would assume that you’re, you’re not even there. And next next person on that list, on the search engine. Yeah. So how do I respond? How does the business respond to a negative review? Because probably going to get one eventually just because people maybe are misunderstood. It happens. How should I respond to that?

Well, don’t get defensive, don’t, you know, start picking a fight with people or anything like that. It’s not worth your time. And all you can do is respond respectfully and say, you know, do your best to try and make amends and say, Hey, you know, I think I know things didn’t really work out. Um, you didn’t get the best customer service experience. Is there something that we can do to help you out? Is there a way that we can make this right for you? And then if you’ve exhausted all your efforts to make things right with them and they’re still not satisfied, then at least it shows that you tried. Right. At least it shows online. You have a track record there. Put the out there on Google for everyone to see that you gave it your best shot to try and rectify the situation. And you’re not a fly by night dirt bag, but don’t call people names. Don’t get into a fight. Don’t start. You know, picking at people because you’re just going to lose that way. Yeah. Just like in real life, I was like an actual life. Right? You don’t pick fights with people because you don’t win. Just don’t win.

No, no. Nobody likes seeing that. It’s just drama. Yeah. So, okay, well thanks for joining us today talking about Google reviews and why you should have them. So start getting those done as soon as possible and hit like on the video if you liked this content and subscribe to our channel to always stay up to date with all the new videos we have coming out. We’ve got lots of great, lots of great videos coming out in the next little bit here, and we’ll see you on the next one. Bye.