Edmonton Marketing | What is Good Content?

Edmonton Marketing | What is Good Content?

Hi, welcome to inspire lack of marketing and Youtube town about your back to join with us today. Today we’re, Gosh, we’re going to talk about a really great topic that most people find themselves kind of struggling at one point or another when they’re creating. So the topic is what is good content? We all want to know what’s going to go viral, what’s going to get me attention, what’s going to get me invisible, my business. So what are the pope today that I want to share with you is from Rand Fishkin and he says, better content is outweighing more content. So good. Here’s what I stress there. So you want Walaby versus quantity. So put the good stuff up. Only 29% of people want to talk to a salesperson to learn more about a product, while 62% will consult a search engine. And that’s coming from hubspot. That’s their statistic. That’s pretty, uh, that’s pretty big. That’s huge. 29 versus 62 so yeah, that is very huge. I think that’s true. Totally. Cause I actually find myself doing that as well.

Yeah. It’s, it’s becoming more and more the norm as opposed to the outside of, of the usual way people are looking for products and services. So it’s been said that content is king. However, you still need to pay attention to what content you’re putting out there. You just can’t put out any old thing. And um, Karen, what’s the first question you got for me today?

How important is brand when creating content?

Ooh, very, very good question. So brand is who you are, right? Brenn would would be more like the soul or the ethos of the company. And if you’re putting out content that is not consistent with your brand, then your customers are going to be confused. Right? That’d be like a, you know, Mcdonald’s talking about politics or something like that. It just weird. It’s not consistent with burgers and fries and in, in chief family restaurant, it’s not consistent with their brand. Right? Yeah. So it’s important to have the same message always going the same direction that your brand has, has started with and what you put out there. Otherwise you’ll alienate your customers and you’re going to, you’re going to lose them. They’re going to go away.

Yeah. So what’s considered valuable content?

So valuable content. Um, according to Google, they look for the e a t or eat. Um, content shows your expertise, shows your authority on a subject and trustworthiness. So you have to hit all those boxes for Google to really love the content that you’re putting out. And then also for your audience, it has to be content. It’s got to be something that is relevant to them and provides them information that they’re looking for is if you’re just going on and you’ve got a bunch of drivel on your website or in your social posts that absolutely has nothing to do with what you’re selling or what your services or, or how you can help people, then it’s really a complete waste of your time and the time of your followers or people who are checking you out for the first time and you may not get a second glance. Good point. Yeah.

So I know I’ve come across this many times myself and so on. Same with a lot of my social media cohorts, they often find themselves asking this question, what do I post if I have no idea what content, like if I have no ideas for content. So what do you do at that point?

Hmm, that’s a good question. So what do you post if you don’t know what to post? I would say don’t post anything if you don’t know what to post, don’t post right, wait until you have something valuable to say and valuable to share with your customers. Now, if you already have some content that you’ve had in the past that’s worked well, go ahead and repost it because content, you’ll get more people coming to your site or to your social media pages and you might have people there that have never visited your site before. So reposting material is okay in that instance because you have a fresh set of eyes on them. So I wouldn’t worry about having no content to to put out there because number one, if you’re just putting out stuff for the sake of putting things out there, it’s a waste of time. But if you already have content that you know, people liked repost it.

Okay. This is another good question. Is it okay to use someone else’s content?

Hmm, yes and no. You gotta be careful with, are you using other people’s content? Because once you put something on your, your website or on your, your Facebook page, that’s your content, right? So if you are taking someone else’s content, there are certain rules that you should always go by when you’re want to reuse someone’s stuff. So ask permission, hassle. If it’s okay, Hey, I love this post. Can I use this? And usually they’ll have no problem with it, right? Yeah. Um, now when it comes to blogs and long form content, that’s a big, big no, no. Um, because it’s, it is your property. Um, so if you’re stealing other people’s property, their intellectual property and putting it on your site, not only will you be seen as a, I’m a dirt bag, uh, Google will punish you for that as well. Um, it’ll be seen as duplicate content and you can get people coming after you. You will cease and desist orders and threatening to be sued and all kinds of bad things that can happen from that. So be careful. Um, only use it if you have permission. And um, that’s, that’s my, yeah, and

always giving credit back. It’s one thing to share posts that comes from the original source and you keep it with the original source. That’s usually what we kind of do. I, I don’t like to, yeah, we just don’t do it. You might as well just say you flunked because that’s what, what happened in school. If you ever infringed on the copyright, um, you just can’t do that. It hasn’t changed. Those rules haven’t changed. So how often should you repost some other, like other people’s content?

Well, I would say not very often to repost other people’s content, but if you do it, you know, once, once a week you can repost stuff on Twitter. It’s a different animal. Twitter, you can retweet because you’re not copying anybody’s stuff, right? You’re just looking at it. Oh, it’s like you liked it and you’re resharing it. So a retweet is okay there, but when it comes to your Facebook page or Instagram or something like that, we can’t really reshare on Instagram. But yeah,

you should actually, you can because there are apps that you can repost it, but always want to keep the credit and cra give the person credit on the post and in the caption as well. And just a rule of thumb. Yeah.

Yeah. So I, I wouldn’t do it very often, but if you have to do it once, just once a week or as little as as possible.

Yeah. Yeah. So what are some good rules to follow when reposting other people’s content? We already kind of said, okay,

went over a lot of those, you know, give credit where credit is due, ask permission. Um, you know, always, you know, be sure that you’re not stealing other people’s intellectual property cause you just want to get yourself in trouble. Right. So that we kind of went over all of that will.

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. We’re good there. All right. So do I need a professional photographer and or video for every post that I made?

Not For every post. No. Um, eventually when you can’t afford it, you should get professional photography done at least once just to market yourself, your business, your team branding, some branding. Uh, if you’ve got, if you’re selling a product and you should definitely invest in that, uh, to showcase your product and get some really great product picks done. But do you have to for every single one? Absolutely not. People really attach themselves to organic, live, raw video, kind of like we’re doing here. Um, because you see it’s not well produced, not polished. I mean, we’re not professional speakers by any means. Um, and you know, we’re just sharing information that we do every day with our clients and that we want to help small businesses to grow and, and really dominate with. So, um, no, you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be perfectly polished. Um, in most cases. Now, if you are in design and fashion and trend and all that kind of stuff, a music industry or the video industry, yeah, you need to step up your game a lot. But really once you get there, you’re a, you’re already at a different level already. So, um, for most people that we deal with, it is not important that you spend thousands of dollars on expensive equipment and, um, you know, professional videography and editing, not important. Okay.

So do my content. Videos always need to be long?

Well, yes, they should be. What’s considered long? Well, when you’re doing content videos, kind of like we’re doing here, we want to get around 10 minutes worth of spoken word so that when it is transcribed, we’ve got about a thousand words that we can upload to our website, which is what’s very important for search engines to see and be able to read and track. Um, now when you’re doing a short live video, let’s say, uh, let’s say you’re at a interviewing a new team member, or if you’re interviewing a customer or you’re just doing a quick tutorial for people, it doesn’t have to be really long, but for something that you’re going to be using for long form content, I would, you know, invest in at least a 10 minute video. Okay.

All right. This is a good question. And a lot of people are scared to go live or they’re scared to be on video for this reason alone. What should I wear when I’m making video content? Hmm.

Well, you definitely should wear clothes. Clothes are always good. Something that represents your brand, something that represents who you are, what you do. If you have a uniform, you should wear the uniform. Right? Um, you know, if you guys always show up to the door with a, with a hat crisp, a new t shirt on, you should definitely be showing up in that. Um, you know, you should not show up that being inconsistent with your brand. So don’t show up, you know, dirty, nasty holes in your clothes looking like a Walmart shopper. No offense, Walmart, but you know what I mean? You see those, those videos were like, oh, there’s a Walmart shopper or someone who’s wearing something completely inappropriate off brand. You still pajamas, Pajama bottoms and you know, a tank tops and don’t do that. Um, but yeah, something that’s consistent with your brand and with the image that you want to portray in the marketplace.

Okay. One last question. Sure. Should I have a call to action on every post that I put out there?

I’m going to say, yeah, you should put a call to action look like Eh, you know, call us, click share. You know, give us a thumbs up if you like what we’re doing. Um, give us a heart, things like that. So I have somebody, you know, asking them to either call, write, email, visit our website, subscribe to our youtube channel, has those types of things so that you can um, you know, get a bigger audience. And then once you have a database of people he have email addresses and names and cell numbers, then you can continue to retarget them and make offers to them down the road.

Great. Well there you have it. Now you know what constitutes good content? Do you want qual, quality over quantity? And that’s a great video. Good job on all that information. Can’t wait to get out there and make some content. All right, so subscribe to our channel. Hit the like button. I’ll give you that call to action and we’ll see you on the next video. For more marketing advice. Bye Bye.