Edmonton Marketing | What is a Marketing Funnel?

Edmonton Marketing | What is a Marketing Funnel?

Welcome to inspired method marketing channel here on Youtube. We’re so glad you’ve joined us. My name is Karen Samons. This is my husband, Trevor and we are co owners of inspired method Edmonton marketing. We’re so glad you joined us today. We have another hot topic for you. It’s kind of like a, what does that even mean kind of topic. You want to, people are a little bit confused about this one. So we’re going to break it down for you and it’s all about what is a marketing.

Wow. All right. Simple topic.

Dan Kennedy, he’s been around for a long time. Great copywriter.

He writes a lot of sales copy. He said he who can spend the most to acquire a customer wins. Yeah,

that sounds like a budget. So during an April, 2017 survey, 40% of Internet users in the United States stated that they purchased items online. It’s several times per month and 20% said they bought items or services online on a weekly basis.

That’s huge. I just think that’s just going up. Like that’s not going down anytime soon. That was in 2017 this is now and 2019 it’s hired out for sure way higher. People are buying more and more online as they’re becoming more trustworthy. There’s a lot of lot more security in place and people are just more used to it, right out of trouble. It’s become easier to buy things online. So a lot of people ask us what is a sales funnel? And there’s a common misunderstanding about what sales and Edmonton marketing funnel is. The answer is there’s lots of different kinds of funnels, right? There’s a lot of different kinds. Um, US in marketing circles, people hear about click funnels, which is a, a branded software as a service that creates, um, landing page funnels yet. So with that said, we’re going to get into it today. Of course, this is the day an exhaustive topic. We’re not going to be exhaustive today, are just going to brush the surface and you get a better understanding of what a sales and marketing from the list.

Yeah. We’re not really talking a brand like which brand is the best or which software is the best. That’s just generalities here. Yeah, so what is the Edmonton marketing funnel?

So an Edmonton marketing funnel is any marketing or sales initiative that starts off with a wider net broadcasting your message when you’re advertising to a wide audience that gets rid of the ones who aren’t interested in, narrows it down to your ideal and likely buyer and ends up in a conversion. So look at it as a funnel and it starts off with lots of people up here and then a fewer people and then your ideal and likely buyers. What are some examples of some Edmonton marketing examples of a marketing funnel? Well, you’re in one right now because you’re viewing our youtube channel. That’s step one because we’re going to, you know, a lot of people looking at this video, looking at our channel and then there’ll be curious and say, oh, what are these guys doing online? They’ll check out either our social media and then they, if they still like us and still are interested in that blue our web page and if they’re still interested in still, like I still click to set an appointment and talk with us.

So you’re kind of in a phone right now. Um, that’s, that’s one example. Just maybe at the top. Yeah. How important, oh, sorry. Some people say that websites are dead. What is your take on that? I’m going to say that’s a big negative. Um, I think websites are here to stay. They’re not going anywhere. Um, because they’re, they’re just too valuable of an asset. Number one, you’ve got to think about any type of marketing initiative, especially on social media or these, uh, you know, other avenues out there. You don’t own them. You do not own Facebook, you don’t own, um, snapchat or Instagram or Twitter or any of those things. So if you are focusing on just those things too as your marketing engine and they changed the rules overnight or they get shut down or whatever, something else happens, you are done. Like your business is shut down overnight.

Whereas if you have an Edmonton marketing website that you own, you own the rights to it and you own the information, you want all that stuff, then you know what, you have something that you can continually be sending ads to on a regular basis to keep flowing people into that funnel. So websites are not going anywhere. No, you own them. It’s your property and basically Internet world. That’s right. So how are, how important are in funnels to a business then? All of their huge funnels are huge. You have to have some type of a funnel or multiple funnels working for you all the time so that you are continually generating new new leads. What funnel should have isn’t start with, that’s a good question. I know that when I was creating the outline for this, I had something in mind that was um, know, pretty simple and I’m just going to continue with something else that I think is super simple.

Number one, your Google my business listing, start with a Google my business listing. Why? Because lots of people are going to see it. Maybe not your ideal and likely buyer and it’s free when it’s free. You don’t have to really create much there. Exactly. Super simple start there. I mean that is the very first starting step of a funnel for you. Um, from there, um, if people are interested in your stuff and you have a landing page or a website, then people can get added into a, an email list or some other type of starting point to, to become more about your ideal and likely customer. Yeah. That’s an easy and inexpensive way to get started. Yeah. So how does advertising play a role with your Edmonton marketing funnel? Huge advertising is huge. It’s, it’s more like putting the gasoline in the engine is what advertising is.

So once you have constructed a a funnel, let’s call it, you have a website, right? You have a website that is that, you know, you’re, your number one made a major asset that you can build as a Edmonton marketing funnel. And on that, if it’s constructed properly, you are going to be getting people into that site and they’re going to either call you or they’re going to leave information there. Like an email address or phone number so that you can follow up and contact them. So when you’re sending advertising dollars, whether it’s through Google, through the, um, any social media networks you’re sending it to there, and it is like putting gasoline into the engine. If you don’t put gasoline in the engine is not going to run. It’s not going to work. Just having a website is not enough. It’s good. You can get some organic traffic.

But if you really, really, really care about your business growing and getting regular, um, regular traffic and regular leads in sales, you have to use that. Fantastic. So where should businesses start with digital adults? I would say you need to be starting with Google. Why? Because it is the biggest net. It is the biggest net with the most users. So everybody who does anything online they are looking at Google first. So when they’re doing a search for a restaurant, for doing a search for a plumber or electrician, um, dentist, chiropractor, dermatology, they’re looking on Google first. So that’s where you want to be investing any dollars, number one. Number two, any of the display networks and Google is involved in and that you can get ads pumped into different websites. So there’s great services out there that can, you know, help get your website up to a lot of great places.

You can do it directly through Google or there’s other third parties that have great relationships and great networks that you can tie into. And then after that I would look at getting into a social media advertising. Definitely systematic Edmonton marketing. What is the good goal for return on adspend? Well, I say a really good goal is for every dollar put in, you get $2 back. That is a good goal. So if you put in a hundred dollars $200 back, that would be a really good win. If you can do more than that, then even better. So for every dollar spent, you get two, three or four or $5 bag, you are off to the races because then it really doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising, you’ll always get more back. So if you’re spending half a million dollars a year on digital advertising and you know your numbers, you can getting $1 million return.

So you’re making, you know, you’re doubling your money every time and then you can spend in spending, and it doesn’t really matter how many different funnels should a business have to grow with their business as many as possible. We should have as many as it takes. Right? Well you think about it, you know, you can’t rely on just one source. That was a trail, right? I’m having multiple streams or multiple funnels. Working for you is always a good strategy. Now, uh, like I said, I mentioned Google, right? So you’re paying for ads on Google. Then you can also use things like trade shows, networking events, some of the more traditional stuff because a lot of local businesses still have that, right? Yeah. They rely on us. You know, sometimes your, even just your business is the start of a funnel. Why, let’s say you have a restaurant or some other type of business where people are coming in like a, a storefront.

Well, the person who’s shopping usually brings other people with them. Or someone who is dining at a restaurant. They usually bring in people that either never been there before or know somebody, right? So that can be the start of your Edmonton marketing funnel. So the way that you treat the customers and the cleanliness of your establishment, the orderliness of it, the prompt service and smiling faces that that greet people at the door, that is a funnel, right? It’s the started with farmer. Why? Because not everybody who comes there intended to be there in the first place and the shopping there. But they know people. So if they have a great customer experience, if they have a delicious meal, if they feel they got great value for their dollar, they’re going to tell people and they’re going to bring other people with them. So they’re going to come back and they’re going to come back and spend more money with you.

So it’s all of these things rolled into one. Like, that’s why I find, you know, helping small businesses to grow is it’s more than just creating a fancy website for them or building a landing page or making an ad campaign. It’s getting those customers, you become raving fan. Yeah. Because you, yeah. The, the best, best funnel and best Edmonton marketing strategy is care. Care a lot, right? Care about your customers because it’s much easier to keep and retain a customer than it is to acquiring a customer. So it’s cheaper and energy, right? So that’s, that’s what we have for today. Um, that’s, that’s that. That’s all about marketing funnels. Thanks for joining us here on

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