Edmonton Marketing | What is a Customer Avatar?

Edmonton Marketing | What is a Customer Avatar?

Hi, welcome to the Inspired Method Marketing and Edmonton business coach channel here on YouTube. We’re so glad you joined us again today for another hot topics. My name is Karen Samons and this is my husband Trevor Samons.

We are co owners of Inspired method marketing and Edmonton business coaching. Today we’re going to be talking about what is a customer Avatar a marketing topic we love. I can’t wait to get into this one. Cool. Everyone needs to know this for your brand or your business. So pay attention. We’re going to be lots of great information.

The most important lesson I can share about brand marketing is this. You definitely, certainly and surely don’t have enough time and money to build a brand for everyone. You can’t. Don’t try to be specific. Be Very specific. And that was said by Seth Godin. I bet you thought I said that. We have actually told our clients that when someone comes to us and says, oh my, my product is for everyone. Actually it’s not. There’s always going to be somebody you shouldn’t be selling to necessarily or shouldn’t be targeting towards.

Yeah. So 56% of customers. So they feel more loyal to brands who get them so they understand them. So that’s a really interesting statistic. 56% 56% yeah. So that is awesome. And I think you guys can relate with that statistic as well. You want to deal with a company that understands you, you know, getting the travel. We’ll talk more about that later. Yeah. As an Edmonton business coach, I see many business owners, like you were saying, Karen, when they talk with us, we ask them those, you know, deep questions. Who is your customer, who likes your product? And they’re like, Yo everybody, everybody is my potential customer. So I, I can’t tell you that one person like, oh we keep the eyes from rolling. But yeah, like really, no, that’s not true. Because if that were true then they would only be one type of car in the world.

There would only be one type of house in the world. There’d only be one type of your shirt in the world. And on the counter, one sauce on the counter. I mean, this isn’t communism. This is capitalism. We, we like variety and choice and we all have different things that we like and enjoy. So that’s getting that across the customers. It’s really tough. So today we’re going to talk about your customer Avatar. Who is that? What do they want and why is it so important? Let’s get right down in the nitty gritty.

Why do business owners often think that everyone is their customer?

Well, Edmonton business coach, usually I think it’s because there, um, what’s the nice way to say this? A little bit delusional because they talk to their friends, their family, and he talked to you, you know, people that’s in their corner and they’re like, oh, well that is just the best. So until that I’ve ever seen in my life, like you were number one. And I know I can see everybody in the world, you know, so I mean, they’re getting a lot of misinformation from, you know, well meaning people. Um, and then also because when they’re thinking about their product, they’re in love with it. They’re in love with their service. They’re in love with what they do. They think they’re absolutely the best in the world. At it’s so absolutely, you know, nobody should go anywhere but down for that particular whatever it is. Right. So I think it’s, it comes from that. Uh, they’re well meaning, but really a little bit delusional. Okay.

So why is having that misconception that everyone is your customer? Why is that problematic to a business?

Well, just like the quote earlier from Seth Godin, it’s like you do not have enough time, money, or energy to try and reach absolutely every person. Right, Edmonton business coach? So let’s say you are a pizza restaurant. Yes. I would say 90% of people in the world really, or at least North America like eating pizza. But are you going to reach everybody in North America with your pizza? Absolutely not. Why? Because people like different things, or maybe they don’t eat pizza. And then the amount of information that you have to do, you’re competing with everyone else in that field too. Like you just don’t have enough effort, time, energy, or money to reach everybody, even if it is something that everybody could use and should use, you just do not have the bandwidth. Now everybody’s going to and not everyone’s going. That’s right. Okay, let’s bring it back. Even one step. What is a customer Avatar? Customer Avatar. And so really it’s taking time to think about your product or service or both. And then figuring out what does that, what does my ideal and likely buyer look like?

Literally, what do they look like? Come up with an idea. Okay, my customer Avatar is, you know, we make one for male and for female. And uh, they, they like this. They, they watch football. They like rock music, they smoked cigars or whatever, right? You know, they make this much money. They grew up, you know, this, this class of people and do they travel. Try and get as specific as you can and they traveled to Mexico once a year. You know, just try and get a good idea in a picture of what that person looks like. Why Edmonton business coach? Because then you understand more of the psyche behind what your ideal customer and client is looking for in a product or service like yours. Right? So get as detailed and specific as possible. Write it down. Write it down. It’s not enough to just say it’s women or moms. Like you need to really figure out what their psychological stand point, their buying behaviors, all those things. And even there, you know, their likes and dislikes with everything as well as what hobbies they have interests they have, what groups they’re involved in, like trying to figure this stuff out because it’ll just make marketing and creating messages that much easier.

Yeah. Where do they live, what kind of place do they live in kind of communities. Are they a part of so many different questions you need to answer. And if you need help with that, please give us a shout at the Edmonton business coach. Put it down in the video comments below? Like we’ll help you with that. Discovering that. Just reach out. Yeah.

So can of business have more than one customer Avatar?

Yeah, absolutely. You can have more than one because you have no more than one service offering. You can have more than one customer Avatar. I recommend having, you know, if the least two, so have, have a male and a female. Um, I know I may not be correct, but whatever. It’s true. I mean women buyers are different than male buyers. Look, Edmonton business coach, nobody is always we’ll be right. Me and you like different things. You have different interests in groups, but at the core of your, of your message, they should have some similarities that crossover. And that’s where you can really define what your product offering is going to be coming up with that no brainer offer that they’re going to actually want to exchange for their valuable email address.

Okay. So explain it to our viewers watching. What is the first step towards creating that customer Avatar?

First step in creating a customer Avatar is really figuring out who you are. Figure out your product service, your vision, mission, values, what do you value as a company and what are you offering people, right? Are you offering them wealth? Are you offering them convenience? Are you offering them hope? Are you offering them, um, comfort? You know, what, what is that offering that you have for them? And then from there you can figure out, okay, so the people who would like what I have to offer, they look like this. They live in these types of homes. They’ve, you know, may have this level of education, you know, really understanding who you are and what your company’s all about Edmonton business coach. We’ll help you really determine what that customer is supposed to look like.

Yeah. Actually there’s kind of three things you want to think about. We’ve been hearing this lots from some of the podcasts we’re listening to is three things that are going to help you solve problems for people or anything that deals with the hope is that deal with attention and convenience. Those are the three things that you can solve those problems for your avatar. Then you’re probably going to make the most money in those areas over someone who doesn’t pay attention to those, those three things.

So you kind of already answered this next one, Edmonton business coach, but what is kind of like the chicken and egg thing? What comes first? The business idea or the Avatar?

Um, that is depending on the situation. If you don’t have a business idea yet, then coming up with the type of person that you want to help, maybe the first step, right? Yeah. If you don’t have that business idea, but if you already have a business, yeah. You haven’t figured out how to, how to get regular repeat customers, then you need to figure out more of what your ideal core values are for your business, for your company so that you can correctly, um, you know, figure out that avatars likes and dislikes and stuff so you can communicate properly. So their dreams and desires, you know, what do they want in their life and how can you make their lives better?

Right. Exactly. So what, how specific or niche down should you get with your customer Avatar? Hmm.

I would say get as specific as you can, like get, get down to the nuts and bolts of it. Like what does this person look like? Like get very, very specific into what their hopes and dreams are. And it’ll just help you. It’ll just help make all those messages, how you’re writing, how your, your headlines are formed. We’ll kind of things you’re not offering them, like you don’t just help, is it going to be perfect? No, but you’re taking the, the best guess that you have, right. According to your knowledge and some research that you have online and just your, if you’re starting a business is because you’re doing something you’re passionate about and something that you understand. So you already have kind of a bit of a head start on who that person should be that what they should look like. So I think getting down that road is going to be easier as you, as you do the exercise and you get through creating this avatar. Um, but yeah, the more specific, the better in my Edmonton business coach opinion.

Okay. So, um, one more time you missing out on potential customers. If I don’t get specific enough, um, or maybe if I get too specific, well, I miss a potential customers. It’s possible. But if you, I love it this way. If you are honed in and zeroed in on your ideal and likely customer, then you can reach all of those people that fit that criteria of your ideal and likely buyer in your local area. And there’s more than enough there to keep you busy as busy can be. Right? And as a, there’s always going to be some collateral damage. You’re going to gain some people that maybe don’t fit exactly in that perfect target avatar because there’s a lot of people who like a lot of the same things, right? So you’re going to be collecting people that maybe aren’t the perfect match for your Avatar. Like we can never find out exactly who that perfect, perfect person is, but the ones that you are missing out on are going to become your raving fans anyway. They’re going to be people that maybe by once or maybe there’ll be those awesome customers who complain about every little thing all the time and can never be satisfied when those people, we just don’t want anyway. Right? So you have those kinds of customers. Absolutely. It happens. Right? So that’s a, that’s my Edmonton business coach advice and I think it’s a good exercise even if you’ve been in business for awhile to go through and figure out what your ideal and likely customer looks like.

So is it okay then if you get it wrong, when you’re figuring out that Avatar, like how do you deal with that?

Well, you’re going to get it wrong and you should revisit it on a regular basis and say, are we looking for the right person? Is this the right customers? Like are we going the right direction? You should always question yourself right. And, um, get the advice of people that you trust. Um, you can have a second set of eyes so you can be us like, yeah, we do a business consulting as well. Or um, you might have some sort of really trusted people who have been in business for awhile that can just put that second set of eyes on what you’re doing and really help you with, with getting the right answers.

Yeah. There’s places you can learn yourself for free, you know, just by listening in on social media, social conversations, that’s where you can do a lot of American research. And Twitter’s actually one of the best places to do that, to be honest. So lots of conversations going on over there Edmonton business coach. So that’s it for today. On that topic, what is a customer Avatar? Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you next time with another really great topics. So like the video, if you thought you got something out of it and share it and subscribe to our channel to stay up to date. Awesome. Thanks guys. Bye.