Edmonton Marketing | The No Brainer Offer

Edmonton Marketing | The No Brainer Offer

Hey everyone. Welcome to the inspired method marketing channel. My name is Trevor Samons and this is Karen Salmon. And we are the founders of inspired method marketing your Edmonton Marketing Company. So today we’re talking about no brainer offer. Now, if you’re not quote from Doctor Robert Zoellner says, if your marketing doesn’t make your competition one to throat punch you, you haven’t gone far enough so that you’re going to be talking about, okay, so here’s a statistic for you. And it’s easy for me to say, some industries pay as much as $7 to get one visitor to their website. Dot. Conversion, not a sale like a visitor to their website. So clients spend thousands of dollars in online ads and you don’t say they think their ad is broken when really there’s no enticing offer to grab their attention. So Karen, can you explain to us what is a no brainer offer?

Well, it is something that your company or your business would offer to your potential clients. That just doesn’t make sense for them to say no. It’s something that they probably want to solve the problem and it doesn’t really cost them anything to get it. Awesome.

So do you have any examples of what a no brainer offer is from an Edmonton Marketing company?

Yeah, so some people, like in the Edmonton Marketing world, they like to give maybe an ebook or maybe even an actual book that would be free. You just pay for the shipping. It could even be a free, it’s maybe a half hour consults. Um, it could be a quote or services. Um, it could even be maybe if you’re a dentist, you could give away a whitening kits. You could give away, you know, whatever it is that, you know, when you make it really enticing for people to come in and want to be your customer. Awesome.

That’s great. Um, so when people are searching for products and services, do they only look at one company?

Of course not. They like to look at multiple places. So if they’re going on the Internet, which is actually where most searches are done nowadays, they’re not done in any other place like the arm Google’s. So, uh, they will look at multiple websites and check out, you know, two to three, maybe even four companies that offer the same thing. They definitely do their shopping when it comes to Edmonton Marketing.

Yeah. And so with that in mind, why then is the no brainer offer important for the buying process?

Well, it is something that will help you stand out as a business owner and as a above the competition. It helps just do that taller on a pedestal, almost the mixed sense for someone to choose you over the phone.

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. So does a no brainer disarm buyers natural distrust of companies?

I think it does actually. I think it helps them feel like, okay, this company is willing to give me something of value were free or close to free. And it just kind of gives them that peace of mind that they’re not having to spend anything yet to, to kind of get to know the company, kind of know what they offer. And uh, it just helps me get that trust factor going.

Yeah, that’s good. So how can you use a no brainer to show confidence in your product or service with Edmonton Marketing?

Well, I mean, if you can give out that free consult or maybe even it’s a free month of services like we have here and inspire the marketing for $1. I mean it shows that we know what we’re talking about. It shows that we stand behind our services and it’s almost like that guarantee. What is a guarantee? I mean, we’re going to do the work for a month for $1 and it just shows them that we know what we do works. Is it the proven method?

And I’m sure every one of our competitors just wants to throw a bunch of us right? Because they know what’s involved in it, but they don’t know what we do. And it’s, it is a no brainer. Like seriously if you don’t do it anyway. Um, so is given a free quote, enough of a no brainer.

I think nowadays it’s probably not enough to be a no brainer. I think you have to go one step above. Most people will give a free quote, whether it’s to clean your carpets or to replace their windows, or maybe even, um, what are your services are like, it’s just not enough anymore to give that away for free. People will probably not often to your business or someone else.

Yeah. Cause it’s not specialty. You know, everybody’s doing it. It’s not a no brainer because everybody’s doing the same thing. So they’re doing it then it’s not special. Yeah, that’s true. Um, so how can a no brainer be more cost effective than simply buying more ads for Edmonton Marketing?

Well, if you think about what it costs you to give away, let’s say it’s, um, I’ll go to the dentist alone example. Maybe you could give away that book that’s, you know, costs a few dollars to make a when, when it’s all said and done, and then you give away the book and the potential client just pays for the shipping, which is not very much other, the pocket, and they’re getting something of great value, uh, that costs you way less than throwing money at advertising campaigns that will possibly get to know customers. Yeah. No, you’ve got that one is that like that that quota, one bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Got that person already taking from you. It’s just more valuable than just hoping the others. We’ll see what you have to offer.

Yeah. So if it cost you a $20 for a book, but you can guarantee that for every book sold, you get a customer, then that customer only costs you $20 whereas you could spend thousands of dollars on ads, clicks and all these different things that are out there and resulting. So we cheat cost. So Kari, um, why is it important to have the no brainer at the top of your own page above the fold?

Well, if you ever have done a search, which is it, 90% of all searches are done online, right? Yeah. I think that’s what the statistic is. So when people are searching for something and they find your website, because that’s what they’re going to be searching on, the first thing they see is that top of the page, kind of like what you see behind us here. That’s the top of your page. So you need to have your no brainer right there in their eye and catch their attention so they know, oh hey, this is cool, maybe I, I think I need that. So you want them to see that right away. You don’t want them to just search for that no brainer and your website

makes sense because they’re going to come to the first page and they’re going to know immediately. That’s where we’re going to go and click or not. Whereas if they have to look for it, you’re just going to bounce and go to the next one. Yup. So Karen, where else can you use a no brainer offer?

Well, obviously I already mentioned the website. That’s kind of the main one of the main places you would use it. You could have it in all of your other marketing. So on your social media posts, your advertising campaigns, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, pins on the side of your band, your band. I was going to say that you could have it in your window of your business if you have a bricks and mortar business. You could have. It’s even in print out if you really wanted it. Um, you could even have it, uh, over every word that you want to, you know, show yourself out there to the world.

Awesome. So let’s cool. Thank you so much for sharing kit. And he was really good and just wanted to thank you guys for watching and paying attention to our channel. We are so excited about the new things that are happening with our business and how we’re using all of the strategies and things that we’re showing you in our business and really seeing things gel and take hold, um, in and seeing the results happen. So we want to make this happen for you. We want to make it happen for all the businesses that are watching. So if you’re interested in engaging with us, we’re just going to tell you are no brainer offer. So for every person, every business, it’s want to engage with us. You get 30 days of our marketing services for $1. So that doesn’t mean that we’re just going to come in and make you a website in 30 days.

That’s not what it means. We walk you through the process of establishing your vision, mission, values. We help you get set up with your, your Google my business set up. We help you learn how to create content and we meet with you on a weekly basis to show you our method, our systems, and our practices so that you gain not only marketing services, but an in depth knowledge of how digital marketing should work and will work for any business. So thanks so much for tuning in. You know, are no brainer, so there’ll be afraid to use it. Thanks.