Edmonton Marketing | Tactical & Strategic Digital Marketing

Edmonton Marketing | Tactical & Strategic Digital Marketing

Everyone. Welcome back to the inspired method Edmonton marketing YouTube channel. I’m Trevor Samons. This is John McKenzie from staff leverage, who’s going to be talking to us today about digital marketing in the modern world. And the biggest problem that we find small businesses have is the ability to attract customers. And today we’re going to be talking about the need for not only short term sales but a long-term strategy. And then John is the expert in this. He’s been my mentor and friend for the last year or so and I’ve learned a ton from him. So I know that he’s going to share it with all that value for all of our small businesses and other digital marketers out there who are watching our channel. And uh, so John Get us started with how you face this with the businesses that you both, I think first things, first thing is most businesses, you know, tonight operating and we can more traditional white and we’ve got to transition.

He’s missing his format, picking and transition into the modern age, the digital age. But I think that when we look at, um, did your mom responsibility is to not only help in doing it if it’s awesome coaching, helping, when we look at Google knock, any of them on the world, we’ve got two major, I can be familiar to you, what was your Edmonton marketing space? And it’s strategic marketing and it’s tagged to be my thing. Okay. A lot of these mushrooms and even [inaudible] what makes it even more clear things. We’ve got traditional Edmonton marketing efforts as well. So traditional methods of radio, TV, these traditional methods of being finally, yeah, we challenged the most digital marketers turn most is we’ve only got limited budgets. So the limited budget that we do have is the only 1% 3% off count. Overall income. It means what you spend, we’ve got to spend more, right? So when we understand strategic marketing and TV and doctor [inaudible] for technical markings, typically short term activities is going to help us in the future. Right? It’s going to help us in the next few weeks, six weeks, eight weeks. Stimulate styles. Okay. Okay. So a lot of things that we’ll do the next phase of things like Facebook. So social media ads, Google traffic ads or Google ads. So what we’re trying to do is we’re trying to get these issues, we’ll have customers and take that and that’s, that’s an a tech your mark.

The problem with tactical market, if Austin doesn’t feel stronger pathways of place, uh, to the medium to long term silos, whether it be branding, conversion on the side. So getting those repeat and referral customers in longterm, business. Absolutely right. It just a one time hit. We won’t go over than just the one time. Cause if all you do is just help get people in the Edmonton marketing on and off and then I’ll come back on it. You know, then where am I from mining and unfortunately our customers money. So what we’re trying to get the watt balance of tactical markets division and a lot of things that Sierra in strategic marketing and branding for the BC building, the brand building recognizable brand that has implementation. Yeah. Cause the other aspects of things like search engine optimization being traditional is where we’re building the younger turn benefit salt and it kicks off straight to that strategic, if he’s in the back.

To me it’s actually that in three months, four months. So that’s what a difference between strategic Edmonton marketing and that’s really awesome. So I really liked that approach that you’re taking with the new help because um, first things first, a lot of what people do, a lot of what our industry does is just the short term tactical marketing. So they’re going for the one hand, they’re going for the initial bump in sales and then after that, you know, they advocate all responsibility, right? Whereas I think that the digital marketers who have the understanding and the minions pacman to realize that, hey, you know what, even if we got them a little bump and then sales this week, what are we going to do for them next week? It’s all about what have you done for me lately? So really trying to build and scale up a model, a Edmonton marketing system on the online platforms for consistent, regular repeat business.

So how John, um, do we go about doing that for customers and what are some of the steps that you take in initially to do that? Okay, so that’s a really good question. A couple of questions and I think that what we need to do is we need to solve problems. So, and it’s very unique because that one customer opens may have a lot of businesses online at the mountain to go to try to figure that out. What is the soft launch of bond fires where the customers prospects might say seizures when we understand that and he sound a bit of a plan for what we should be doing, what we need to look at these, um, where is the business today? Short term cycles in cashflow margin, has it gone and the ability to investigate further into the future. So what we might do is for some businesses that have got a new term playing softball, she’s cashflow.

We would do a lot more short term investment targets to drive cash to drive sales and of share. And then we would step into and more balanced because I don’t, I’m not an advocate of just because when, when all we’re doing is getting people in the getting short term after last night and not eat, you know, we’re not doing the Washington volume analysis. So then it’s about having that medium to long term depending on the side of the business. It depends on what we’re doing. That makes a lot of sense. Having a, having a balanced approach to Edmonton marketing and you know, really thinking about the ins and outs of the business, who their customers are, creating that customer Avatar. As we’ve talked about, and you guys probably hear this a lot in our meetings, our videos, the customer Avatar or ideal and likely buyers who were talking about somebody that you know has a need for your service and will not only use it at will love it and will tell other people about it.

That’s really the ideal customer that we want to find for all of our customers. So John, when it comes to printing that longer strategy, what are some of the things that you do to help develop that system? So first things first, as we step into an assessment, know trying to understand what’s his cell sarcoma in Lincoln, Heisman quality, um, from, from what pathways is traditional, whoever we’ve been as soon as strong, right? So we can stop process. What would not trying to do is recreate the wheel in, in living, right? So I use a revenue path. So you’re not just taking what they’ve done in traditional and throw it into digital and hope that it works. Okay. It doesn’t anyone in the Edmonton marketing space known as the people you, you know, you’ve had to use a great late, if all you do is just grab the tradition, the hockey [inaudible] and Lisa’s one of the reasons why there’s significant value in digital knocking on such lately because a lot of people like just get the traditional marketing, how close are traditional thinking?

Take it to Edmonton marketing and think that can be successful. One hit the first stop and it just doesn’t look to live up there. There’s these, yeah, 100% I think I read more and know that that’s why when you guys are looking for a digital marketing company and look for some of these, these key ideas that we’re talking about here. Because if somebody is just saying, well what are you doing now? Let’s just do more of that. Except we’ll take your coupon or your um, your, your offer and we’ll put it onto Facebook and you know, that should work for you. It’s not going to because we’re talking about connecting with your ideal and likely buyer, right? And to make that connection, there has to be some kind of relationship. There has to be some thought put into the Edmonton marketing campaign and into your overall brand strategy.

So when you talk about, say Facebook or Google, so Google was an team. So people will be searching for something. They’ve intentionally looking for something. So we’re looking to solve a problem today and we’re talking to the group query and then when you get search queries back now to try and resolve that particular problem that we are saved to dissolve. So that’s an intent. We think social media is Facebook. We’re going to Brockton the consumer. And what we trying to do is you’re trying to do awareness and we’re not trying to sell it. And I think that that’s the biggest difference when you’ve got a social way. We’re trying to use the engine and we’re talking to force the approach. And the reason we’re doing that is because when these nurses, we so stuck in the um, in the software and our um, where we are and we’re looking for short term solutions.

What ends up happening there is we tried to, for societal or therefore using the team teaching model such as gloomy as files because we haven’t yet built expertise, authority, trust, reputation. A lot of y’all trials that have that awareness and branding to for that, for that counseling acknowledges and named. He said, we know I can make it awesome. Well John, that has been so impactful for Edmonton marketing, so many good things that I know people are going to be able to take away from this and be better for it. So thank you so much for joining us on the youtube channel. Thanks John, so much for everything and we will catch you guys next time. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Youtube Channel and give us a thumbs up if you liked what you heard. Thanks.