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Edmonton Marketing | Small Business Marketing

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the inspired visit Youtube Channel. I’m Trevor Samons today. I’ve got with me Byron Ingraham from Dallas, Texas. He is a Facebook and messenger marketing specialist working out of the great state of Texas. Um, I love Dallas and uh, spent some time there in my youth. Had a great time and uh, this lucky guy I guess would be there all the time helping out small businesses with their Edmonton marketing. So with that introduction, tell me what the biggest problem is that you find with small businesses. What are the biggest problems? I have five small businesses is that they’re not effectively communicating with their ideal customers. Okay. And what that comes down to is there’s more of the spray and pray method of the old style marketing of let’s just still owed as much stuff as we can in hopes that we attract the right people.

But we live in this day and age that as long as the friends everywhere. And here’s why, think about it on a daily basis, they’re exposed to Edmonton marketing messages constantly. And this doesn’t include the ad you see on Facebook with look at all the edits to the newspaper to be on the radio or billboards by the TV shows. You’re watching the other places as see ads everywhere. So when you do that sprig and pretty much they’re competing with all of that versus having in message that resonates with a particular person because each of us, we have an ideal climate and so I like to Toby, unless your partner is air and the products already taken, your product is not for everybody. Right? So you have to be more specifically who been Edmonton marketing. So we need to look up exactly. You want to be your customer and then track everything about your business, your message to connect with that one person, that one person alone.

Awesome. So we talked about the biggest problem that a lot of businesses face and what is it specifically that you do to help them get their message out? So one of the things I do with the business has sit down with them or virtually it’s figuring out what is it that the solve, what does what the biggest problem? Because people buy solutions. So you need to understand that the partner salt, and then what’s your specific solution? And you have to look at it from a unique standpoint because sometimes he wants to say, well, there’s a lot of competition. I mean, here’s a newsflash, it’s only one of you. So it’s how do you package yourself in the right way that there’s no competition since discovering that. And then it’s cutting up a strategy to get you in front of those people. Because when we get past this notion, there’s a lot of Edmonton marketing competition out there.

But no, there’s not. The labors of you’re competing with is yourself. And when you embrace that, it becomes substantially easier to get in front of your ideal clients. Awesome. So when it comes to Facebook advertising and messenger, which one of those two do you like better than the other? Or are they about the same to you? Or tell me a little bit about what you like to do with each business that you work with. Well, they hand in hand because messenger thing, but as a communication leading that in any business, you know, you hear the expression of money’s in the list. Well if you’re thinking about email marketing, open rates these days and you were talking about 20% across the board, well you want to choose, I wouldn’t messenger, it can be over 80% and said your bullet list of the same size, you’re talking about your four times the Edmonton marketing results of it and get those people on it.

This is where you’re leveraging Facebook advertising to get, it’s just the thing that makes the most sense because in today’s Day and age, you want to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to market your business effectively. So you’re tracking just the people that you would want to do it. And instead of getting everybody and you’re just going to find in your head that has like, oh gosh, why that person, Facebook advertising with them properly combined with messenger marketing help still void that. Awesome. So we were talking a little bit earlier about how to start getting a conversation started with messenger and what are some of the, the ways that you do that for your clients. Here’s two simple ways that any business can be able to do this. What is, if you’re just using a Facebook ad, you could have it put to message, so let’s say that you know you have a, is there a real estate business?

Then you have a listing up there. Then it’s like, hey, to learn more about this, let’s do this, but the message button and then you can put people into a series of messages, what they could learn about that property or it could be a restaurant. Join our, let’s see our loyalty program so that way you can save 10% off your next visit and then you go through a sequence on that. That’s the beer that I said one way. Another thing is in terms of Edmonton marketing business, let’s say that you have an engaging post with the people that follow you, but then you can use a tool that allows people for comment and then you can engage with them. Get Messenger. So let’s say that he wants to, since Reagan, he was in a restaurant, he wants, hey, which of these two pizzas or burglars looks the best appetizers to AI or is it B?

And then they can use that to create engagement because they want to have their voices versus just another, I thought to do it. Fantastic. So when it comes to, um, being engaging with, with the clients and you use messenger Edmonton marketing, you said something earlier that I thought was very powerful. The power is in the list. How do these platforms help the business owner create an illness that they can re-market to? How does that happen? Okay, so we think of the power behind it. Every buzzers, their whole purpose is that they want to get people to do business with them over and over again. As most of you are aware of. If you’re not, there’s only three ways to grow a business. Either you’re talking to customers, you get them to buy from you on a more frequent basis where you increase the size of every perfect don’t transaction, and this is helping you accomplish the second too, because in order for someone to buy more from you, they have to have a certain level of trust.

And this is why you need to build a list of people because otherwise what happens is any business, they’re stuck in that. First of all, I’m just getting more and more customers constantly. Well, if you’ve already put the expenditure out there to check in the first place, so more to them, that’s the key to anything. Otherwise you’re spinning your wheels truck. It’s kind of like Edmonton marketing you want it to so they find the right woman or man and what we’re going to want you to look at things here for male or female or whatever. If you’re just wanting on first dates constantly, you’re never going to get anywhere. So you have to build a longterm relationship, you to get to that second day. Right. Exactly. The other thing that I want the people who are watching this I understand is when you send out a mailer or when you are posting stuff on a billboard or a park bench or something like that, you’re not gathering or collecting any data.

You can’t get the second sale. You can’t, you know, call up somebody and say, Oh hey, I noticed that you went through our messaging system that you didn’t complete the sale. You know, what’s, what’s going on? How can we help you? And you know what went wrong? You can’t get that second money and you can’t follow up with a, a postcard. You can’t follow up with a billboard. You can’t follow up with a radio ad. So the power that digital marketing does for today’s business owners is it allows you to collect data from these different platforms about people who engaged with your content. And because they’ve engaged with your content, you have the right and the ability and the responsibility to follow up with them and sell them something because they’re obviously looking for a solution to a problem. So it’s your responsibility to help them in with digital marketing.

You can do that today. So tell me, um, do you have a story of how you helped a customer go from zero to hero with some Facebook or messenger Edmonton marketing? Sure. It definitely, okay. Here’s a great example of how to really leverage Facebook messenger in a tremendous way. So one of the people that I worked with as a real estate agent, and they’re struggling in terms of trying different strategies to connect with clients, the field spring in the kids, never prospects. So I said, well, why don’t we automate this? So I created a messenger sequence that all they have to do is just get people. I’m a, once they understood the principles behind it and through it generated a couple hundred leads in a period of one week. Nice. Yeah, it was really good because of it. It was all with the system that I put together.

You’ll just sort of people to figure out who are the ones who went to work with and we were once not quite my ideal customer, which is okay, but this allowed them to free up the time because time is the most precious thing we have been before you were there. Just having to manually search through people and that becomes a tome seems to work. Let’s let the technology do at. So then we know, oh it’s out of these couple of hundred people, this is the handful you actually want to talk to. We look more efficient and it actually helps the bottom line. Right? So you’re not wasting time on a bogus leads or time wasting leads. You’re actually able to target your ideal and likely buyer. Right. So that is super powerful. And what, what kinds of customers do you like to help out the most? Is it real estate or is it a brick and mortar businesses or is it service businesses?

Which ones do you prefer? I really like, is it real estate in service business? Because for these it’s all about the relationship with other businesses. It can be completely transactional. And this vicinity perfectly fine, but then these types of businesses, they can really prosper because relationship is everything that you’re going to build a list of, of these valued customers and clients that you’re going to be doing this over and over again. You want to help them get referrals and so forth. And that’s where it’s powerful, where some, they can be transactional your entire time and it’s normal. Here’s a great example. You look at it, let’s say a let’s say a food stand at a state fair or fairgrounds, whatever. Yeah. They never have to see the same person twice and then this can flourish, right? Versus the rest of us, we have to build up a strong database of people we can do business with over and over it, right?

Yeah. So it’s all about uh, the, the repeat and referral business in what we do. So guys, thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been very informative. Thank you so much for sharing with us. And you guys need to get in charge of your digital marketing so that you can expand and flourish and grow and stay in business. Because this is the 21st century and it’s digital is not going away. So thank you so much for joining us, and so subscribe to our Edmonton marketing channel as well as give us a thumbs up if you liked what you heard. Thanks guys. Bye.