Edmonton Marketing | Sales Tips & Tactics

Edmonton Marketing | Sales Tips & Tactics

Everyone, welcome back to the Inspired Method Edmonton marketing YouTube channel and we’re here from Miami at the growth conference with Grant Cardone. And today I’ve got a special guest here, Matt Birgie. We met him through the ambassador program and um, he is a master at selling us no problem. And um, so what we’re going to do today, because we’re all about helping businesses to succeed, um, because we want to help you beat the odds, right? The odds are every small business has the 50% chance of going out of business. So one of the biggest reasons is they don’t know how to get more sales and more customers. So what we’re going to talk about today is the importance of that and what your, your method and processes of, of selling self. Sure. Go ahead and tell us a little bit of your backstory and how you got started and what will be helpful for our Edmonton marketing audience.

Sure. Yeah. So I think the backstory is actually very unique to myself or several of the stories, but I think each person has to consider where they’re starting from. And where I was starting from when I started sales, I was selling at the cash register and I started to get really good at that. So I moved into door to door sales. And when I did door to door sales for the first time, I went to go knock on the door. I was so nervous, I was shaking. And it was so hard to approach. And what I was selling at the time was lawn care. Okay. And the training that I ever see you as this whole lawn care was, here’s the machine, here’s how you start it. And then did five feet of along, turn it back off, dropped me in the neighborhood, gave me a flyer and just said go to the doors and get the sales.

That blew my mind. I didn’t know I was doing good sales job until I had done that. So first thing I did was I sat on the curb for about 30 minutes contemplated in my life choice they had. They had driven me to this neighborhood and uh, they’ve dropped me on the curb about 45 minutes from where I was. So my options were to figure out how I’m going to get the Edmonton marketing and sales thing done. Or I could take a cab home, which could have been, I don’t know, 50 bucks. And I was a kid at a time. So I was working about 50 to a hundred hours a week in minimum wage jobs and I was doing everything I could to get above that average life that I was living. Yeah. I realized that sales would probably be the best direction. So I took the better choice in my opinion.

And I sat down and read the Flyer, spent about 30 minutes, we’re this whole flight and memorize it word for word for word. And it wasn’t really a sales pitch actually. He was just telling you the benefits of the service. So I go knock on my first door and the guy opens and said, Hey, I’m here doing lawn service. And I described what it was and she says like, okay, that sounds kind of cool. How much? And I was like 100 bucks. And he’s like, ah, it’s a big expensive. When I was like, okay. And then he shut the door. So obviously there was no Edmonton marketing sales there, so I wasn’t some kind of like private, gee, there’s just walked into this and become successful. But I realized just that it had to do things better and I kept pushing to succeed in pushing to succeed. And what I had overcome in that first knocking on the door was how shy and anxious and how stressful it was.

But after I had knocked on the first door, the second one is easier. The third one was easier. And then I hustled so hard because I didn’t want to be stuck in the average life that by the end of the day I actually sold the most of everybody on the team or wow, that’s amazing. Wow. That is amazing. So for you, in your small business, I know a lot of people rely on repeat and referral business, but how do you get those first customers that don’t know him? I know your grandma’s going to buy from you and your mom and your uncle and your cousins are probably buy your product or your service, but what about the strangers that you need their money and they need your Edmonton marketing service? How do you go about getting those people? So tell me a little about how you set up your sales process or sales.

Sure. So, so I’ll give you kind of my fruit and what I’ve done with that door to door is I moved it into a corporate business, to business sales, sales career in Poland. And I was counting up the other day. I’ve been be over a hundred thousand cold phone calls since that first day. Wow. How did you, how do you do that is most people can’t even pick up the phone from one phone call. How do you drive 100,000 phone calls? That’s right. I’ll give you the format. It’s actually quite easy. So what I call my approach and every single we built a course on is called objection free phone sales. Okay. So we usually people are scared of is they don’t know what to say. They don’t know what to do or they’re worried that they’re going to get some negative push-back. So the first part is that you have to make a quick introduction on the phone because they need to know who you are, what’s your company and why you calling.

But then once you clear up while you’re calling, now you need to give them the benefits of Edmonton marketing and why they should listen to you anymore. So that was that door to door kit, right? You’re knocked the door, hey, it’s Matt Bridge, you from Lawn Service Company, whatever. I’m here today for this. And then given them the benefits. So it’s introduction into a benefits of pitch. And then if your benefits, which is good enough, then they’ll start to listen to me. So then you can bridge into qualifying questions. So it’s cause that’s something you might be interested in. Is that something that you’ve never thought of? And you can get them talking to me. Very good. So business owners, think about the Edmonton marketing benefits to the customer. Who’s your ideal and likely buyer? Right? So thinking about what the benefits are that you offer. Not just, I’m an electrician. I can spark a year life on.

It’s like, why do you need to hire you? Why should they choose you over the electrician down the street or the plumber across the alley? Why do they need to talk to you? So lay out the features, advantages, and benefits of working with you specifically. So, um, I guess tell me a little bit about the next part of the process of how you, um, let’s say you’re setting up a, either a cold call script or what are some other ways that you get your leads and how do you contact them? So Lisa’s on the Edmonton marketing side, right? And I’m cold pulling up to the clients is a form of generation outbound. Yeah, yeah, of course. So of course from your guys’ side, like any sort of paid traffic, if you’re doing paid ads, if you’re doing like organic gen, whatever kind of lead Gen you’re doing is great.

You should also be reaching out to people that generate the leads. So you need to make that Edmonton marketing phone call. And you might think that it’s a warm call because you have that lead. But actually it’s still a cold call. Right? You don’t know why they clicked. They didn’t click because they’re interested. We just clicked because they were curious maybe. Right? Yeah. So that leads, you should always approach it as a phone call. Even if I get an incoming lead where somebody says, hey, please contact me. I’m very interested. I still approach it as a cold call because you don’t know at that moment it was a hot call, but maybe it’s turned into a cold call because they change their mind or their attention got grabbed. Right. Something like that. Okay, so you follow the same format, the introduction, the reason why you’re calling and event.

That’s right. The same process. So it’s not, don’t over complicate it. Don’t have a separate process for each different contact goes through the same thing because then you can almost systematize and make an automatic. That’s right. That’s right. So, and you can scale it. Oh, a lot of people are interested to scale their business and if you don’t have a systematized approach, how can we start to scale your business? You’re going to teach 15 people how to do 15 different things, teachable one process, and let them tailor it to what works for them. Very good. So you, you run sales teams for, it’s where you are. So what are some things that you do with your Edmonton marketing team every day to ensure that leads aren’t, you’re not getting leakage from your leads. So people are coming in, are they have that get that good lead mixed, not being wasted?

Yeah, absolutely. So you need to set a goal for your Edmonton marketing team, right? So you need to set whatever the goal is, how many people are we going to reach out to, how many leads? And you should be following up all of them. Now, if you have some crazy legion where you’re getting thousands, you can’t make thousands of calls a day, right? Maybe you need more salespeople or maybe you need more qualified leads, right? But the goal is always to have no leads at the end of the day, whatever that means for your business, because the longer you wait to follow up your lead, the colder they’re getting. And they might even be upset. Hey, I requested info, but that was a week ago. Getting back to me now I’m not interested in anymore. I don’t want to work with you guys. How long does it take for you to fill your promise?

Is that going to take more than a week? Yeah. So if you are able to follow up with a lead within five minutes, you increase your chances 21 times started closing that deal. So it’s very important for Edmonton marketing. Speed is very, very important when it comes to an inbound meaning have. So if there’s any, any parting wisdom you have for the entrepreneurs who are watching, what would that be? What was once one nugget you can give us that will change our business today? Yeah, so if I go back to when I first achieved the first golden I’ve ever set for myself and I had a certain income figure in mind wanting to buy a house, nice car. Once I hit all that, I hit the biggest depression that I’ve ever had in my life. And it lasts for a really long and were dug me out was actually personal development, personal growth.

And that’s the thing that’s made me successful in anything that I’ve ever gotten is that that first time is going to suck. Your first video is going to suck. Your first Edmonton marketing campaign is going to suck. Your first cold call is going to suck and that’s fine. And if it’s great, congratulations, even better. But sometimes when people do the first thing, great, that’s actually the worst thing for them because they think that their grade, which maybe that was a moment of brilliance, but there’s so many skills you need for everything that you want to do in life. So my message would be continue to grow the team to improve. Never be satisfied with where you’re at and be happy with where you’re at. Be happy that you got to such a great place and be very grateful for all the things that it affords you to do.

As you climb the mountain, the higher you get, the views get nicer, right? So appreciate all the hard work that you’ve done, but also realize all the hard work that you still have to do. And we were just listening to John Maxwell, who’s 71 years old and said he’s still learns to this day, 71 years old. I don’t know if any of you guys are older than 71 [inaudible] 72 and you can stop. But if you’re less than 71 and you keep calling apps and John Maxwell says he keeps going to right. Yeah, keep rolling. Never stopped loving. Thank you so much for joining us today. So tragic our channel cause we’re going to have all kinds of great guests like this in the future and give us a thumbs up if you don’t mind. So we’ll see you again next time. Thanks so much.