Edmonton Marketing | Problem, Vision, Mission & Values

Edmonton Marketing | Problem, Vision, Mission & Values

Hi, Welcome to the Inspired Method Edmonton marketing YouTube Channel. We’re here today to talk about really important topic for your business, any business. And that is go crawl the vision, mission, and the values that you hold and how you can communicate that to your ideal clients. My name is Karen and my husband’s Trevor. Hello, . We’re the co-founders of Inspired Method marketing. So today I’m going to start with a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. You’ve heard him. If not, I’ll look up his stuff. He’s pretty amazing. He says, you must choose an area where you can win. No, scratch that. Not just win, but absolutely don’t. After all, don’t we have enough mediocre podcasts? Truth can mediocre a mediocre electrical companies and mediocre everyday noises.

So statistically, 89% of business to business marketers say brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales generation. Not comes from content writings, institution. The problem that we see with clients is that they try to create a brand before they even know who they are and what they stand for. That’s kind of a big problem. So why is it important to understand the problem you’re trying to solve before anything else when it comes to Edmonton marketing? Well, the whole reason that somebody engages with a company. Let’s say you’re going shopping for anything, what do you go shopping for? Shoes, shopping for shoes. So the reason that people go shopping or want to buy anything, this is solve a problem, right? The problem is you need one more pair of shoes or groceries or electrical services or make life easier for yourself. So it’s very important for Edmonton marketing companies to really understand what they’re doing, the reason that they’re in business and what is the biggest problem that you’re solving for your customers. So that I think is a foundational spot where every business would start is like, and what problem am I solving?

So why is it important for your company vision to be forward looking? Well, it’s super important because what’s your vision needs to do is give you a, a marker into the future as to what you’re wanting to accomplish with Edmonton marketing. So our vision is to transform the digital footprint, thousand businesses. So that is always in forefront of our mind. And that is the goal and target are wanting to reach. So it’s very important for a business to have articles reach into achieved so that you’re not just aimlessly wandering about not knowing where you want to build for, why you’d want to get. So you have to have a very specific vision for the future of your company. And also it’s vital that people in your organization.

So why is it important for that vision to have a number of attachment? Well, if you don’t have a number you can’t measure, right? And statistically what gets measured gets results. So if you are not measuring and counting down on how many people you’re helping or whether it’s a dollar value or how many people you want to help like ours, if you’re not measuring that and getting those Edmonton marketing metrics, then how will you know when you’ve achieved it? And maybe you’ve set your targets too low and you, and you’re wrapping up. Now you can set up in a larger target and increase and expand that. So it’s super important that you would have had a value attached. Okay. So if the vision is forward, good question. Um, the mission is the day to day, what you’re going to do, the boots on the ground, how you’re going to go forward to achieve your vision. So for instance, we want to reach and a thousand businesses, our mission talks about what we’re going to do in order to make that happen. So our mission is to inspire businesses to tell unique stories so that they can transform and attract the hearts of their customs. Perfect. It’s how a business goes about doing, completing their dish. Super, super important to have that in mind moving forward with Edmonton marketing.

So I kind of rattled that off as our mission. Will employees remember, I’m going to say no because even have tried to make it as short and concise as possible so that it’s easily trends verbal to your employees, to all stakeholders in the business, easy to remember. And whenever they run into a an issue or problem that they’re trying to solve, they can just go back to what is their vision and moving forward with all your business initiatives. People will understand easily and quickly what our business value, business value, business values are, what I would call the core beliefs and what you hold value like valuable to your company. So for instance, things like how you treat employees, how you serve as customers, how you build out doing everything. So some of our Edmonton marketing values include fits right for the customers, right? Or if the company and you know, being high energy is better than low energy and things like that.

So that when we are interacting with our Edmonton marketing clients and the people within our organization, it is evidenced by what we do, who we are, how that message is. So for instance, if your value is to always do what’s right for the customer to always be honest and provide high value, then that is something that you can transmute to transmit in all of your marketing materials. Not only marketing materials but in the attitudes of your employees and stakeholders in the business. And that gets put out to the marketplace and your customers by not just what you say but what you do. And that’s more important. So having a list of these values that you can read and having here mind and into your heart on a daily basis, we’ll just help you to make those decisions going forward. Every Edmonton marketing client interaction, well therefore they’re for both.

Like I mentioned in the last question, at the end, they’re having these problems, vision, mission, values laid out. They’re important for every employee in every stakeholder to really grasp onto and understand and live out. Because then when they pick up the phone or they’re answering an email or they get an irate customer coming at them, they can remember, okay, this is, this is my value, this is what we do, this is how we do things. So I’m going to respond this way. So really the decision is made ahead of time how someone is going to respond to irritated customer and a happy customer. For someone who is completely unfamiliar with the business and for the customer. If they understand and are able to live out these values in front of them, then the have more confidence and faith in your company.

These statements written down, well if you don’t write something down and you just say things, then it’s harder for people to actually, right. So having them written down somewhere in your Edmonton marketing business or you can, what we did at one company is be hadn’t written down on a little card. So that would be a reminder for these are what are our visions and times. So it’s very important because we forget we’ve got the attention span of less than a goldfish right now. So, um, to think that we’re going to remember all these Edmonton marketing values day in and day out, it’s not going to happen. So going over them in a daily meeting or, or having them on your website posted in different places, super valuable for you to remember yourself and also for on-boarding new people. If that is put out in front of them, then it’s easier for them to catch on to what you’re all about.

Why is it important to who you are is a couple of ways. One, you might have those killer logo, it’s just a different, it’s like apples, but my logo was an orange, should be just doesn’t make any sense. So you’d be spending a lot of money to re re-brand trumps all done or shirts or hats and whatnot and he completely doesn’t match in. You are as a company. So there’s that. Um, and another example is sort of why you would do that. It’s putting the Edmonton marketing cart before the horse, right? So that’s the best way that I should never invested much money getting a fancy logo and putting all of these things out there. When you don’t understand, you may also damage your brand by putting something out there.

Any other reasons? So how does having these statements help you with recruiting new employees? Well, that’s really good question because what will happen is when you put out the ad, they’re going to check your lips, they’re going to take it, and nine times out of 10 they’re going to be looking through your website a little more thoroughly than someone who is maybe looking to hire you or buy your product. So they want to learn more about your company and their Edmonton marketing, right? So people nowadays, especially millennials, they want to have a connection with a company and be a part of something bigger than just a thought. So it’s very important that you have this laid out and written down on your website. And when people are wanting to join your team, you have to communicate your values so that they know number one, you are what you’re all about. And if you align with your values, because if you don’t, they’re not going to be a fit for you and you’re not going to be kit for them. So it’s just been interesting. Well that’s it for today. We have covered all the ins and outs of creating all those statements, that vision that you have in your mission. And your values. So thanks for joining us today, and we will have some more great videos.