Edmonton Marketing | Google Friendly Websites

Edmonton Marketing | Google Friendly Websites

Hi everyone. Welcome back to our Edmonton marketing YouTube channel. We’re here today to talk all about Google friendly websites. So my name is Karen, my husband Trevor. We are co owners of inspired method marketing and thanks for joining us today. So we’re just going to get right into it and I just want to share a quote with you guys. Awesome. My rule of thumb is to build a site for a user, not a spider, and that is by David Naylor. So there you go. That’s the premise behind a website. It should be very friendly for the user. Google accounts for 78% of internet searches

worldwide. So you want to tell us a story about, sure. Yeah. Well, what we found here is that a lot of businesses design their Edmonton marketing websites solely based on how it looks and how wait not how it creates leads and sales or how it ranks on Google. They do it basically just for themselves and Oh, does it look pretty? But you know, a pretty website on page 18 of Google does you? No. Good at all.

Yeah, it’s in the graveyard, isn’t it? Yeah. So, okay, so let’s get down into the nitty gritty. All right. What does it mean? What do you mean by the term Google friendly website?

Well, to be frank, a Google friendly website is one that loads fast, one that is usable on desktop and all different mobile devices. One that Google likes that is relevant information for the user and that um, you don’t get you high up on page one. So, uh, a website that is friendly for Google hits a lot of criteria all along the way so that Google likes you and trust you because a lot of people like you and trust you and go to your Edmonton marketing website as a relevant source of information.

Okay. Does the website need to be fancy in order to be effective?

Not necessarily. Um, there’s a lot of websites that aren’t super fancy. It was a lot of moving images and video backgrounds and you know, different things out there that are still a really, really effective. One of the most important things that you got to keep in mind for Edmonton marketing is simple. Keep it simple. Make sure that the pages can low fast. Make sure that people get information quickly and be able to take action on your website. That’s what’s most important. Okay,

so why is that website loading time a serious factor?

Well, if you think about it when you’re searching, you know when, let’s say you click on a link that you found in Google or on, you know somewhere. So maybe you’re clicking on an ad and the website takes longer than two, three seconds or even longer to load. You know, you’re just going to bounce and go somewhere else, right? Because we have, you know, attention span of a goldfish nowadays. And you know, if your website doesn’t load up really fast with the Edmonton marketing information that people are looking for quickly, they’re just going to bounce. They’re just going to go somewhere else. And that’s why it’s important to have a fast load speed. Google tracks it and you should be tracking it as well. So if your web page is loaded down and bogged down with large pictures, images, videos, and other fancy things and it just doesn’t mean it just gums up the works and it makes it more difficult for the user, which Google hates.

Yeah. So what is a responsive website then?

So responsive website is one, like I kind of alluded to it earlier. One that is consistent across all platforms. So whether you are on a desktop, you’re on a tablet or a handheld device, whether it’s an android or apple, um, it’s consistent so that what is seen on one device, it’s a seamless experience between them all so that someone can start searching on your website, on mobile. And then if they need to get in there and finish up a transaction, let’s say they can do it easily on mobile. So there’s no difference. I’m a vast difference on your website between the different platforms. So how important is Edmonton marketing content on the website content? Well, when you think about Google, the whole reason that Google, Yahoo, bing, MSN, all these different networks came about. The search engines was for information. People are looking for information. When they’re searching on these websites.

So when is your website have to have information, Edmonton marketing information in the form of words you need type. You need content that is rich in knowledge for the user based on what you sell. So I mean, if you’re selling, let’s say a plumbing services, you’re not going to be talking about, you know what’s happening in Hollywood. You’re not going to be talking about, you know, political things and are things that are happening on city hall. You’re going to give people relevant plumbing information, right? That’s what you need to be putting on your site. So if you say you’re a plumbing website, you’re a plumbing service, that’s what the content needs to be about because that’s what people are looking for. Okay?

Does the small business need to have a website that has hundreds of pages on it?

No, not at all. Um, you just need a few pages. Um, if you’re a small Edmonton marketing business, now, if you, the only reason you would have hundreds or even thousands of pages, it’s simply because you have an e-commerce website where you listing a bunch of products for sale. So a catalog of, of multiple different products is the only reason you should have lots and lots of pages. You remember when I sent earlier, you want to keep the kiss factor involved. Keep it simple, keep it so simple that it’s easy for people to understand your website, easy to navigate, easy to find things and get the information they need quickly.

Okay. What are some uh, content guidelines for a small business website

content guidelines? Well, like I was kind of alluding to earlier, you want to make sure that the content is relevant. Make sure that people come away from your site with a better understanding of your product, who you are, what you stand for, and how you’re going to service them, right? That’s some, some big, big things that you need to keep in mind. Number two, make sure that you have enough content per page. Because remember when I said earlier, Google looks for content, looks for words, so on every page, do you want to make sure you have at least a thousand words? That’s right. I said a thousand words of content on each page. Okay? It’s very important because when Google is looking for Edmonton marketing sites to be known as the SME or the subject matter expert, having more content relevant to what you’re selling or what you’re doing is always better. Okay.

So how often should a business add content to the website?

Well, you know what, I’ve, what I’ve heard and what I’ve learned is Google crawls websites every three to four weeks to look for differences. And if you are changing your website and least every three weeks or a one month cycle, that’s really good. Depending on how competitive the environment is, where you are, you may want to do that even closer together. So once a week or every two weeks you should be adding new content to your website so that you continue to get Edmonton marketing love from Google. Hmm.

That’s actually a quiet kind of interesting. Yeah. So what, why do you recommend that a small business have a no brainer offer on their home page? Right? Which site?

Well, remember before when I was talking about, um, making sure that the page loads fast, people typically are sent to the homepage of a website, right. And on that home page right there at the first glimpse that you see that that’s where you want to have your no brainer offer so that people understand quickly who you are, what you’re all about, what the offer is, why they clicked there in the first place, and why they should continue to, um, give you their information in exchange for what you’re going to give them. Right? So having it right there at the very top of the page above the fold, soon as your site pops up on their mobile device or on their desktop, that’s where it needs to be to get the most interaction and Edmonton marketing leads for your business.

So then the no, no brainer offer shouldn’t be just anywhere on the page. It should be kind of at top portion, the first spot that they see when exactly. Yeah, I see you.

And you know, a lot of websites where they, they’re trying to hold out or something from customers make is they think in their mind that, oh, if people are on my page, I’ll wait to the scroll down to the very bottom to see the Edmonton marketing offer. And that’s a huge mistake. Get it in their faces as soon as possible. If you’re offering, you know, um, let’s see a free furnace checkup or you’re offering a free carbon monoxide detector or some kind of offer like that, and you want people to know about that right away or some kind of rebate, let them know right away. Don’t make them wait. Don’t make them jump to another website while they’re searching because they might open up your web page on Google and have all the other ones just waiting on another tab and soon as yours isn’t giving them enough information, boom, they’re gone and they clicked onto the next one. So you gotta make it easy for them to get information in, easy to understand your offer.

Well, that makes sense. Otherwise, I’ll just probably bounce off your page. They couldn’t anyway. Yeah, and you’ve lost that traffic. Yeah, exactly. Well, thanks so much for tuning in and thanks for explaining Google friendly websites and there’s so much to learn about Edmonton marketing and if you guys need help with any of that, you know who to contact. Inspiring method marketing. We’ll give you lots of help and advice, and we have a proven path to help you with your marketing. Awesome. Bye.