Edmonton Marketing | Getting Google Reviews

Edmonton Marketing | Getting Google Reviews

Hi, welcome back to inspiring methods Edmonton marketing channel here on Youtube. We’re so glad you joined us today. Today we’re going to be going over another really important topic for our marketing and making your marketing count for you. We’re going to be talking about getting those Google reviews. It seems like a simple task, doesn’t it? Well, today I’m Karen, I’m carrying every day. This is what it was when Trevor were co owners of inspiring method marketing. And we’re always here to give you the latest, greatest innovative, creative ways to make your marketing go further for your business or your personal brand. So like I said, today we’re going to be talking about getting those Google reviews and we’ll tell you why that’s so important as well as we go along. Henry Ford, everyone knows who he is. He said that you can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do. So according to Moz, search engine optimization experts agree that Google reviews with texts that are the top three things that businesses can do to improve their ranking. Yeah.

So little bit of a backstory here. Um, businesses that we help commonly don’t understand the value of having a lot of Google reviews. And they really struggle with getting those reviews can because why it’s not always easy to get them. Sometimes customers forget and they don’t know how to log into Google and leave that review. So when it comes to implementing strategies, they struggle. And what we’re going to be sharing today is a few of those Edmonton marketing tips that we use on a regular basis to help our clients with getting more Google reviews.

Yeah. So question number one for HR is which businesses can get away with not getting Google reviews?

Are there such businesses? Well, I’m going to say as a blanket statement. No, there’s no business that can get away with not having a Google review. Um, the only ones that might be, um, um, not included in that would be really, really large industrial multinational type companies. They don’t really rely on Google reviews for Edmonton marketing. But then again, those are in the art to our customers. We’re going after local businesses who have local reach. Um, they can be even nationwide, but really most of them are focused in a central location, in a city or a town.

Makes Sense. So why do businesses have such a hard time getting, who are abuse from him that

customers? Well, it comes from a lot of different things. I would say firstly they don’t ask for Google reviews for Edmonton marketing on a regular basis. So you don’t ask, you don’t get a number two, they don’t train their staff on asking for those reviews or training their staff on how to make it easy for clients to give Google reviews. Those are two weeks. Then number three, I would say most commonly people forget. You ask for review to say, Yay, I’ll give you a few. Sure. You guys are awesome. And um, soon as they walk out the door and they forget because you get busy with life and um, you know, it just how it is. People just forget now the ones that do leave a review, we love those people, their favorite. So that’s why that’s such a hard time.

Yeah. People Forget. That’s true. You have to remind them. So why is it important for customers to also leave written review and not just stars?

Hmm. Well, because with, with any review, people are looking at them. They don’t want to see just a bunch of no names with five stars in the words behind. They want to really see what that customer experiences and Google is looking at that as well. So if you have those reviews with some type of a written response as to Oh, we love the service here, or we dealt with so and so and they did a really good job for us, or we love you guys, you are awesome. You know, some kind of an objective review that goes a whole lot further because of why when people are doing their search and they look in their reading the reviews, they want to see what kind of experiences they can expect with your company.

Yeah. Details. It’s all in the details, right? Yeah. So how can you use Facebook messenger for getting there?

Mm, so Facebook messenger, you can do a couple of things. Easiest thing is if you have a list of people that you’ve done work with the business with or then you’re connected with on messenger, you can go through there and just give them a quick text and say, Hey, um, thank you so much for being a customer and you know me like me, trust me. What, do you mind giving me a Google review? And most of the time they say, yeah, sure why not. And then you just can easily send them a link to your Google reviews page and they can almost immediately start giving you a review right there and they don’t have to do any extra steps. They can just click on that link and go from there. Other things you can do is you can set up a uh, a review bot through a company’s called many chat for Edmonton marketing.

You can create one through there and, um, people will go through and they’ll rate your service, rate your menu, rate your business on a scale of one through five. And then any complete five star reviews that you get on that Bot. Because it’s not on, you know, Facebook or Google or anything yet you’re going to have a manager or someone follow up with them or even yourself as a business owner, a followup and say, Hey, I noticed you gave us a five star review in our Bot. Would you mind going through and I’m just making that public and going onto Google and then just send them the link to the Google page. Interesting. So how can you use email to get rooms? Email, same thing. If you have a list of customers, hopefully you’re gathering the emails of the customers you have for Edmonton marketing, you have a list of them and you can easily send them instructions on how to leave of you first off, you know, touch base with them.

Again, you don’t want to come out of the blue out of left field out of nowhere. There are people who are arguing in your customer base, you’ve dealt with and they know who you are. Then you send them an email saying, hey, thanks so much for being our customer. You know, we love you, you’re great, Yada Yada. Would you please send us a review? And then you leave instructions in that email and how they can go about doing a review, leave links there, and they can easily click on it, open up the Google reviews page and quickly and easily leave you that Edmonton marketing review. That sounds a lot easier. So how do business owners get their employees onboard with getting those reviews from customers? Well, a couple of different ways. Number one, you gotta train, you gotta train them as to why they need to get these reviews for the business and the importance of it.

Number two, you can have Edmonton marketing incentives, right? So even as a, as bragging rights, so have a, let’s say you have your employees listed out on a sheet in the back room or something and everybody can see their target, um, Google reviews that they have to get and how many everyone is getting. And then the winner gets a prize. You know, the amount of people who, uh, the person who gets the most Google reviews at the end of the week can get a, you know, maybe, uh, a paid day off or, you know, a gift card or something of that nature. So it really puts that competition in that, that level up for people to actually ask those reviews and I get them from customers and of course have the tools necessary that they need in order to make it easy for customers to, to leave that review. What kind of automation tools do you recommend getting Edmonton marketing reviews from happy customers?

Um, so automation tools, I think we’ve covered a couple of them. Use your email, use many chat. Um, if you need help setting that up, we can guide you and help you get that review system set up. Um, and you know, the, the biggest thing for automated reviews is making sure that you’ve got those tools ready to go in the pipe. What I’ve done, um, it’s not really automated, but I’ve created cheat sheets for customers to have for the reception to hand out to the, uh, to the clients as they’re leaving the office, whether it’s a dental office or dermatology office. You know, here, take this because a lot of the patients that have are older or maybe they’re not real tech savvy, they don’t understand how to do it. So even handing them a piece of paper as a way to have that more automatic response from people. And then the, of course having a place to review on your Facebook page or in your website. But I really like using emails, the chat bots or um, the instant messaging type of assistance.

So what is the right way to incentivize a client for you?

Hmm, that’s, that’s really good because you can’t pay for a review like it’s against Google’s a code of conduct and their, their rules of engagement for getting reviews. So what you can do is you can offer so that you give us a review and the next time you come in for a purchase, we’ll give you, you know, 10% off or give you some kind of a, an incentive that way. I’ve actually seen that. So that, that’s a way you can get around that, that rule. Um, but you never want to say, Hey, I’ll trade you $20 for a mover and you’d know you can, can, you can’t do that because then, um, number one, they should be a customer of yours or acquainted with your business. They know, like, and trust you. Um, and then after that and you can set them on the next time they come in, if they’ve given a review, show the review. Yeah. It just kind of a little bit of goodwill there. So he never wanted me to, you know, go outside of those rules because it’s happening in the past when Google has timed out, someone is paying for a Edmonton marketing reviews that they wipe all of the reviews of down to zero. Wow. Yeah. Not Cool.

That makes sense. This is not fair if you’re a bank unethically, so why don’t your business stop asking

for Google reviews? Well, I think you should stop asking for Google reviews. Never. You should never stop asking, shutting the doors shut the doors to the business. Hopefully if you’ve gotten a lots of reviews and a lot of repeat referral Edmonton marketing business, you don’t have to shut the doors. So I was saying never ever stopped.

Right. Well that’s it for today. Lots of great information. Thank you Trevor. And don’t forget to like this video. If you liked the content and share it wherever you want, where he can to help others and subscribe to our channel. It’s always stay up to date with the latest information. Thanks for joining us today. Bye.