Edmonton Marketing | Facebook for Small Business

Edmonton Marketing | Facebook for Small Business

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Inspired Method Edmonton marketing YouTube channel. My name is Trevor Samons. This is my lovely wife Karen Samons and we are the founders of inspired method marketing Edmonton. Oh, today we’re going to be talking about using Facebook for small business. A very good topic that everybody needs to hear and I know you’re going to get something great out of this. Um, so Alyssa Gregory is quoted as saying the balance small business website doing something simply because your competition is doing it isn’t a good enough reason. But when it comes to social media and not having a Facebook page or a presence on other social networks can cost you opportunities, especially if your competition is using social media and using it very well. Right? So a quick statistic for you, 68% of Americans use Facebook. Facebook is the top choice for reaching the broad, broadest audience. Compare that to 35% of Americans are using Instagram. 29% are using Pinterest in 24% are using Twitter. So Facebook is huge. So Karen,

yeah, that can start us off from hood suite. Every small business can use this free platform to build a community around their brand. So that’s the one thing I want you to remember. People want to see behind the scenes and a real human touch to who the brand is. Facebook a Facebook page allows for that all that it has to offer. So you can have like videos and that allows for two way interaction. So that’s just one example how you can help your small business with Edmonton marketing.

Awesome. So how hard is it to set up a Facebook page for your small business?

This is funny. I just actually did an example in a video to show how darn easy to create that Facebook page. Literally. Well you need to have your own personal profile set up. First of all, you can’t set up a business page without a personal profile, so you’re not okay with that. Find someone who’ll do it for you. You’re going to, then we’re going to have to be an admin of the page. But there has to be a personal attached to the business. But the business page does not have to have the same name as the personal. It’s so easy though. You just have to go to, um, there’s a spot on your personal or yeah, kind of go over to business face, business dot Facebook. I think it is.com anyway, that it’s so easy. You just walked, it walks you through. Step by step is not hard at all. You pick your categories, uh, you pick what kind of business you are. You could be just a public figure. I just did one for my own personal names. So it was so simple. Like it was the shortest video I’ve ever done. Yeah. And how to do it. Yeah.

Yeah. It’s very easy to set up and it’s just a matter of filling in the blanks. They, Facebook guides you through a tutorial and you just fill in all the information for Edmonton marketing.

Yeah, I would say one thing, um, you can make a lot of changes after. So if we get something wrong that’s totally fine. But don’t get your name wrong because that is really hard to change. It can be a real pain to change it after. So figuring out what you want to call your business page before it’s like too hard to change it later. And then if you already have followers and people liking your page, it gets even harder. So be very clear about the name of your page. That’s one tip I’ll give you. Yeah. Awesome. So, um, what are the main reasons every business should be represented on Facebook? Well, I kind of, we’ve kind of already, or maybe I said it already, somewhere in the stats above. Um, if you’re not, you’re missing out on Edmonton marketing opportunities because if you heard those stats, many people are on Facebook already and it’s a great place for you to come almost create a website for free.

You don’t have to worry about hosting and you don’t have to worry about like all that, you know, integrating things in there. It’s ready. You just plug and play like even easier than plugging in things that you would have to do on a website and people are going to look for you. They’re for your brand and they’re going to, if they find you, you’re going to have those opportunities to sell to them. To connect with them to build a community around your brand and other people aren’t doing it as well. So you don’t want to miss out on those Edmonton marketing opportunities. Yeah. So what kinds of content should a business put on their Facebook page? Obviously you want to keep it around your business, whatever that business is. It doesn’t make sense. I think we talked about this before. What was it that Phil made a joke about it.

Doughnuts and a plumber. You don’t want to be talking about irrelevant things that have nothing to do with your brands unless there’s some tie in. Um, but keep it engaging, keep it entertaining, keep it impactful. And also educators, like you want to just be teaching your audience and your community all about your brands. So those are the types of things you should be always adding to your Facebook page. So what kind of Edmonton marketing content gets most reach in engagement? Definitely things that go viral and would be personal, like a little bit of personal mixed in personal, both the grants and behind the scenes. Things that people wouldn’t necessarily see in their everyday life. They want to see it in your brand. Uh, those get a lot of good reach up. Obviously entertaining stuff always does. Um, another thing

that, that, that I just thought about was people see people’s faces. So even if it’s just a head and shoulder shots and people on your team or a video now of let’s say a family picnic or Christmas party or something like that, people will, will watch it weird. But they do, people are interested in watching other people’s lives on, on Facebook. So, um, if you have something going on in your business, whether it’s a customer appreciation day or a new staff member or someone getting an award or even just

a glimpse into the people in the business, yeah, something relatable

that will, you’ll see, you’ll get way more reach out of that then. Anything, any product shots that you put on there. Guaranteed. Guaranteed. Yeah. So, um, can I integrate my website and my Facebook page?

Great question. So if you have a website and you have a Facebook business page, you definitely should be integrating the two. And it’s something as simple as the pixel. Now, if you don’t know what that is, you can ask us the question. Maybe we’ll do a light, another video talking about that later on. But just know that you can integrate the two, the Pixel, something you put on your website that’s attached to the Facebook page and it gives you insight onto the traffic that’s going to website and you can actually use that data for Edmonton marketing future ad campaigns. That’s why it’s important to do it. So

yeah, absolutely. And you can also have share buttons and you can also have links from your, your um, uh, website to your Facebook profile so people can connect with you there too. Yeah, two weeks, like back and forth for sure. Very cool. Um, so what exactly does the Pixel do? Right?

It’s just this little piece of code and it’s actually not hard to add on a website. Obviously if you’ve never done anything on a website, they really hard for you. But whoever made your website would easily be able to do this. And it’s just a piece of code or a snippet that gets put on a certain spot on your website that we’ll collect that data for Edmonton marketing. It can be a whole website collection or can even be specific to one page on your, on your website and it collects the data. Do you want to add anything?

Yeah. It can also be a set up to record a specific action on your website. So if you have a, an ecommerce website where people can purchase things on your page, let’s say your Shopify store or something like that, you can actually integrate the Facebook pixel with that with a specific custom action on there so that when somebody’s not, say fills up their car but leaves it records that if somebody clicks on buy now and they don’t finish, then they record that. Or if they bought something but didn’t buy something else, they can record all these difference custom actions. Um, so it’s pretty powerful tool, especially for ecommerce. But for traffic alone and optimizing your Facebook campaigns, you definitely need to have that Facebook pixel on your page. Okay, cool. So, um, what are some organic ways to get more activity on our Facebook page?

Well, it is getting much harder to get organic activity and everyday it seems like there’s another update of why organic reach is going lower, but there’s still ways to do it. So some of the ones we already touched on is showing the human beings that’s always going to get more reach and you know, just more engagement. More people will see it. So impressions will go up. A video really helps us. Well, and then of course the Edmonton marketing content that you put in those videos and coasts, you want to make it engaging. You want to have it, you know, educating all just sort of all those same things entertaining. Um, yeah, those are the biggest things. Something that’s impactful. All those things are good. Good, good, good, good. What are we to do in real life? You want to emulate that online, even through a brand or a personal brand or a business, you want to keep it social hundred percent.

So what about using Facebook advertising campaigns? Are they really worth the money? They are. They are worth the money. You do want to be ready for that. You don’t want to just be throwing the money in boosting posts here and there. You want to make sure you have a specific objective and why are using your money, your hard earned money to give back to Facebook. And what will you get in return? So make sure you’re very clear about your Edmonton marketing objectives. Is it to get more page likes? Is it to actually get, I should hope is to get conversions, whatever those conversions are, should always be about that. So yes, it’s definitely worth it though. Awesome. So what are some things that I shouldn’t do with my Facebook page? Well, you, you want to make sure you don’t skip the plan. Like just don’t do that.

Like if you, you got to have a plan of why you’re using your Facebook page and don’t skip out on that. Don’t, you know, go off course. Stick to the plan. Uh, you don’t want to lie or mislead people with that click baity thing. You don’t want to be doing that. You want to be truthful. You want people to engage with you for real. You don’t want to, you know, make them upset or make the leap. You don’t want to spam your audience. So don’t be like always putting out a million posts in a row. Nobody wants to see that many Edmonton marketing things from one person or one brand. I’m sorry, Facebook is you’re just going to get buried at that point. People are not going to pay attention. Think about what you like, what don’t what you don’t like and don’t do that with Facebook page.

So you also don’t want to ignore everybody else on Facebook. Like other brands. You want to make sure or even other people that are in your community. You want to make sure you’re engaging with them to wait. So if you’re going to do a live video, talk to them on that live video. They might have some questions. I get that two way conversation going. You’re not the only one who can do this on Facebook. Um, don’t be vulgar or obnoxious or confrontational that those are just kind of big new oils with a brand. And when you see, unless that’s your brand strategy. Sometimes there’s certain, I guess I can get away with that, but that is, that is a well preplanned idea. But for most businesses don’t do that. Yeah, I would say I think it’s different to be vulgar compared to just swearing. Like that’s different. Well there’s just something totally different. Uh, maybe don’t share too much personal stuff, you know, keep it simple and where people still respect you and you know, if they don’t have to know every little thing and don’t the last one, do not self promote all the time. It’s another sure way to lose your community

and your audience. So those are great things to do with your Facebook page. I think we just kind of scratch scratch, scratch the surface on why you think Facebook is important for small businesses. And a thank you so much for sharing with us today. Karen, you are the social media queen and I’m just the joker. Thank you so much for tuning into Edmonton marketing. Um, if you liked what you saw here, and please subscribe to our channel and give us a thumbs up and leave some comments down. We will. All right. So thank you so much and we will catch you guys next time.