Edmonton Marketing | Effective Local SEO For Small Business

Edmonton Marketing | Effective Local SEO For Small Business

Hi, welcome to the Edmonton marketing channel here on Youtube. We’re so glad you joined us today. My name is Karen. This is my beautiful husband, you’re co owners of inspired method marketing. And we’re here to share with you another hot topic and innovative, creative way to help your small business when in an economy where it is not that easy to win. So we’ll give you some strategies today about Seo. You know what, that is great. If you don’t, we’re going to break it down for you. But why local SEO is important for small business. So today it’s not about the, about get the traffic, it’s about get the targeted and relevant traffic. And that’s coming from Adam odd debt, chief knowledge officer R. K. G. Awesome. So 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles and that’s coming from hubspot. So 72% are looking locally online and they’re visiting those stores within that local area.

Five miles. That’s huge. So that’s why having a plan for local Seo is critical for any small business ranking on page one for Google. Local searches in your home city means more sales and more conversions for me. Totally. So what do you mean by local search? Local search. So any time that you are going on to Google, oh, let’s say you’re in your home town, we’re in Edmonton. So we’re doing a local Edmonton marketing search on Google. Any results that Google puts up there based on your geographic location, they send you the most relevant information based on where you are in the world because you’re tracking it through your cell phone. Like may know where you are. It’s creepy as that is. But what they’re trying to do is make it more the most relevant Edmonton Marketing information for me. So if you’re looking for um, um, barbershop and you type in Barbara shop and they give you results for a barbershop in like Oklahoma in the states or so, when you live in Canada, absolutely irrelevant.

You want to make you make it relevant for you in your local area so that you get best information possible to make a decision. So true, nothing more frustrating. I’m like, I am not in that country. Why would I need that information? What is the first step in getting found in local searches? Uh, it goes back to our tried and true. I’m never fail method of starting with a Google my business listing. That was step number one. So getting that listing set up, optimizing it and get starting to get reviews on that. Google my business listing is the number one place that everybody has to go to get started being found in local searches on Google. Okay, next question. What is meant by organic search results? Organic search results. So those are the ones that show up in the window of that are not paid placements.

So if somebody, let’s say they’re searching for, give me a search. Auto mechanic, auto mechanic. So auto mechanic in local city, insert city here. So a local mechanic. So all the ones that show up in the very top spots in Google. Those ones there are all paid for placements or Google adwords. Search results are the ones that show up below the paid ads and below that little map, the map is great because it shows you based on your location, the closest ones that fit that criteria and then read it or knew that it was your organic Edmonton marketing results. I have a question, not sure if we know the answer to this, but when you see those ads at the very top, are they still relevant at all to your key search keywords, keyword search? Sometimes let’s say you’re in Edmonton, you’re looking for a auto mechanic or are they going to give you an auto mechanic and Calgary?

Um, sometimes that does happen, but most of the time it’s fairly relevant. Yeah, yeah, most of them it’s fairly relevant, but some on the odd occasion you will get something that’s like from maybe across the country that’s in a similar vein of what you’re looking for, which might not always be a bad thing. But, um, okay, so then speaking of that, and why can’t I just pay for good placement on Google? Well you can, if you’ve got lots and lots and lots of money, you can pay for placements when people search up, anything related to your industry if you want, but you’re going to pay a ton of money for that. So it’s just not, not cost effective. It doesn’t make sense to do that. That’s like taking money and just kind of burning in for no good reason. No, no fuck behind it. No targeting, no, no.

You know, relevancy behind what your ads are designed for. Um, so let’s say you are able to go back to auto mechanic. So you pay for ads, anybody that is, you know, texting the word Chevrolet. Um, Toyota Honda, how do we repair a like, like blank have repairee and this, this, this, how to recreate that. Um, you know, all those different search terms. You could be paying forever and never, you know, made them as in fact, right? So it just doesn’t make sense. So why do I need an updated responsive website? So responsive website is one that looks and feels the same across all the different devices, whether you’re on a smart phone and tablet or a laptop or PC. Um, that is very important because it’s, it’s the standard, it’s the standard. Now it’s what people are looking for is a congruent looking feel across all the different devices.

And it’s what Google is looking for mainly because why? They want people to have a seamless experience across all the devices. So in super important, if you haven’t updated your website in five years, get on that like get on it now. Don’t wait because you, you, you will go down in the rankings just because of that alone. So thinking about getting it right, how much content do I need for good Google ranking? I did a search on this and the average top spot, Google ranking page has 1,897 words and that’s a minute less than it was just one page on a website. So, so you want more, more than that. So like all of our clients, we tell a thousand words, a thousand words, a page on your website, minimum. And then continually be adding content, had at least a thousand words a week in order to stay relevant and stay on top of those Edmonton marketing searches.

Yeah, content. He’s Kamen. So speaking on that, and he said once a week, how often should I update the content on my site and minimum, minimum once a week. But if you’re going to do it in batches, I would say every two to three weeks minimum. But it’s, it’s a best practice just updated every week cause you don’t know when Google is going to be searching the website to look for changes on your website. So just do it regular. So update means just adding new content. You don’t necessarily mean going back and changing something that’s existing? Correct. Yeah. I mean if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But Seo is an ongoing all the time. The thing that should be taken care of continuously, it never stops because the website, the Internet never stops growing. So you need to always stay on top of things. You want to be number one, right?

No, that’s true. We all want to be number one. Once I’m on page one, when is it a good time to stop with the content creation? So I’m on page one of Google. When she stopped that content creation. Well you should never ever stop. Never ever stopped her right there. I never ever stopped. So always be going. You might want to go after a different search term or a different long tail search, a string, but you never want to stop creating that content that’s relevant, that that meets all the criteria for Google, which is eat expertise, authority and trustworthiness. You want to make sure you’ve got all that content coming up regularly.

So did I think we covered everything? So cool. So what is Seo? Seo, search engine optimization. We probably have another video on that, but just giving a recap of, so um, search engines such as Google, youtube, Yahoo, there’s no know all these different search engines. They are designed for making life easier for people who are online to find things. That’s what a search engine is. And that’s what I search engine is designed for. So, um, for you or a website to be found on Google or any of these different, um, search engines you need to have relevant, these are good strategies. These are Edmonton marketing strategies where you can get your pit, your website on page one. And uh, you know, if your website is on page two, that the odds of somebody clicking on it organically, it’s very, very rare. It’s super rare, right? Um, top spots, one, two and three account for over well over 85% of the clicks on Google.

So even just being in one of those top three spots is where you, you shouldn’t be. And they go down dramatically from there. And if you’re on page two, that gets, it’s really ridiculous. Where websites going to die. That’s right. So anyways, that’s, that’s what we have for you for today on Edmonton marketing. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m again, Hugh, enjoyed the content here and you’re like what you’re seeing, please subscribe to our channel and shared and wherever you can as well as give us a thumbs up and maybe give us some comments down in the comments below. We appreciate it and thank you so much and we’ll get you guys next time. Bye.