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Edmonton Marketing | Digital Sales & Marketing

Hey everyone and welcome to Inspired Method Edmonton Marketing YouTube channel. And I’m here with Marie Clare Boothby  from Australia and she’ll introduce herself. She’s a dynamic business person in digital marketing and involved out there helping small businesses of all types really grow on digital platforms. So today what we’re going to be talking about is I everybody I had to throw the guy in Australia. That’s it. Yes. So I am feel that too just said, and I think today I want to highlight to everybody the importance of being an expert digital sales and marketing ourselves. Ooh, that’s good. I like that. So tell me, MC, when you are consulting with a business, what is some of the first things that you ask them or let them know that is important for them to understand about digital marketing and about their business? Yeah, one of the first things is that they need to understand that they, their core business, no matter how good they are at, um, you know, service or product and how could they are their core business is that they ask a sales and marketing business.

Because even if I have a great product and great service, if they don’t know how to sell it, sell it or market it, they’re going to go out of business. Now that’s been true for ever and any expert will tell you that. But in the modern era right now and for the last few years and it’s going to get hotter and hotter and bigger and bigger, we are now in the core business of digital sales and marketing and it’s becoming absolutely necessary necessary to keep the doors open and to continue to thrive. Right. So when you say digital sales and Edmonton marketing, what are some of the, the ways that you help businesses with their digital presence? Okay, so the first thing is to get them to understand that they have to focus on that. It’s not something that they can just outsource completely to somebody else. I need to get involved in the process, need to understand what is required from them because it’s a two way street, right?

Digital mock, what? I can’t do everything on their own. They are not at the brands is the passion and the brand of that person. So that’s the first thing that we go through. So there’s an education process in that space. Um, and then it’s about, okay, what, who is their target audience? Who’s their client Avatar, who they are looking to attract in the, in there. And a lot of times business owners don’t understand the psychology of the person who is buying from them. Therefore they, they do this. Um, I call him spray and pray method. You, I think you’re probably familiar with that. Maybe you could even taught me that, but I’ve definitely picked it up. I have then it’s where you just advertise everywhere and anywhere to anyone and then you, you know, see spray the market and then you pray that someone’s going to call you, they’re going to get a client out of it.

And it’s just this of work these days. You don’t listen to me in that way. Yeah. So it’s about understanding the psychology of the buyer and then using that to work out what your digital strategy. Okay. And so many businesses do not have a strategy whatsoever. And I find exactly the same thing. They don’t understand the complexities of the digital space. And it’s not that it’s any different because you’re still looking for your ideal and likely buyer and you’re still providing a product or service to solve a problem for them. The only thing that has changed is the medium and how much you have to connect with that audience. Right. So maybe you can talk a little bit about how there are different ways to connect with their buyers and how they can use different platforms like say social media, um, and their, their website to communicate to those buyers to start building that relationship.

Yeah. Yeah. And I think that’s, that’s a really critical point about relationship. It’s about fast getting attention from that person so that they know who you are and then it’s about nurturing them. I mean, it’s very rare these days to close a deal, especially if it’s a big deal and there’s lots of dollars involved on a day one. And what a lot of people do in sales and marketing is that they talked about before they try it about boys you or can I send you as sales page before they’ve even met you or started talking to and that’s online or not, it doesn’t matter. So it’s about social media is about engaging with people. I’ve expressing who you ask that they get to know you and taking you on a journey, which does take time. It’s no longer the say, right? The Moffitt pray that doesn’t ring anymore.

People are convicted the line. So you mentioned like, you know, it’s not the platforms or what it is that you do in that space. It’s, there are so many ways. There’s some ways for sure. And it’s about working out what strategy were with EU. I think different businesses probably need different things to many industries. Um, and yeah, you certainly have a lot of experience with that device. Sorry. Yeah. I mean there’s so many different ways that someone can communicate with their audience, but it’s really, if you don’t understand your business, then you don’t know your buyer. If you don’t know your buyer, then you don’t know how to talk to them. If you don’t know how to talk to them, you can’t get them to buy anything from them. Um, and that is one of the biggest hurdles that a lot of lot of companies just don’t seem to to get an understand.

And like you mentioned what the spray and pray. We just sat down with somebody a couple of weeks ago and he had spent, I don’t know when he spent tens of thousands of dollars, send out 60,000 flyers in the mail and he got four responses, zero sales. And I hear that time and it happens way too often because why have, they don’t understand their ideal and likely buyer and they don’t know how people are communicating. So in today’s digital age and all the platforms that we have, people are looking online first before they look anywhere else. We’ve said it time and time again. Over 80% of people are looking to Google. They’re looking to yell, they’re looking to different platforms for some advice and some, some hints as to whether you’re a reputable company. Do you have good social standing? Are you taking or do you do what you say you can do and how have you interacted with other people?

So getting that social proof and that, um, understanding that you are a reputable Edmonton Marketing company because other people are saying, so if you’re not doing that, if you’re not putting effort and energy towards doing that, you’re going to fail. You’re going to close your business because more and more people are relying on digital for answers. So you’ve got to provide answers. So what is some of the favorite ways that you use to expand your own brand? So, okay, so the number one thing for me, and it’s a real hot topic at the moment is Facebook lives. Okay. So, uh, I remember thing last year that I could count on one hand the number of people in my region that we’re doing Facebook lives. And I’m happy to say that now I can probably count on my hands and my toes, but that’s not a big number for that reason alone is when you need to do it yourself because if not many other people are doing it is that scarcity approach.

Um, so therefore that’s my number one thing. And, and there’s not a whole with how heat of other reasons as well. Facebook lives is interruption marketing. It allows you to be authentic and really sharing a piston of brand warts and all. And that’s actually the best way because people don’t like polished and salespeople anymore. They liked it, but we stumble over keywords and you yourself then it’s also, it’s a tiny for them and they’re like, oh, maybe I can do that too. Um, it just shows that 30. So that’s another reason. But also because Facebook, it’s built on engagement. That’s, that’s what they want. They want people to comment. And what better way when you’re communicating with your audience and you’re answering questions or responding to comments and a lot of environment that encourages people. Like he can’t help but watch a live yourself and work out if they are, I want to, I actually want to comment on this.

And so you start typing and you just can’t help it. You get drawn into the conversation, Hey, fix Edmonton marketing like and it’s great for now. It won’t be forever. Maybe. So do it, do it now and it’s, yeah, it’s easy but it’s hard. So you’ve got to really just do it. Yeah, and it’s really because people are looking for information. So if you are answering questions like having a Q and a, yeah, it would be so powerful either in a live environment or even doing a Q and a that’s recording. Absolutely. Answering people’s questions about your brand, about your product, about your service because they’re looking for answers, they’re looking online and if you’re providing it for them, are they going to go somewhere else? Probably not. They’re going to be looking to you because you started providing that information for free. Like a Gary Vaynerchuk in his book, Jab, Jab, Jab, right hook, give, give, give, give and then you can ask for a sale.

You can consummate the deal. Only you started building that relationship with another person. Yeah. That’s the thing that I feel that a lot of Edmonton Marketing marketers and a lot of people don’t understand is building a relationship with another person. If there’s a person on the other side of the screen that is watching you, there’s a person on the other side of that thing that’s going to exchange money for services or money or products and you can’t just go in and steal it from them and pull it out of their pocket and scam them out of money. You have to gain trust, you have to establish expertise and authority and trustworthiness before someone is going to consummate the deal with you. So do you have any parting words for us or anything you can share about building relationships that well, and if I remember the exact stats, but I remember some time ago it used to be that you have to have 10 tasks.

Bonds quite listen before they made a decision to buy, especially the high ticket item. Nowadays with the digital world and the way we behave on our phones more than anything, it’s more like 30 touch points that you have to have before they make a decision, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the numbers aren’t low, high and now that used to be, but the good news of that is you can absolutely make that happen with digital marketing because you don’t have to do a lot to get there. The tough points. That’s right. A couple of different platforms and the couple of connections through whatever email or messenger or whatever it might be and keeping record. I pretty quickly at gain that trust. I’m sorry that you are an expert and then when it’s talked to, but then to make a decision, I’m buying decision. Lucky said we are going to cope. When are they going to contact? Probably Facebook or Instagram, like an instant messenger email or pick up the phone and do those weird things made you come into your store? Ooh, the Weirdos. It’s like about sprite. Yeah. Anyways, thank you so much for your time today. We appreciate it. No problem. Glad to have you again sometime. Definitely. And, uh, we’ll see you guys next time. Don’t forget to subscribe and give us a thumbs up for Edmonton Marketing and we’ll see you guys next time. Bye.