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Welcome back to Inspired Method Edmonton digital marketing. We are here to share with you today tons of marketing advice for your digital marketing needs. Yeah, so tonight we’re talking about sales training because we all in the business of selling, whether it’s to get a date, whether it’s to get what you want from your parents or cream or ice cream or whatever from your spouse.

We’re in the business of selling. We’re always going to be selling something so we might as well get good at it. So tonight we’re going to give you some training on how to get good at it. Awesome. My name’s Karen. This is my husband Trevor.

Quote for today!

We are co owners of inspired method marketing and you have found our YouTube channel. So we’re glad that you’re here with us tonight. This quote is from Jeffrey Gitomer and he says, great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers when awesome. Yeah, I love that. Love that. That’s us. We do that. Yeah. Um, customers who are contacted within one hour of inquiring are 60 times more likely to convert into a sale that he’s sick. That’s really good.

That’s amazing. Love that. So are these people that are already like really interested in your Edmonton digital marketing product? Well, if they’re inquiring about your product, they’re interested, or at least they’re thinking about buying a product like yours are similar to yours or your product. So yeah, there, yeah. Hot Hot items, hot leads.

Edmonton Digital Marketing

And one of the biggest problems that small businesses have is not having a clear Edmonton digital marketing and sales process that converts visitors into customers. Huge problem that small businesses have. They just don’t know how to connect the dots.

Yeah. So those leads aren’t making it to sales. Yeah. Not Good. So how important it,

How important is it to have a repeatable sales process?

It’s as important as breathing. If you’re in business and you don’t have a repeatable sales process for your people to go through, then you are going to be inconsistent. At best, you’ll be inconsistent. Um, you might get a sale here and there, um, but you will be losing a lot because of you don’t have a clear Edmonton digital marketing and sales system in place, which actually can lead to burnout. Yeah, for sure. Because you’re going to work too hard to do the same thing. I mean you might as well just get good at it. I figured out that system.

So where should a business start when creating that sales process?

The place that a business should start is what problem do you solve? What is the problem that you solve for people? What is the big idea? Right? So you need to be thinking about that first before you can go any further, right? If you are at solving a problem for people, then all you’re trying to do is flog a, a service or um, a, uh, a product without a purpose.

So what purpose do you hold in the marketplace? And then from there you need to understand what is my vision? What is my vision? How do, how am I going to help these people? How many people do I want to help and what area do I want to help them in? And then your mission, very important to have a mission, right? So all of these things you need to understand your brand and Edmonton digital marketing. You need to understand your problem, vision, mission, and values.

But number one, it starts with what problem am I solving?

Yeah. Those things are so important. If you don’t have those, it’s really hard to even stay consistent in your messaging because once you know that it just nails everything else down. Yeah. Because then you’re changing your mind every other day with what you, your main problem is that you solve and how you want to do it. Right.

So having an Edmonton digital marketing system and a scalable, systematic, repeatable sales process. Huge. It is. So then that actually leads to my next question. Um, when we’re talking about sales and support staff, why is buy-in from those sales and support staff? So important, man, if you don’t have buy in from them, then their performance is going to be very lack luster, like you have to be sold. Then the very most important sale is the sale to yourself.

Do I believe in what I’m doing and do the people on our Edmonton digital marketing team believe in what we’re doing? Do they believe we have the best product? Do they believe we have the best service? Do they believe that we are solving problems every day for our customers? Do they truly believe and get behind what we’re doing here? And if not, you need to sell that to them. That’s the number one sale that you got to make because it went in do, have buy in and they do believe that you’ve got the best product system, service, price, everything.

Edmonton Digital Marketing

Selling is easy.

It’s easy to get it done. Okay, so why is the right no brainer offer so important for businesses? Well, if you don’t have one, if you don’t have an offer for bit for people to take advantage of right away, like let’s say it’s a um, you know, free teeth whitening with uh, with adult checkups, then you know, you are, you’re missing out on potential customers.

You’re missing out on people who, who may be are on the fence with, with a dentist and not really loyal here or there. Then you know, you could be losing them. And in other cases, if you don’t have a good no brainer offer, which is, you know, something that of course I want that, then you’re going to be missing out on your ideal and likely buyers clicking on your site or staying on your site longer or inquiring a for more information from you. Um, so many people miss this.

They think, Oh, if I just put up information on the, on the website, um, and tell people how wonderful I am that they’re just going to go ahead and, and book with me when really people are always in it for themselves. What can I get for free or for, you know, almost no money with low commitment and I’ll, you know, kind of test the waters and see how these Edmonton digital marketing guys are.

Um, people are always looking for some kind of a, an incentive before they, they make a big purchase. Why? Because they can, they can check you out, right? Yeah. Until they know you and trust you and like you kind of have to put something out there. So how soon should an internet lead be followed up with? Soon as you can. As soon as you can. I mean if you can, if you can follow up with them within um, five minutes, you increase your chances by, Oh, I forget what the stats are. 21 times.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s huge. 21 times you can increase the likelihood of making that sale. So as soon as humanly possible. Okay. So should a salesperson follow up more than once with the lead? Yes. Yes. If you follow up only once, then you are, well, number one, if you’ve actually followed up with somebody, then you’re in the, in the top percentage of, of salespeople, that’s what average people do.

But if you really want to make a sale, you should follow up minimum of eight times.

It can take up to 12 times before you even get an appointment. And then from there you have to follow up again to make sure that is it going to come to the appointment? It could be another eight times after that in order to make that sale. So follow up is super important. And does that mean always just telling them, phoning them, like you talking to them or is that like some other way? It’s another touch point.

Gotta be creative and add some kind of Edmonton digital marketing value and have a reason for following up. Don’t just say, Oh hey, I’m just calling to say, hey, how are you are or anything like that. Just call and say, you know, hey, things have changed. You know, we’ve got this special going on and hey, I was thinking about, you know, you and your situation and this deal might be better for you, Yada, Yada.

And had some kind of value with it that every time that you call or just change up how you follow up. Don’t always follow up with an email. Don’t always follow up with a phone call. Maybe you might want to reach out to them with a, an Edmonton digital marketing video message or a text message or a voice message. I’m on their, uh, on their text with their cell phone. I mean, you can send a voice message over his cell. Um, so there’s a lot of different things that you can do. Okay.

So there’s always going to be objections almost. So like certainly there’s going to be some objections. Sure. How do you handle those? That was the first step in handling those objections. Well, first thing is, is being prepared. So if you’ve been selling your product for any length of time, you’ll hear a list of common objections. So what you should do is just write those common objections and write out rebuttals to those and then practice with somebody on a daily basis so that you get better at handling those objections when they come up. Yeah. Okay. So let’s see.

You’ve made the sale after that. What’s the most important thing to do?

Follow up, man. Follow up. Follow up being good. Deliver on what you told them. Um, you know, deliver on the expectations and to overdeliver. You know, just blow their minds and then get a review. You had a Google review. I snuck that in there. That’s from another video. So make sure you look for that. What is the one thing that a business owner can do to boost their reputation? Um, don’t suck. That’s, that’s the first thing you can do is don’t suck. Don’t pick fights with customers over deliver.

And like I said in the last one, sneak in, get a Google review, get as many reviews as you possibly can and it’ll help your Edmonton digital marketing business. It elevates your reputation and the marketplace because people look at Google reviews, like people used to look at word of mouth referrals. Um, yeah, I was going to say, it’s kind of like that referral bill, like a billboard almost for you or for our referral system. Exactly.

Looking for those reviews they are, and uh, you know, people are looking there and they’re also, if you’re a restaurant looking, people look on Yelp and these other things. Um, especially in the restaurant space. I wouldn’t say so much for her service industry. Um, because you know, I’m looking to get into y’all, they’re not my favorite, but I love Google because they’re, they’re more universal. Yeah. And they’re, yeah, they’re more more fair. Let’s, let’s just put it that way and a more broad, yeah, exactly. So that’s all I’ve got for today guys.

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