Edmonton Business Consultant | Your Marketing Should Be Honest

Edmonton Business Consultant | Your Marketing Should Be Honest

If business owners don’t Market their business smartly says Edmonton business consultant. Not only will they waste valuable resources in their marketing dollars. But they will also waste time that they should be spending marketing and selling their products and services. While nothing happens through their forms of advertising that don’t work.

However, Edmonton business consultant says Business owners also need to be very aware that if they markets their business offensively or invasively. They will also risk upsetting their ideal and likely buyers. And risk not selling even more products or Services.

There are several forms of advertising that small businesses should avoid. Either because they don’t work. Or because they upset their ideal unlikely buyers, or because in order for it to work. Business owners are going to have to spend thousands more dollars than they were expecting.

Many of these offencive marketing tactics are ones that even fellow marketers dislike immensely. And should be avoided at all costs. The first one that people should avoid says Edmonton Business Consultant are empty promises. Empty promises are extremely frustrating. Because they make people feel like they’ve been lied to.

there are many examples of empty promises in advertising. And while Canada has a coalition that to guard against false advertising. Things are a little bit different on the internet. Common empty promises that are made are getting rich with not a lot of work, skin care that will remove your wrinkles permanently, and diet solutions that work instantly.


Another form of advertising that most people hate including marketers says Edmonton business consultant. R when companies only Market their products and services on social media. The reason why this is very disliked. Is because even though there are thousands or millions of people on social media. They are there to be social about their life. And not to buy products.

If its owners are skeptical about that. They should instead think about their own experiences. And thought about the first website that they went to if they suddenly had an urgent needs to buy something. For example, if a basement pipes from the leak and they needed a plumber in an emergency.

Chances are, the business owner would say that they would go to a search engine, and most typically Google. To find a plumber when they need one. And not that they went on Facebook to search for a plumber. This is why people should avoid advertising on social media. At least when they first start marketing their business.

Because how effective Google is at helping people find things that they’re looking to buy such as products and services. Edmonton Business Consultant says this is a more effective form of advertising. And is where people should be spending their money. Instead of on ineffective and invasive online marketing strategies.

When business owners Market their business honestly, fairly and effectively. Like by purchasing add words on Google. Then they will be able to see the results of their business marketing sooner. And have to spend less money to get the results they are looking for.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Your Marketing Should Be Honest

There are a lot of ways of advertising a business does Edmonton business consultant. That does not result in an entrepreneur having to be dishonest with their marketing. Or results too invasive, offencive or clickbait type of advertising. Not only are these types of advertising annoying says Edmonton business consultant. But it also makes consumers upset. As well as feel lied to. Which is not going to make them want to buy the products and services from those companies.

One form of advertising that business owners should have waited all cost. Is called click-baiting. And while many people might not have heard the term clickbait before. Chances are quite high that they have experienced this for themselves at least once in the past.

What click-baiting is, is a sensational headline in an ad. Or unintentionally vague headline. This will inspire people to click on the ad for more information. However, when they click on the ad, they are either inundated with pop-up or invasive ads. Or they have to continue to click on more links in order to find out more information.

Ultimately, it’s a form of dishonest advertising. That ends up annoying the consumer more than it endears them to the product says Edmonton business consultant. The reason why companies use this form of advertising. Is because they can afford to spend thousands if not more money on their advertising. And their justification is that if they get more people to click on the ad. There’s going to be a certain percentage of them who are in fact interested in purchasing the product or service.

Another form of advertising that is very upsetting to Consumers are invasive ads. Most people have experienced invasive ads on television or radio. And ultimately, Edmonton Business Consultants says that these invasive ads are invasive. Because they advertise to a consumer without their consent.


Forms of invasive ads online are pop-up ads that come up when people click on a certain website. Recipe sites are extremely famous for this says Edmonton business consultant. A person is looking up a recipe for what they want to cook. And all the sudden they are inundated with pop-up ads trying to sell them ingredients and cookware.

Another form of invasive advertising are social media ads. The reason these are invasive. Is because the consumer is not willingly engaging in advertising in order to buy a products. They are not shopping, and the ads pop up anyway.

If isn’t owners can keep these forms of dislikes Marketing in mind. And realize that they will have a much better time marketing their products and services to their ideal and likely buyers. When those buyers are looking to make a purchase. Then their advertising efforts can be much more effective.

One of the best ways that this works says Edmonton business consultant. Is when an entrepreneur advertises on Google AdWords. Google is the number one websites that consumers go to when they are looking for company to buy the products and services that they’re looking for.

Therefore, purchasing ads on Google can help them Reach their ideal and likely buyers. When those consumers are looking to buy those products and services from The Advertiser. This way business owners can avoid invasive marketing. And ensure that their marketing efforts do work.