Edmonton Business Consultant | You Can’t Grow by Being Anonymous

Edmonton Business Consultant | You Can’t Grow by Being Anonymous

Businesses need to understand how important it is that they show the faces behind their brand according to Edmonton business consultant. Because customers want to buy products and services from a business they know and trust. Therefore, if a business does not show the people behind the brand. They might find it difficult generating sales.

One of the easiest ways people to see the people behind the company, is to show the team on their website. The team page is the second most visited page of a website. Other than the businesses of homepage.

What this shows businesses, is that people want to see the people behind the brand. So that they can make a connection. Consumers purchase on a motion. And identifying with the people, is how they are going to create that emotion that will inspire consumers to buy.

Something else that business owners can do to help show the people behind their brand. Is to put the staff and the owners behind the brand on social media. They can make videos, either short videos every day according to Edmonton business consultant.

Or, they can make one longform video. They will be able to cut into smaller bits and use in a variety of different ways. They can put this content on YouTube, on their website and on social media. To show the people and the personality client their organization.


It is going to be important for companies to know that they are going to have to spend a lot of time and be very patient in order to build this trust. Because many extremely large brands have been working for decades and even over a hundred years. In order to build a brand that people can know, like in trust.

A great example of this, are companies such as General Motors, General Electric, and Coca-Cola. Spending a lot of time building trust and bonds with their customers. In order to sell their products.

And while it is possible for small businesses to create this level of trust. They need to know not only what they should be doing to start building trust says Edmonton business consultant. But that they also that they must be very consistent and patient with it. That it could take a year or more to build their brand.

If businesses cannot effectively show the people behind the brand. They will not be able to start building that important trust that will allow people to buy on emotion. Therefore, it is extremely important for businesses to know that they need to show this regularly and consistently.

A great example of how a great big corporation can use a face in order to generate trust. Is the tool brand due all to. Using building expert Mike Holmes to be the face of their business. Showing people that if they also by their tools, they can be like this expert.

Understanding that people buy on emotion. And helping customers see the people behind the business. Can help ensure that they attract customers they need to build their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | You Can’t Grow by Being Anonymous

Not only do businesses need to have a story to tell, to connect with their customers according to Edmonton business consultant. But the customers also need to know the people behind the organization. So that not only can the business be credible. Because the customer can start to get to know, like and trust the business.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need to ensure that their website has a personal touch to it. That it does not look like a great big faceless corporate website. And that they put their team on their website. So that customers will know exactly the people behind the organization.

Often, large corporations have a celebrity endorsement to help create that brand trust. Unfortunately, small businesses are not able to compete with that. Because they do not have deep enough pockets.

However, there are several things that they can do to leverage that kind of trust that they can build the clients and customers. To help sell their products.

In addition to showing the team that they have, they can also start getting Google reviews. This is very significant for many reasons. The first being 88% of all customers look at Google reviews before making their purchasing decision.

Even if it is a personal for all from a friend, customers are going to look on Google before they make their purchasing decision. And the majority of these customers will use those Google reviews to influence the purchasing decision they make.


Therefore, more Google reviews a business has, the more likely they are to get more business. The minimum threshold that business owners should be aiming for. Would be forty Google reviews to start. And then add them approximately one per month.

Another reason why business owners should get Google reviews. Is because this shows potential customers that a business has real people buying and liking their products and services. Which will give them confidence in purchasing products and services from the same business.

In fact, Edmonton business consultant says that people and up taking recommendations from strangers over recommendations from friends and family. Partially because a strangers recommendation is unbiased and impartial. And this is why Google reviews are extremely vital to a business.

Unfortunately, this is not an overnight solution. And this process of building trust and letting customers know the people behind the brand can take time. They will be able to generate forty Google reviews instantly.

So business owners need to create this plan, then be consistent in implementing it. So that they can stay the course, and end up creating that trust that they need in order to generate fans for their business.

If business owners are serious about doing this for their business. They should contact Edmonton business consultant in order to get a marketing plan laid out. So that they can find out exactly what they need to do in their business every day to generate this trust. And gain customers so that they can grow their business.