Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Your Advertising Should Be Honest

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Your Advertising Should Be Honest

Many business owners May resorts to several different marketing strategies to stay viable and business according to Edmonton Business Consultant. And while there are a lot of different marketing methods. Business owners need to be aware of which ones are effective. And which ones should not be used.

Ultimately, business owners needs to find a marketing method that allows them to be honest as well as straightforward. People end up hating empty promises. And while in Canada, there is an entire Coalition devoted to ensuring that advertising is honest. Many companies are still able to get away with making vague promises. Such as younger-looking Skin, get rich at home while working a few hours just to name a few.

Entrepreneurs should avoid making empty promises. And simply be straightforward and honest and their advertising says Edmonton Business Consultants. If business owners truly believe in their product. And know that it helps people solve their problems. That’s all they need to stay in their advertising.

Edmonton business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs come up with a no-brainer offer. So that people can be enticed to try their product or service. And let their product speak for itself. A no-brainer offer can also encourage people to make the decision and purchase their products and services from that business owner. Instead of their competitors.

Another thing that business owners should avoid doing is using clickbait. Edmonton Business Consultant says many people have not heard the term clickbait. But have experienced the frustrating nature of these deceptive ads. The have a photo or headline that is misleading. Or, people think that’s the ad is about 1 product. But as soon as they click on it it’s for something else.


Clickbait often uses Sensational topics or headlines to get people to click on the ad. In order to find out more information. But then it ends up being an advertisement for something entirely different. The idea behind them, is that getting enough people to click on the ads will ensure that more people can see the ad and be interested in purchasing that product or service.

A third way that entrepreneurs should avoid advertising is with intrusive advertising. Not only is this an effective says Edmonton Business Consultant. Because it takes an exceptionally large marketing budgets that small business owners don’t have. It also annoys a great number of people in the process.

And while large corporations can afford to upset a few people in their marketing. Small entrepreneurs her focussing on a small area first don’t have the same kind of lugs. Therefore, they should not use invasive ads such as the ads that pop up in a Newsfeed when people are scrolling on their favourite social media site. Or commercials that come up in between their favourite songs or television programs.

My understanding the ways of marketing that business owners should avoid. Can help ensure that they choose the right marketing methods that can help them grow their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Your Advertising Should Be Honest

Business owners May underestimate the importance of marketing says 7-10 business consultant. But if they do that, they could end up not increasing their revenue and ending up having to close their business. While it can be very confusing to understand what marketing methods entrepreneurs should be using. The only wrong thing that they might do is fail to advertise at all.

However, this is a common mistake. And while thousands of Canadians become entrepreneurs every single year. Half of them will fail. And half of those that fail will say that’s the reason why they failed was because they were unable to find customers for their products or Services.

One of the most important things that a business owner can do is sit down with their Edmonton business consultant and figure out a marketing plan for their business. They can do this by understanding who they’re ideal and likely buyers are. And ensuring that they put ads in those places when their customers are ready to purchase.

And while this might sound like a very complicated thing to do. Edmonton business consultant says it actually is not as complicated as many entrepreneurs think. As long as they know the right information. Business owner should understand that Google is not only the world’s largest search engine says Edmonton business consultant. It is also the world’s largest website.

And it is the place that most consumers are going in order to find where to buy the products and services that they are interested in purchasing. Many entrepreneurs think that if customers know what products they’re wanting to buy or what services they like. That means they know where they’re going to get them and this is absolutely untrue.


Business owners should think of their own experiences. And let’s say they are going out for dinner with someone who’s gluten-intolerant. They might not know of where to go for a gluten free restaurant. But I know that that’s the product they like to purchase.

Therefore, they will go to Google In order to look for restaurants in their area that cater to gluten intolerant people. Edmonton business consultant says regardless of what product or service someone is looking to purchase. The overwhelming majority of them will find it on Google first.

Whether they are looking for a mechanic near them, or a plumber that can come to their house immediately to fix a flood. Or if they are looking to find an independently owned Cafe. Consumers will more likely know the products that they want to purchase or the service that they’re looking for. Rather than the business.

Therefore, by advertising on Google, businesses are getting their ads in front of their ideal and likely buyers. Right before they’re going to make a purchasing decision. This means that this form of advertising is far more effective than any other that an entrepreneur can put their business into.

All they need to figure out what their Edmonton business consultant is how much to spend per week. And what AdWords they’re like to purchase on Google AdWords. To come up with an effective marketing campaign.