Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Share Your Unique Story

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Share Your Unique Story

In order to ensure that business owners can inspire their ideal and likely customers to buy products and services for them says Edmonton business consultant. They need to hold inspire them to become fans of their business.

And the best way to do that, is for entrepreneurs to tell their unique story. This is special and unique only to them. And it can help give something for customers to relate and identify with.

In fact, some of the largest and most successful companies in the world have such a well-known story about how they got started. That it is well known by everyone. Regardless of if they are a fan of the company or not.

Therefore, a business owner must get really good at knowing and being comfortable with their story. And then branding that story along with their persona.

Because ultimately, customers want to do business with companies that they know, like and trust. As knowing the people behind company, and their story is an important part of knowing them and liking them.

In fact, large corporations also will use a persona to sell their products and services to. And while these large corporations typically use celebrities to sell their products. Since that is out of reach for most small businesses. Using their own face. And telling their customers who there is. Will be the next best thing.

Edmonton business consultant says they can do this by creating an extremely good team page on their website. And in fact, the team page is the second most clicked on area of a website, second only to their homepage.


By putting pictures of the owners, and all of the staff. As well as all of the biographies of the entire staff. Can have business owner can start developing that personal touch. That customers want in the businesses that they use.

After they have a great team page. They can focus on other aspects of their personal branding. Such as creating videos about their any, the products and services that they sell. Talking about who they are, their unique story. And introducing the people behind their business.

They can do this by shooting short videos every day. Or creating long videos that they can chop up into smaller bits for a variety of different purposes.

By using these videos on their website, on a YouTube channel that they create for this purpose. And various social media sites that they are on.

Can continue to develop the persona that they want to have conjunction with their brand. So that they can continue to let their ideal likely customers get to know them and like them.

If entrepreneurs do not have a marketing plan that specifies not only what they are going to say and their advertising that they send out, or if there marketing plan is not specify they do not have a marketing plan at all.

They should contact Edmonton business consultant right away. In order to help ensure that they have the tools needed to know what they need to do in their business to grow their brand.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Share Your Unique Story

Some of the most important things that an entrepreneur can do, is grow a relationship with their ideal and likely customers says Edmonton business consultant.

Because customers will want to do business with companies that they know, companies they like. And most importantly, companies that they trust. Because even if a customer knows and likes a company. If they do not trust them, that will translate into sales.

Proof of this, is when customers look at a company’s Google review prior to making their purchasing decision. Matter how they have heard of the company, or their relationship that company. They will look at Google reviews before making their decision.

And if the business does not have enough Google reviews, they will decide to go elsewhere. Because they do not have trust. Or do not trust that business for being able to provide the products or services that they say they can.

The reason why customers will not trust a business if they do not have enough Google reviews. Is because they assume that if they do not have Google reviews. It is because they are not very good at what they do.

Edmonton business consultant says they also think that if a business has only a few Google reviews in it. It is because those reviews were given by their friends and family. Which also does not inspire confidence or trust in the business.


In fact, the same study that shows that 80% of all consumers look at Google reviews. Also specified that the minimum number of reviews that inspired confidence in customers. Is a minimum of forty-four Google reviews for a business.

Therefore, if business wants to create that trust with their ideal and likely customers. They need to focus on getting to forty Google reviews as quickly as they can. This is going to be a lot more difficult. As well as more time-consuming that entrepreneurs assume it will be.

In fact, many businesses never get to forty, because of how difficult it can be. So if an entrepreneur wants to ensure that they are building that trust. They need to come up with a plan on how they are going to achieve this. And ideally, achieve it within a short period of time in their business.

And they do that, the customers who look at their Google reviews will have that trust and confidence. And will purchase from their business. Instead of moving on to their competitor.

Boat how they are going to get those Google reviews. Whether it is a script, whether it is how they are planning on asking people for reviews. Or even offering a discount in exchange for a Google review.

But if entrepreneurs do not have a marketing plan. Or if there marketing plan does not have a component about how they are going to get Google reviews. They should contact Edmonton business consultant, and find out what they need to do to have all the tools. That will help them succeed in their business.