Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Do People Hate Marketing

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Do People Hate Marketing

There are many reasons why consumers hate marketing says Edmonton business consultant. And they are ironically the same reasons why business owners hate marketing as well. Marketing is often known as a deceptive business. Trying to trick people into seeing their ads. So that businesses can sell more products and services.

However, business owners need to realize that that doesn’t need to be the case. And business owners can sell their products and services by utilizing straightforward and effective strategies. However, there are several things that upset people when it comes to marketing. And when business owners can learn what to avoid. They will have a better chance of utilizing methods that’s consumers can respect.

While many people might not have heard the term clickbait before. Edmonton business consultant says chances are very high that they’ve experienced a clickbait add at one point in their life. What it is, is an ad that is either intentionally vague. Or that uses Sensational language to encourage more people to click on the ad.

When people click on it one of two things happen says I’m in 10 business consultant. Either they get information on a product or service that is not anywhere close to what was being advertised in the ads that they clicked on. Or, if it continues to be intentionally vague, requiring consumers to spend even more time looking to see what it’s about.

This method is aimed at trying to get as many people as possible to click on the ad says Edmonton Business Consultants. So that’s more people are likely to see their product or service. Increasing the number of people that might actually be interested in it.


Another form of advertising that people hate is empty promises. In Canada, there’s an advertising Coalition aimed at ensuring that advertisers are not promising things that they cannot deliver. However, marketers are very good at trying to promise the world while getting around these laws.

They might claim that people can earn thousands of dollars a month by only working a few hours per week. Edmonton business consultant says it might promise to make them look younger, feel amazing, or any number of promises. That are not actually able to be true. And is not what their product is going to do.

Another way that people hate marketing is when the ads are invasive. This is commercials in the middle of a television show. Or ads that come on in between songs on a radio station. Edmonton business consultant says it is incredibly annoying. Because people are not asking to hear or see the ad. But they have to endure it. This is why pvr’s are so popular. So that people can skip over the annoying commercials.

Therefore, business owners can ensure that they are being honest and straightforward in their advertising. And not blast their ad everywhere. But get there products and services in front of their ideal and likely buyers. So that they won’t be able to appeal to the best people in the most respectful way in order to grow their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Do People Hate Marketing

Business owners struggle at marketing their business is Edmonton business consultant. Often because they don’t have a background in marketing. And they don’t know the most effective ways to advertise their business. Therefore, they can get caught up in claims from different marketing companies. That promises to increase their revenue exponentially in just a short amount of time.

However, if they are going to use any of the most disliked advertising methods. Rather than increasing their revenue. Edmonton Business Consultants says they will end up upsetting potential customers. Wasting their time and wasting their money in the process.

In fact so many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing. That it is the number one reason why Canadian businesses fail. Half of all businesses in Canada are going to fail. And the reason why most of them will fail is because they won’t be able to sell enough products and services.

This is either due to ineffective marketing strategies. Or a complete failure to Market their products or services at all. Some people think that’s their business is so fantastic, that the products and the services are going to sell themselves.

Time and time again, statistics have proven that this is simply not true. And so any business no matter how fantastic it is. Needs to Market their products and services. And rather than blasting their ads everywhere. Which will take an extremely large budget. And a long time to work.


However, Edmonton Business Consultants says if entrepreneurs can simply learn how to Market to their ideal and likely buyers. When they are ready to purchase those products and services. They won’t have to spend as much money marketing to them. And they won’t have to wait so long in order to generate a response.

However, many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed at trying to figure out who their ideal unlikely customers are. And where they should be finding them. However, for entrepreneurs that have done the right research. They won’t have to figure out who their ideal unlikely customers are in order to find them.

How that’s going to work, is by figuring out where the vast majority of all consumers in the world go. When they are ready to make a purchase about any product or any service that they are looking for. Google is not only the world’s largest search engine says Edmonton business consultant. It is also the world’s largest website.

And it’s where more people go to find products and services that they are looking to buy than anywhere else. Business owners simply needed to think of themselves, and where they are going to go in order to find products and services that they themselves are looking for. For example, if a business owner gets a leaky faucet. Chances are they’re going to go to Google and search plumbers in their area.

Therefore, if business owners can advertise on Google. Not only are they advertising to their ideal unlikely buyers. Their advertising to them when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. And when they are ready to purchase the products and services that an entrepreneur is selling.