Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Create a Personal Brand

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Create a Personal Brand

The reason why any entrepreneur should focus on creating a personal brand according to Edmonton business consultant. Is because customers typically want to do business with companies they know, like and trust.

It is going to be far easier for any company to develop that relationship with their ideal and likely customers. If they create a personal brand. Rather than a corporate identity.

Not only do they need to show the face of their business. But they also need to tell their unique story. To give something for their customers to identify with.

This is so important, that the second most viewed page on a company’s website is the team page. Showing entrepreneurs how important it is to show the people in their business. Because customers want to see the people in the business that they are going to support.

If an entrepreneur does not have any personal or team information on their website. Customers end up not knowing who owns the business, or where they are in the world. Because it literally could be anyone from anywhere.

Therefore it is incredibly important for business owners not only to put their own picture and bio up on their team page. But that they share the pictures and personal information of their entire team as well.

In fact, most large corporations. And some of the most famous brands in the world understand how important this is. That not only do they consistently make an effort to market their business.

But they also ensure that they have a face to their business. Typically using celebrities to endorse their company or their products and services.

By aligning a well-known person, ideally with the traits they want to have associated with their business. As a way how these large corporations can create a personal brand around their company. One that their customers are going to be able to identify with.

In addition to that, many large corporations also understand the value of sharing their unique story. And there are several companies that even people who do not by their products and services. No how they got started. Or where they came from.

This is going to very difficult for most small businesses to do on a large scale. But by being the face of their own business. And telling their own story. Can be important enough to ensure that their ideal customers know who they are. And what makes them special and unique.

Once they have a well-defined team page on their website. A business owner can start generating videos. That can talk about who they are, and what they do. Edmonton business consultant says that by sharing these videos on their website, various social media platforms.

They are going to be able to continue to build that relationship with their potential customers. That will be important in helping them know and like the business.

So instead of thinking that an entrepreneur needs to make their company look as large incorporate as possible. They need to focus in the other direction. By putting them selves behind the brand, and sharing their story. Edmonton business consultant says they can create that relationship needed to create fans in their business.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Create a Personal Brand

Many entrepreneurs have a marketing plan that details how they are going to advertise their company says Edmonton business consultant. But that is not enough, they need to know the message that they are going to use. In order to develop a relationship with their customers to get them to know, like and trust the business.

While creating a identity can help ensure that customers get to know and like the business. It may be a little bit more difficult for business owners to that customers to trust them. Especially when they have never purchased product from them before.

This is where getting testimonials and reviews is extremely important. This way, customers can see that the company already has fans of the business. And that they are very good at what they do.

In fact this is so important to customers, that 88% of customers look at a businesses Google review. Prior to purchasing any products or services from them.

And if there is not enough Google reviews in the business, a customer might simply take their business elsewhere. Because they lack confidence or trust in the business.

Edmonton business consultant says the reason why customers would lack confidence in a business with few Google reviews. Is because they make the assumption that the business is not a very good at what they do. Because they are not generating a lot of reviews in their business.

Customers also make the assumption that they first few reviews that a business will have, our friends and family. And if they only ever have a few reviews. Then customers assume that there is no real fans of their business.

This is why it is incredibly important for business owners to focus on getting as many Google reviews in their business. And get those reviews as fast as possible.

As soon as they open the doors to their business, an entrepreneur must have the ability to get Google reviews. And be prepared to ask all of the customers they do get to leave one.

The reason why it is so important for a business owner to focus on this as soon as possible. Is because it can take a much longer time. As well as be a lot more difficult to get to forty reviews in their business.

If an entrepreneur wants proof of this, they should take a look at all of the Google reviews for surrounding businesses. See how many of them have over forty Google reviews says Edmonton business consultant.

Because of this, it is incredibly important that they come up with a plan, that is going to allow them to focus on getting these reviews. So that they can build that important trust that they need. In order for their ideal customers to buy products and services from them.