Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Clickbait Ads Frustrate Consumers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Clickbait Ads Frustrate Consumers

There are several things to take into consideration when marketing a business says Edmonton business consultant. But the most important thing is that entrepreneurs needs to come up with a plan ahead of time. In fact, not advertising at all is one of the main reasons why businesses fail in Canada.

Industry Canada did a survey that discovered 15% of all businesses fail within their first year. 30% of small businesses in Canada failed within their second year. And half of all businesses failed by year five. And just through Canada wanted to find out why says Edmonton business consultant

So they asked each failed entrepreneur to write an essay on why they failed in business. There were three most common responses, 23% said that they were not able to find enough staff or keep them to run their business. 29% of the failed entrepreneurs said they simply ran out of money. And 42% of all entrepreneurs who failed said that they could not find customers to buy their products or Services.

Therefore, by effectively marketing their business says Edmonton Business Consultant. Not only will they be able to stay in business because they are selling their products and services. But also be more likely to avoid running out of money in their business as well.

However, one of the main problems is that business owners get so caught up in creating their business plan. And thinking that marketing their business is going to be so easy. That they’re not going to have to think about creating a marketing plan until they open the doors to their business.


And the industry Canada survey shows how dangerous this thinking is. By the number of people that are failing and the reasons why. Therefore, business owners not only need to come up with an effective marketing strategy. They needs to understand what are some marketing strategies they need to avoid at all costs as well.

For example, people hate invasive ads. And customers will be less likely to buy from a small business if they use those invasive ads. This can be classified as things such as radio advertising, commercials in the middle of a television program. But for small businesses this is most likely to be something like advertising on a social media site.

As people are on their social media sites to connect with their friends and family. They will come across an ad, when they are not ready to make a purchase. This can be very frustrating to a lot of consumers. And if a small business ends up annoying their customer base. Other marketing strategies that they have might be less effective. Therefore, entrepreneurs should avoid invasive marketing strategies.

Another marketing strategy online that businesses should avoid at all costs is clickbait says Edmonton business consultant. And while many people are unfamiliar with the term clickbait. Everyone has at least clicked on one of those advertisements at least ones. And then instantly regretted it. Clickbait ads are deceptive, or intentionally vague. And when people click on the site, it goes to a completely different topic. Or it’s not about what they initially thought it was

Business owners can be much more effective by being straightforward and honest with their advertising. And ensuring that their ads get seen by their ideal and like bears. And that they are shown close to when they are ready to make a purchase.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Why Clickbait Ads Frustrate Consumers

Many entrepreneurs understand how important it is to Market their business is Edmonton Business Consultant. But they have no idea what an effective marketing strategy is. Because they haven’t had time to figure it out ahead of time.

The most effective marketing strategies are researched ahead of time along with an expert help. Such as with an Edmonton business consultant. By creating their marketing strategy and putting it directly into their business plan. Entrepreneurs will know exactly what they will be doing to advertise and Market their business. As soon as they open the doors to their business.

And while there is many different varieties of marketing that they can utilize. Entrepreneurs should be aware of the most effective strategies. And the most cost-effective ones as well.

Business owners should understand that one of the first things that they should do in business is start a Google my business page. Or a Google Places listing. These are completely free on Google. And will allow an entrepreneur to start showing up in the map listings of Google Searches.

but also, it is going to allow business owners to start getting Google reviews. Edmonton business consultant says Google reviews are extremely important because 88% of all consumers look for Google reviews in order to influence their purchasing a decision.

If a business has less than 40 reviews, the consumer will likely go to their competitor who has more. This is why it’s incredibly important that business owners start getting Google reviews as soon as they open the doors to their business.


Not only that says Edmonton business consultant. But a Google business listing will be able to function as an entrepreneur has website for the first few years. Allowing them to save the money on an expensive website. And spend it on growing their business first. And once they’ve generated Revenue in their business. That’s when they can start spending money on websites.

In order for a business owner to get 240 Google reviews says I’m Anton Business Consultants. Entrepreneurs needs to ask everybody who buys a product or service from their company. They might want to start with friends and family. But getting to 40 is extremely important.

Consumers will often look at under 40 Google reviews as just family and friends. And we be less likely to take that business seriously. The more reviews they have. The more seriously they will be taken by customers. Because they will start to see how difficult it would be to get that many reviews from family and friends alone.

Also, by having 40 Google reviews or more. Means that they will start showing up closer to the top of the Google Search results. Making them more likely to be seen by their ideal and likely cost when they are searching for those products and services.

Not only will they get in front of their ideal unlikely buyers says Edmonton’s business consultant. But they will get in front of those consumers at the time when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. Making the one ad that they see on Google. Much more effective than any other advertising they can do online.