Edmonton Business Consultant | Trust is Important in Marketing

Edmonton Business Consultant | Trust is Important in Marketing

As owners should know what their marketing plan is as soon as they open the doors to their business according to Edmonton business consultant. Not only because this is vital to helping a business succeed. But because many other business owners make the mistake of not having marketing plan. And facing serious consequences because of it.

In fact, Industry Canada did a survey and found that the number one reason why entrepreneurs failed in business. Is because they were unable to find customers for their business. Affecting 42% of all of the entrepreneurs who failed.

An effective marketing plan is well thought out. And can help entrepreneurs significantly not only locate their ideal and likely customers. But help build a relationship with them. So that they know, like and trust the business. In order to begin to purchase from them.

One of the most important things that a business is marketing plan can contain according to Edmonton business consultant. Is how they are going to show the people behind the business.

Customers want to see who the people are behind a business. Because customers identify with people. It is easier to get customers to like and trust a business, when they know who the people are, and what they are all about.

Large corporations know how important this is. Which is why they use celebrities to sell their products and the company. When they find celebrities that have traits they want to be associated with their company. It can help sell their products, because customers will associate those traits with their business. And wants to buy those products.


And while this is not necessarily possible for all small businesses to be able to do. Because it takes a significant amount of marketing dollars. Business owners can use the same concept, on a smaller scale to start showing customers who they are, and what they are about.

They can do this by start showing who the people are behind the business. Not just the owners, but the staff as well. And what is important to them as well.

It is very interesting to note, that the second most clicked on area of a website is the team page. Second only to the homepage of a businesses website. Edmonton business consultant says this shows how important knowing the people behind a business is to customers.

If an entrepreneur does not have a strong team page, customers do not know who the people are behind the brand. And they could be a business located anywhere, or even be a fake business. Because why would not they want to put their own face on their business.

Therefore, it is extremely important that entrepreneurs take the time to market the people behind the business as well. Not just putting a great team page on their website.

But showing the people off in videos that they can post on social media, YouTube and their website. To start building that likability and trust, that will be crucial for them to start gaining customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Trust is Important in Marketing

Having a plan on how a business is going to start marketing their business is vital according to Edmonton business consultant. Because an effective marketing plan needs planning and careful thought.

Often, entrepreneurs try to make their business appear as they get as possible. Because they think that is what is important customers. And as a result, have a faceless, corporate looking website.

However, they might find that leads are not coming into their business like they thought they should. And it is often because customers want to know, like and trust a business. That is hard to do, when they do not see the people associated with that business.

Another way that business can start developing trust with potential customers. Is by getting reviews and testimonials in their business. This shows potential customers, that business is very good at what they do.

In fact, customers trust recommendations from strangers over and above the recommendations they receive from their friends and their family. Because recommendations from strangers, or Google reviews are unbiased and impartial.

Because of this, an entrepreneur’s marketing plan should include how they are going to get Google reviews as fast as they can in their business. It is not just enough for a business to have some reviews. They need to have a large enough number, to inspire confidence.


The threshold of reviews that a business should have is forty. Because at that number, potential customers trust that all of those reviews are valid. And that the business is very good at what they do.

When a business does not have enough Google reviews. Rather than building trust, it does the opposite. Because customers Inc. that a few number of reviews either show that a business does not have enough fans, or happy customers to generate a lot of reviews.

Or, alternatively the reviews that they do have could easily have come from family and friends. Which will not inspire confidence in potential customers. And they often will see the Google reviews for a business, and if there is not enough. They will take their business somewhere else.

It is important that an entrepreneur starts implementing the strategy as soon as they can according to Edmonton business consultant. Because it can take a longer time than many people assume to build that trust with customers.

It will take them time to collect reviews, and market their business on a personal level. To show customers who they are and what they are about. Which is why they should come up with a great marketing plan, and then implement it very consistently.

If entrepreneurs would like some help in creating an great marketing plan. Or help in knowing exactly what they need to do and when. Business owners can contact Edmonton business consultant and create an excellent marketing plan. That will help them market their business, and tell their story to customers. That will help them grow their business.