Edmonton Business Consultant | Top Reasons Why Consumers Hate Ads

Edmonton Business Consultant | Top Reasons Why Consumers Hate Ads

Advertising their business can be particularly stressful for business owners, according to Edmonton Business Consultant. This is because there are so many ways for entrepreneurs to advertise. That it can be overwhelming. If a business owner doesn’t choose the right marketing methods right away. Not only do they waste valuable money. But they also waste valuable time in marketing their business.

Business success comes from knowing how to effectively Market their business. As quickly as possible in their business according to Edmonton business consultant. As Seth Godin, marketing extraordinaire once said, selling ice cream on the beach in summer is easy.

Raising people’s expectations, engaging their hopes and dreams. Helping them see further that’s the difficult work we sign up for. From now on, your customers know more about your competitors then you do. And so your commodity work, know matter how much effort you put into it is Never Enough.

Business owners simply needs to understand that if they are not marketing their business online. They are missing a huge opportunity. And while there are tons of different online marketing that business owners can engage in according to Edmonton business consultant. It’s not a matter of choosing any will work. As long as they are marketing. It is marketing a smarter not harder.


In fact, Edmonton business consultant says Google is actually responsible for 94% of all of the organic internet traffic. Therefore, advertising on Google is an extremely effective form of online advertising. In fact, Google is not only the largest search engine in the world. It’s also the largest website in the world as well.

If business owners are not marketing on Google. They might be marketing their business in offensive ways. In fact, business owners might be upsetting their ideal and likely buyers. If they are not utilizing the best forms of online advertising.

One of the most disliked forms of advertising are invasive ads. Edmonton business consultant says that many people are familiar with invasive ads. Even if they don’t technically know the name that they go by. A great example of an offencive add is a television commercial. The reason it’s invasive said Edmonton business consultant. Is because people did not ask to see an ad at that time.

Other forms of invasive advertising is the ads that pop up on a person’s news feed while they’re on their favourite social media site. And while many people think that invasive ads are important. Because it gets their product seen.

Edmonton business consultant would argue and say that I’m much more effective form of advertising is letting their ideal and likely clients know. What products and services they have, when they are ready to make that purchase.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Top Reasons Why Consumers Hate Ads

It’s no secret that most people hate various forms of advertising says Edmonton business consultant. Mostly, because it is being pushed upon them without their consent. And when they are not trying to make any purchases.

Therefore, business owners can gained a lot of favour with their ideal unlikely Byers. If they only start selling their products and services to them when those ideal unlikely buyers are ready to buy something.

When advertisers Market their products and services to people who are not looking, that’s often considered invasive and offencive marketing. Nothing turns off a potential consumer faster than entrepreneurs who trying to sell them something that they didn’t ask to see.

A common form of invasive and offensive advertising according to Edmonton business consultant. Is called clickbait. And while many people might not know it by its technical name. Many people have fallen victim to this deceptive form of advertising.

Even though people may not have heard it by its text Nicole name. Most people have fallen victim at least once to a form of offense of advertising called clickbait. What clickbait is does Edmonton business consultant is a form of advertising that is either intentionally vague. Or intentionally Sensational. Which will inspire people to click on the link. Either because they want more information. Or they’d like to find out the story behind this is Sensational headline.


However, once someone clicks on a clickbait site. They can be inundated with pop-up ads, redirecting ads, and an endless stream of links that they have to click on to find more and more information about the products they initially clicked on in the first place.

All it does, is succeeds at making their ideal and likely buyers feel duped into clicking the ad. The reason why advertisers think it works says Edmonton business consultant. Is because the more people who click on it, the more people will see the product. And hopefully some of those people will end up wanting to buy it.

Business owners need to understand that ultimately, people dislike feeling is stupid, feel tricked or feel lied to in their advertising. Which is why this next form of advertising is particularly frustrating. Edmonton business consultant says empty promises are something that many consumers feel very frustrated over.

Businesses often make great claims that are not true. Such as a Savvy marketer promising people that the laptop lifestyle can be theirs. And they can sip Margaritas on the beach with their laptop and only work 3 hours a day and be rich and work class.

Other forms of empty promises include getting rich quick, get a skin care products that will make people look young again. And diet products that are guaranteed to work.

Ultimately, these forms of offensive and invasive advertising aren’t truly effective. And only work for large corporations that can afford to throw billions of dollars into their advertising. Small business owners needs to be smarter than that. And invest in the best forms of advertising possible. Which for most small businesses are Google AdWords.