Edmonton Business Consultant | The First Steps to Meaningful Goals


Edmonton Business Consultant | The First Step to Meaningful Goals

While many people understand the importance of setting goals says Edmonton business consultant, Harvard actually did a study in order to find out how many people actually do set goals. 17% of the population have greater goals, which means an overwhelming majority of the entire population do not have goals. This means, that many people are often unsure of what they want to achieve in life, and end up wandering through life what happened. Setting goals is important to ensure that people are living a meaningful life. Unfortunately, one of the reasons why many people do not set goals, is because they do not understand the value of that, or where or how to start. It can be very easy to learn how to set goals, by following these first few steps.
Edmonton business consultant says the first thing that all people looking to set goals should keep in mind is simply by thinking of a goal they wish to achieve 14% more successful than those who have not thought of a goal. For people looking for a way to become more successful, this can be one of the easiest ways. Think of a way that they want to improve their life, and that can elevate them to become successful.
The next thing that people should keep in mind is that when those goals are actually written down, people become three times more successful than those who just merely thought of their goal. The reason why, is when people write down a goal, they think about it more often, and even informally start to create a plan that are going to help them achieve it. Also, by writing down that goal, they all of a sudden have a concrete direction of what they want their life to look like.
When people are looking to great goals in their life, they might be completely overwhelmed as to where they should start says Edmonton business consultant. They recommend focusing on three areas of their life that are going to be meaningful, can help shape a life that is going to uncover their primary aim that can help them make their dreams come true. These six main areas are fun, finance, friendships, fitness, family and faith.
People might be overwhelmed when they think of faith goal, because while some people may have a faith, or are overtly religious, they can have a goal of attending worship service on a regular basis, praying daily, people with no specific faith, or who are spiritual may have a bit more trouble with this. However, Edmonton business consultant says that this is an important one, because all people have a desire to connect their heart and spirit to their community and the world. Goals for these people can be something like making their world a better place through volunteering, donating money to a good cause, or even cleaning up the trash in their neighbourhood.
By understanding the first places to start in setting goals, people can start to pull the life of purpose, and of meaning that can help them not only become successful, live a life that brings them happiness.
Edmonton business consultant | the first steps to setting meaningful goals
When people are learning how to set goals, Edmonton business consultant says that it can be overwhelming, but they should keep things very simple in order to ensure that they are setting meaningful goals. Remembering this quote from Michael Gerber can help people do that, “no clear picture of how you wish your life to be, how on earth are you going to live it? What is your primary aim? Where is the script to make your dreams come true? What is the first step to take and how do you measure progress? How far have you gone and how close are you to achieving your goals?”
There are several things that people can keep in mind to help them set important and meaningful goals in their life. Family goal is important for people to set. The reason why, is because many people take their family for granted, because they see them every day after school or work, but putting the importance on that means that they can start building life of purpose but their family at the centre. This might mean ensuring that they get home before their children are in bed, giving them undivided attention when they do spend time together such as no television or electronics, or ensure that they have a family dinner on a regular basis.
Fitness goals are also extremely important says Edmonton business consultant. This does not mean that everybody needs to be an athlete, or have a goal to become one. But, fitness goals are important to help people stay healthy, for themselves and for their family. It is the only way that they can ensure that they have important thing that is going to help them live longer, and enjoy the body that they live in. Fitness goal for some people might be learning how to run, or finishing a half marathon, or it can simply be to get into the habit of regularly moving their body. Either walking the dog daily, or moving their business body on a regular basis.
Friendship is another goal that is important, and friendships tend to become less nurtured as life becomes busy says Edmonton business consultant. Many people are working long hours, spending time with family and their spouse, and taking their kids to important appointments and lessons. However, it is a need for all people to ensure that their connecting with people who share the same values. this might mean friendship goal would be going on a lunch date, including friends in a fitness goal, joining a sport or hobby with them, or even just accepting an invitation more often than they otherwise might.
One of the most important things that should do in their setting these goals, is write them down. While this does not guarantee that once that goal is written down it will come true says Edmonton business consultant because it is not a wish. However, writing the goal now means that people will actually be more inclined to do the work necessary to achieve them.