Edmonton Business Consultant | Tell Your Story to Find Customers

Edmonton Business Consultant | Tell Your Story to Find Customers

Coming up with a marketing plan is very important for entrepreneurs, so that they know what they need to do to attract customers according to Edmonton business consultant. If onto manures think they are going to be able to attract customers easily, they may be setting themselves up for failure.

In fact, industry Canada shows that half of all Canadian entrepreneurs fail. And the number one reason why, is because they cannot find enough customers to other products and services. Therefore, coming up with the great marketing plan is vital. That entrepreneurs can find the customers they need to grow their business.

When it comes to a marketing plan, business owners should understand that customers want to do business with companies they know, like and trust. Therefore, they need to brand their company in a way that shows their company’s persona.

One problem that business owners often have. Is in order to appear large, they build a faceless, corporate website. But then wonder why they are not bringing leads into their business.

Even large corporations know how important it is to build their brand in a way that customers will be able to trust them. Which is why many large businesses use celebrity endorsements. They find celebrities that exude the qualities they want to be associated with their brand. And that gives something for customers to connect with.


And while this works for large corporations. It also takes a significant amount of money. Not only to pay for the celebrity to endorse their company. But they need to get that message out by advertising it everywhere. And on all media channels. Traditional and digital.

And while this is typically not possible for most small businesses to do according to Edmonton business consultant. They can use the same type of ideas, to ensure that their customers know the people behind the business. To get them to emotionally connect to the business.

One of the best ways for entrepreneurs to do this. Is to show the people behind their business. For example on the team page of their website. In fact, this is the second most clicked on area of a website. Second only to the businesses homepage.

This shows how important it is to have a well defined team page. And how important this is to customers. Putting pictures of the owners, and all of the staff. As well as bios that tell who they are and where they are from. Can help develop that personal connection that customers need in order to buy from a business.

Edmonton business consultant also recommends that businesses continue using the people in their business. By creating videos, that can be put on their website, on social media and on YouTube. That show customers who the people are behind the business. And what the company is all about.

By showing the customers who the people are behind the business. Can help establish that emotional connection. That customers need in order to start to know, like and trust the business. To make them likely to become customers.

Edmonton Business Consultant | Tell Your Story to Find Customers

It is very important that a business shows the persona behind the brand according to Edmonton business consultant. Because customers make most of their purchasing decisions based on emotion. And when they connect with a business emotionally, they can become not just customers. But fans of the business as well.

Getting customers to trust a business is very important. And other than showing the faces behind the business. Edmonton business consultant says businesses can also start getting Google reviews in order to build that trust as well.

88% of all customers and up looking at a business is Google reviews before going to that business. And not only do they look at those reviews. But those reviews influence their purchasing decision.

If business does not have enough Google reviews, they often do not have a lot of confidence or trust in the business because of it. And can end up taking their business elsewhere. The reason why, is because they see few Google reviews. As a sign that they are not very good at what they do. Or are not experts in their business.

In fact, customers trust testimonials and reviews from strangers over and above recommendations from friends and family. Often because recommendations from strangers, or comments they read on Google reviews. Completely unbiased, and therefore more trustworthy.

The minimum threshold of Google reviews that Edmonton business consultant recommends entrepreneurs get. Is forty Google reviews in their business. At this quantity, customers tend to have a lot of confidence in a business.


This is because customers will see forty reviews as difficult to fake. Showing them that a business has a lot of customers, who are fans of the business.

Therefore, it should be one of the first and most important things that a business owner does early on in their business. Is start getting Google reviews as quickly as they can.

It may take longer than many business owners assume it will take. And they need to come up with a plan on how they are going to ask their customers for those reviews. So that they can be more likely to get them.

Once they have a minimum of forty Google reviews. They should continue focus on getting approximately one of month. But all of their marketing will be much more effective for having this many Google reviews.

Because when potential customers Google the business, they will be able to see the large number of Google reviews, and start building that trust in the company right away.

When coupled with being able to see the businesses team on their website. This is when to go a long way in helping entrepreneurs develop that relationship with their customers, to gain trust.

Therefore, business owners should sit down with Edmonton business consultant. In order to create an effective marketing plan, that can help ensure that they are doing all the right things in their business. To be able to develop a relationship with their customers. So that they can start selling products, and creating fans in their business.