Edmonton Business Consultant | People Support Businesses They Like

Edmonton Business Consultant | People Support Businesses They Like

Many entrepreneurs may not realize how important it is to build a relationship with potential customers says Edmonton business consultant. And that all they need to do is provide high-quality products and services in order to find customers.

In fact, it is much more difficult to find customers than many entrepreneurs assume. Which is why several business owners open the doors to their business and do not have a marketing plan. But this also is why so many entrepreneurs are going out of business, being unable to find enough customers to remain viable.

Industry Canada says that 50% of all Canadian entrepreneurs eventually fail. And the number one reason why these failed business owners say they were not successful. Is that they were unable to find enough customers for their business.

This problem could have been easily overcome with a marketing plan says Edmonton business consultant. Illustrating exactly how important it is for entrepreneurs to create a marketing plan for their business.

They will be able to make strategies such as knowing what they must do to be able to bill up a relationship with their ideal and likely customers. Because customers typically want to do business with companies that they know, and like.

Since it is going to be very difficult for customers to get to know and like a business if they do not know the people behind the business. This is going to be one of the strategies that they should create in their marketing plan.


In fact many large corporations and some of the oldest, and most beloved brands in the world. Understand how important it is. That they get customers to know and like them. Which is why they often use celebrities to sell their products and services.

The celebrities become the face of the business, and allow dental customers to identify with those people. And especially when those celebrities exude qualities, and traits that the company wants to have associated with their brand. That can help create a relationship. Making it easy for a potential customer to purchase from that company.

A great example of this, is when DeWalt tools got Mike Holmes to endorse their brand of tools. Because Mike Holmes is a master builder, known for his exceptional quality, and expertise. By using his name, people associated exceptional quality and expertise with the brand of tools.

And while this is not a strategy that is going to be possible for small entrepreneurs to use. They can use the same idea, of how having a person to relate to can help create that relationship. To get their potential customers to know and like them.

This is why it is so important that entrepreneurs become the face of their business. As well as show potential customers who the rest of the team that they work with our. And there unique story says Edmonton business consultant.

By utilizing this method, business owners will be able to develop a relationship with their potential customers. So that they can get to know and like the business, and the more likely to purchase products and services from them.

Edmonton Business Consultant | People Support Businesses They Like

Businesses need to build trust with potential customers, if they want those customers to buy from them according to Edmonton business consultant. And in order to build trust, people have to get to know, like and trust a business.

It is not going to be possible for a business to get customers to know and like them, if they do not market who the people are in the business. Because customers identify with people and not a brand.

Business owners should take into consideration that the team page, is the second most visited area of any businesses websites. Which is second only to the main page on their website. This should show business owners that it is extremely important to customers, who the people are in the business.

And while building a great team page is going to be extremely important. There are more things that an entrepreneur can do that can help their ideal and likely customers get to know them on a personal level.

Like Gary Vaynerchuk has said, your number one goal is to till your story to your customer wherever they are. And preferably at the moment they are deciding to make a purchase.

One of the best ways that business owners can tell their story, is by creating videos. They can introduce themselves, talk about their business, their values as well as their unique story.


They can put these videos on their website, on YouTube as well as on social media. So that their potential customers can start to understand who they are, and what they are about. Business owners can take short, daily videos. Or do a longform video that can be repurposed in a variety of different ways and smaller cuts.

Once customers get to know and like a business. Edmonton business consultant says the next step is getting them to trust a business. And this is where getting reviews and testimonials comes in.

88% of all consumers look at a businesses Google review before they purchase from that business. Even if it is a recommendation from a friend or family, they are going to look at the Google reviews. But they also use those reviews to influence their purchasing decision.

And if a company has few or no reviews on Google. That does not inspire confidence or trust in the customer. Consumers often make the assumption that it is because they are not very good at what they do, or that the few reviews they have are from friends and family only.

Studies have shown that the number of Google reviews a business has to get in order for customers to believe those are real reviews. Is a minimum of forty reviews on Google. Therefore, entrepreneurs marketing plan needs to include how to generate Google reviews.

They will be able to generate Google reviews for their business if they do not ask. But they need to come up with a strategy and plan on how the business owner and their entire staff are going to consistently ask all customers. So that they can generate the minimum number of reviews needed. To build trust with their ideal and likely customers.

Entrepreneurs can set up a meeting with Edmonton business consultant if they do not have a marketing plan. Or if there marketing plan is not helping them build relationships and trust with their potential customers.