Edmonton Business Consultant | People Hate Invasive Advertising

Edmonton Business Consultant | People Hate Invasive Advertising

The reason why business owners don’t look forward to marketing their business says Edmonton business consultant. Is because marketing can seem like a disingenuous way to tell people about their product or service. This is because many bad marketers gave advertising a very bad name.

One of the biggest pet peeves that people have with advertising is that it can be very invasive. What invasive marketing is says I’m a business consultant. Is marketing that you’re not intending to see, popping up and forcing you to watch it. A great example of this our television commercials.

One of the reasons why pvr’s are so popular nowadays. Is so that people can skip through the advertising. And just watch their show with no interruptions. Commercials are great example of invasive advertising. But it’s not the only invasive advertising there is.

Example of invasive ads on the Internet. Is pop-up ads. Everyone has had an experience with this. When they go to one website, and as they are reading the article, or seeing the content on the website. A different ad will pop up and force them to click on it to close the window. Often, bees invasive ads are also used in conjunction with a retargeter. So people will see them, after they’ve done a search somewhere else for a similar product or service.

Not only are these very annoying. But it’s not quite effective says Edmonton business consultant. Simply because people are not making their purchasing decision at that moment. They may have done a search. But are now doing something completely different. And may not be prepared to make a decision when they are reading a different article or website. This is one of the reasons why it’s not effective.


Another form of advertising that people hate online says Edmonton business consultant is called clickbait. Clickbait is a term used when an ad is misleading. Perhaps it’s meant to look like a sensational headline. And when people click on it for more information, it’s for something completely different and irrelevant.

Or, a form of clickbaits could be that it’s not necessarily misleading. But it’s not upfront about what the product or service is. People often click on it thinking it’s one thing, and then they get directed to several other websites and it can be very difficult to leave the website when someone has clicked on clickbait says Edmonton business consultant.

On a similar line of not being upfront about what the ad is. People hate empty promises says Edmonton business consultant. When ads promised a wide variety of things that they can’t possibly achieve. This is not only misleading. But it can also be false advertising. Examples of empty promises in ads would be a skin care cream that promises to eliminate wrinkles forever. Or an ad that promises to learn how to get rich for only working a few hours per week.

also, people tend to dislike it when companies advertise on social media. Edmonton business consultant says people are on social media in order to be social as the name implies. And when they get ads when they are on social media. Not only is this seen as annoying. But they are also not making purchasing decisions at that moment. Even if they’ve done a search for something in the last few days. They are not going to be making the purchasing decision when they are on a social media website.

Therefore, business owners need to understand which forms of advertising are effective. And what should be avoided at all costs.

Edmonton Business Consultant | People Hate Invasive Advertising

Nothing is more stressful than trying to figure out what’s the most effective form of advertising is for business as Edmonton business consultant. And entrepreneurs often I hate being in charge of their marketing. Because it is very stressful. The success of their business hinges on the ability to Market their products and services effectively.

In fact, it is such a stressful part of business. That many entrepreneurs fail when they try to get their products or services heard. out of the 50% of entrepreneurs that fail in Canada. Edmonton business consultant says 42% of those failed entrepreneurs identify not being able to find customers for their product or service the reason why they were not successful.

Therefore, not only is it very stressful knowing what to do. But if they choose wrong, their business could end up suffering because of it. And if entrepreneurs don’t make any decision whatsoever. They also will probably not find the customers they need to increase the revenue of their business and succeed.

With all of the different forms of marketing out there. Including forms of marketing that are frustrating and deceitful. It can be very hard for an entrepreneur to choose which forms of advertising they use online. Edmonton Business Consultants says it doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as entrepreneurs find someone to help them navigate this difficult World.

All business owners need to do is find their ideal and likely buyers when they are ready to make a purchasing decision. And while this sounds like a very complex job. People should consider the one websites that most people go to in order to find products and services when they are ready to purchase them.


That website is Google. Google is by far the most used website search engine in the world. And it’s where most people go to in order to find products and services. If people are not willing to believe that. All an entrepreneur needs to do is think about their own experiences. And let’s say that they sprung a leak in their basement. What is the first thing they’re going to do to find a plumber to fix that leak?

Chances are, that entrepreneurs said that they would go to Google and search plumbers in their vicinity. This is how effective Google is. And wine business owners should be advertising on this website. My advertising on Google. Edmonton business consultant says that entrepreneurs are targeting their ideal and likely buyers. When they are ready to buy that product or service.

The advertising products that Google sells according to Edmonton business consultant is Google AdWords. And how it works, is an entrepreneur choosing the keywords they want to be associated with their product or service and their business.

When a consumer uses those keywords in a Google search. That businesses add will appear in the search results at the very top. Being at the top, will increase the chances of someone clicking on the ad. And that means the only time their ad is viewed. Is when that customer is looking for that product or service.